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What a fine example

January 24, 2014

Americans have gone from a White House with a “just say no” attitude toward illegal drugs to one recommending, in effect, “just say mayb....

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Feb-01-14 9:01 AM

Political: Obama's political approval rating is at 43%, does that mean we should impeach him, because at this particular time, the majority is against him?? The "majority" argument is next on the list of silly arguments. Many pioneered ideas were minority supported until passing: women voting, civil rights, slavery!, etc. I'm educated on the subject, just put me in the 41% category, and I'm happy to be here. We should fix the massive social problems we currently have before we throw new ones into the mix.

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Jan-31-14 9:11 AM

I find it interesting that people think smoking pot should be legalized. We demonize the cigarette industry for their product and it's addictive and long lasting effects. Now the POTUS comes out and says it really isn't that bad,( at the same time his wife is dictating what our kids should eat at school),people think the tax revenue will be so great. What about the long lasting effects such as cancer , brain damage , car accidents, etc. I'm sure our law enforcement wants one more mind altering drug to have to deal with on a mass basis such as alcohol, are they not already shorthanded. Be careful of what you wish for , there are usually consequences that were not foreseen. I would prefer a POTUS that showed more restraint and forethought before babbling such nonsense, and then a few days later talking about how we need better education for our children. He needs to be more presidential in his comments , this just shows incompetence.

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Jan-30-14 9:13 PM

And, don't bogard that ******************, Hippie.

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Jan-30-14 9:10 PM

Is it ********* snowing out, **************** 2014 ************** //////// ****** or what?

Give me another, barkeep.

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Jan-30-14 3:55 PM


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Jan-30-14 3:53 PM

Integrity: Perhaps we should bring back prohibition, using your logic. Wait, that's how organized crime got started in this country - gangsters grew rich selling illegal booze.

Here is the link to an article that favors legalizing pot...from Fox News no less. Fifty-nine percent of Americans favor legalizing grass. The ground is moving under your feet, Mssrs Integrity and JReader.

Give this a read with an open mind: *******smallbusiness.foxbusiness****/entrepreneurs/2014/01/24/why-colorado-and-washington-were-wise-to-legalize-pot/

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Jan-30-14 8:23 AM

I always love the "the people are doing it anyways, might as well make it legal to make money on it" argument. I hope I don't have to expand on why that argument is one of the most base-less arg's out there. One argument against legalizing weed would be that hasn't technology (video games, computers, tablets, etc) already given our younger generations little to no motivation to go out and get after the world.

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Jan-29-14 5:16 PM

HopeMaria: MSM? Men having whoopee with men?

I heard "W" was a painter now, this MSM stuff is a little avant-garde for a frat-boy from Texas.

JR: I don't think Dick Cheney ever had a full fro. Must be some other mentor you're thinking of.

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Jan-29-14 4:28 PM

Or, JReader, governments getting new fat tax revenue streams from marijuana purchases could use those monies for tax cuts on private property, sales taxes, and the like. Let the dope smokers pay for everyone's public services so you don't have to.

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Jan-29-14 3:23 PM

Really, h-e-r-o-i-n gets the magic stars ? wow.

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Jan-29-14 3:20 PM

Along with pot let's also legalize prostitution, ******, meth, crack, etc. After all, these are all just "victimless" crimes anyway and in our current economic climate we need all the help we can get to spur on more business so our government has another source of revenue to fund all of those worthy programs they dream up.

Nice to see that those video pull tab machines will be paying for "the people's" new stadium. Just how much revenue did they generate in their first year ? Yeah, that's what I thought - goose egg.

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Jan-29-14 10:54 AM

In the continuing quest to skew the language of all perceived threats to the public (read: Republican) interests, The Journal attempts to demonize President Obama in an interview he did with The New Yorker magazine.

Millions of Americans smoke marijuana. They have been paying for their pot under the table, and those payments have been a great cash cow for drug cartels and independent growers. All of that cash is untaxed and all of the marijuana sold and smoked escaped quality regulation. Marijuana, not soybeans or corn or sugar beets, is the largest cash crop in the United States.

Marijuana is beneficial to people suffering from cancer treatment other chronic pain conditions. Others just like to smoke it.

Two states have legalized it completely for private consumption. Those states, and the medical marijuana states, now have new revenue streams to fund government services. States are lining up to legalize pot, but thankfully we have the Old Scold called The Journal.

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Jan-29-14 9:58 AM

The question I posed was where is the MSM. Not where is George Bush. But as usual Sven avoids the question and attempts to steer the conversation to that favorate liberal safety-zone of "if Obama is wrong, either blame Bush or make fun of him, whatever it takes to deflect responsibility away from THE ONE ". But I guess your messiah deserves your protection even when he is essentially telling our kids that smoking pot is ok.

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Jan-29-14 9:46 AM


George is now an accomplished painter. He's taken a couple of Bob Ross' classes and he manages to stay within the lines quite well - so I've heard. I guess he's even trying to grow what's left of his hair out into a full fro in honor of his mentor.

There, now you're up to speed.

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Jan-28-14 7:10 PM


You mean George W. Bush?

Nobody's seen much of him lately.

I think he's with the Texas Air National Guard right now completing his service obligation.

Or, maybe he's trying to write a book.

Who knows.


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Jan-28-14 11:08 AM

Where's the MSM on this? Could you imagine the backlash it would have created had Bush made this statement??

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Jan-26-14 2:45 PM

He`s still on it!

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Jan-24-14 10:21 AM

I smoked pot too, only I didn't inhale.

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Jan-24-14 9:49 AM

"If I had a son he'd smoke weed".

I think Obama got paid off by the Dorito lobbyists.

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Jan-24-14 9:28 AM

The Journal is scared that the use of pot will cut into the sales of rancid Schells beer. For years, kids have watched their parents get drunk and stupid at Polka Fest, Heritagefest, Bachfest, Octoberfest, whatever fest we could have to clear out the Schells warehouse. One advantage pot has over beer; no bottles to clean up!

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Jan-24-14 6:59 AM

and people who are using vicodin want oxycodone Which is far more addicting than any weed.

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Jan-24-14 1:10 AM

All drugs should be decriminalized. Marijuana isn't that bad of a drug. I would rather find out that my child is smoking weed then find them drinking alcohol. Alcohol leads to stupid decisions; weed leads to stupid laughter.

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