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Obamacare and demagoguery

December 3, 2013

To the editor: H. L Mencken defined the word demagogue as, “One who preaches a doctrine he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots....

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Dec-12-13 6:11 PM

Ah, Blooz, I have missed you.

For a moment there, I thought you were going to write something mildly humorous.

If you had only stopped at the "???'s"--a great punchline.


You blew it.


Regardless...Merry Christmas to you, too.

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Dec-12-13 10:28 AM

Sven: Interesting. I have a close friend who is in a wheelchair with a medical condition. This friend is a strong conservative and loves America, the Constitution and God. He served in the military. He is very worried about the "Affordable Care Act" (I can't call it "Obamacare" because Obama and care are two words that don't fit oxymoron). Anyway, I feel I now must warn my friend not to ever post any of his conservative views or concerns on here unless he is emotionally prepared to have you make fun of his medical condition (eg.JR and bad breath???), while at the same time providing absolutely no answers to his concerns with an intelligent response. Thanks again for exposing yourself for who you really are...oh, and Merry CHRIST...mas!

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Dec-12-13 10:24 AM

JR: Since I answer every question you ask, in detail, here's the scoop on my meds. Starting December 1st I began taking my usual holiday ration of rum. It seems to soften the edges and makes me even more lovable than usual.

Thank you for your concern.

Perhaps you, JR, should try brushing your teeth with some of my "meds". It might improve your breath and your attitude.

Just a suggestion.

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Dec-12-13 10:11 AM

MIT, MIT, MIT: I want you to lighten up once in a while and stop being so Germanic and glum and ponderous. You remind me of those John Birchers of old who saw Commie boogiemen under ever bed.

Have a beer. Tell a story. Slap a back. Get a little tipsy.

Maybe take your girlfriend to Paris and let off a little steam.

For your sake and for ours.

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Dec-12-13 9:39 AM

OK, Sven you win I have halitosis. I have one remaining question for you. Do you self-medicate ? If so, I think you should consider another alternative. I'm sure with your new and improved ACA packed plan you would be able to secure the services of some top notched in home care that would make sure you get your pills taken on time. Just saying....

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Dec-12-13 8:35 AM

Sven: So what you're saying, basically, is that you do not want anyone to take anything you write seriously. Okay. Will do.

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Dec-11-13 9:55 PM

MIT: You're missing the point. The whole idea of American liberalism is to make our country more like France.

Californians are doing their share with a booming wine business and New Yorkers are stepping it up and behaving like rude Parisians. So, it's up to us in the middle part of the country to get socialized medicine rolling and amp up stuff like free love, gay marriage and interracial dating. That's why we hayseeds have given the country Barrack Obama from Chi-town.

And, who knows, maybe Biloxi or Mobile will become the French Riviera of America with nudity and gambling run amok.

The possibilities to create a French-like social paradise are endless.

So there it is--all spelled out for you, MIT. American liberalism exposed for what it truly is.


Jerry Lewis for President!


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Dec-11-13 12:06 PM

JR: What irks me is your dragons-breath. (Jeez, man, do something!)

What makes me giggle is your whining.

Allow me to explain.

I like to switch on Foxy News with the sound turned off and just watch the facial expressions. Your cranky posts give me a similar thrill.

Thank you.

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Dec-11-13 9:58 AM


Who, other than you, has said anything about insider trading or child labor laws ?

You may attempt to put words in other people's mouths but it only serves one purpose - to show how weak your argument really is.

Get up to speed - try this on for size - When does the containment of capitalism cross the line and become socialism ? Where is your threshold on this particular issue ? (if you have one). Last thing I want to do is try to put words in your mouth.

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Dec-11-13 9:51 AM


You may choose to disengage your brain as it relates to our current president which is certainly your prerogative. You constantly berate the Tea Party but they possess one thing that you don't - the courage to get involved.

I realize your political stance is bigger is better when it come to government and that they will always have our best interest in mind. I think differently. I believe all politicians should be held accountable for their words and actions. I realize this flies right in the face of your "dumbed down" approach to political discourse but I think if we don't stay involved we have only ourselves to blame. I know my whining about the ACA irks you which reassures me that what I'm saying about it is hitting home. So thanks for the positive encouragement.

