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Cougar blamed for attack on horse

December 28, 2013

NEW ULM — Sheryl Robinson’s beloved horse Mollee had to be put down Thursday night after suffering serious injuries from what is believed to be a cougar attack on Christmas Eve or early Christmas day....

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Jan-01-14 11:45 PM

I agree Edward we have a population in Minnesota! I know people who have found tracks. The tracks have no claw marks and are huge! I sure would not raise my arms like mr Nelson said and face it! That's crazy. Poor horse I feel bad for the owner. Cougars move from the west to the east. We do not need these animals in sw Minnesota.

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Dec-31-13 7:01 PM

No breeding population in Mn? Then how are they reproducing, are the DNR scientists cloning them.

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Dec-31-13 4:01 PM

I read the article. First off your crazy if you believe the DNR, there over educated & drunk with power. The reason not so many attacks is because the old timers did their best to eradicate cougars. In my opinion the DNR wants to get them going good to have hunting all comes down to the $. Why don't you read about how to fend off one of these beast & tell me about common sense. If I see one I'll kill it...who knows it may be your life I save

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Dec-31-13 10:04 AM

How many human attacks by cougars (other than the type Eaglesfan describes) has there been in Minnesota over the last one hundred years ?

Did you guys even read the article ? It sounds like the DNR is aware and does acknowledge that cougars will be seen in our area from time to time (they confirmed a siting near Jackson several years ago). There are no breeding populations in Minnesota, however.

It is very unfortunate that this horse was attacked and had to be put down. This is extremely rare. I really don't think we need to worry about our kids being attacked by a cougar - they are much more likely to be killed by a distracted or impaired driver.

A little less paranoia and little more common sense needs to be employed here.

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Dec-31-13 8:57 AM

I think we better start killing cougars on sight. If someone gets attacked its to late. I'd bet in a few years there's going to be a hunting season in mn....its just like they did with the wolves. As far as standing tall & waving arms it won't work, cougars are stalkers & you won't see them coming.

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Dec-28-13 8:55 PM

Why would an attractive middke-aged woman attack a horse?

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Dec-28-13 3:18 PM

Hippie, you are exactly right. There have been cougars in the area for years, nearly a decade that I can recall. No matter how many complaints, the DNR has blown it off. Yes, cougars travel through the area, but when they find food, they stick around. There are coyotes in the area too. At some point the cougars who stick around will become dangerous. The methods to deter the cougar, great idea for adults, but what about the dozens of children, small children and pets who live in the area. Catching the creature is a solution. Tonight I will be teaching my dogs to wave their arms in the air to appear to be larger than the cougar.

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Dec-28-13 1:54 PM

Cougars will follow rivers because that is where there food source is. I believe they are all along the Minnesota river valley but are hard to spot or track because they are smart.

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Dec-28-13 1:51 PM

The DNR has been denying for years that there our no cougars around here. There are and the DNR doesn't want us to know because than they have to hunt them and that would be to much work for them. Someday a person will get attacked and they will just blow it off as being a wild dog.

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