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Dec-11-13 2:27 AM

I suppose that you feel that insider trading should be legal as well, Jreader, MThom, etc. After all, isn't that a form of government interference in capitalism? What are your feelings on child labor laws? I recently read of another legislator that is pushing to return to the 1800's. After all, don't things like child labor laws, OSHA, banking regulations, etc. all demonstrate government interference with capitalism? These are all ideas from your beloved republican party.

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Dec-11-13 2:06 AM

Maybe Ted Cruz should worry about all the Hispanics without insurance in his own state before he suggests that he knows what to do with the rest of the country.

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Dec-11-13 12:01 AM

Sven: Ted Cruz is a whole lot smarter than you give him credit for. Hasn't he argued multiple cases before the Supreme Court?

About the "things are going to get better" thing - what are you basing this on? What is there in the history of share-the-wealth socialism or communism that makes you think things will be better if we have another decade or so of D's in office?

Of course, as long as there is a Republican or two in office, there will always be someone else to blame for the failure of Democrat policies. True believers like yourself will never be able to acknowledge that Dem policies do nothing but kill the goose that lays the golden egg. "Taxation and regulation didn't kill that goose; it was those doggone Republicans and their obstructionism."

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Dec-10-13 11:46 PM


(1) I think a bonehead like Ted Cruz is perfectly capable of stirring up the impeachment pot. I hope he does. Please.

(2) ACA is as done as anything is done and it's done a whole bunch more than you will ever see undone. Good luck with your Retro-Constitutional-Founding Fathers fantasy. We have 11 million more voters ready to sign up for the big D party, as soon as we get the immigration bill DONE.

Things are only going to get better, MIT. Maybe you should think about moving to Texas.

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Dec-10-13 11:15 PM

Sven: Anyone who knows how the impeachment process works knows it won't happen with the current Senate. Democrats simply don't care whether the President lies, shreds the Constitution, or whatever. As long as he has a D after his name, they place the party's welfare ahead of the nation's.

Also - none of our laws is a "done deal" forever. Unless the country is foolish enough to elect Hillary and a Democrat-controlled Senate (again). If that happens, we have nothing to look forward to but economic stagnation and further national decline.

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Dec-10-13 9:21 PM

JR: You've got to stop obsessing about the Affordable Care Act. It's going to ruin your Christmas. Besides, there's nothing you can do about it, except carp and whine, and that's starting to get old. Not to mention what it's doing for your halitosis.

ACA is the law. It's a done deal. It's part of every American's package of swell government deals.

However, some of you righties are thinking about impeachment, and I strongly urge you to follow up on that brilliant strategy.

JR, I think you should stay all hot and bothered and spearhead a grass-roots impeachment movement with Avoice, Hippie, Puke73, MIT and the rest of your distinguished brethren.

You're a leader! You're an inspiration! You're da' man!

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Dec-10-13 4:09 PM


Why didn't he at least back the "Public Option" ? If Obama had done that he could have manipulated the insurance markets to a point where the private companies would cease to exist paving the way to a single payer system. Much less messy than what he has going on today with Obamacare and he wouldn't had to lie to people about keeping their coverage.

Perhaps he couldn't do the Public Option because it lacked the support of his own party to get it passed ? Apparently there were enough Democrats out there that still believed in the private insurance market and weren't willing to have the government take it over.

I do appreciate your attempt at rationalizing it like it was just part of his grand scheme but the truth tells a much different story.

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Dec-10-13 1:36 PM

JR: Well, sure, I'll explain everything, since you seem a little irked. Here goes:

President Obama felt that a single payer system would be too difficult for rustic folks like you to embrace all at once, so he opted for a two-step process. The Affordable Care Act, at some point--when Democrats again have the Senate, House and Presidency (2016)--will then segue from ACA to SPS. Hillary will be handling the roll-out, so it will be flawless.

In the meantime, it's been fun lying to millions, especially to you, JR, since you seem to get into such a tizzy over the small stuff.

And, don't be so sure about your breath. Bad breath often comes from upset stomachs, and yours has been in knots for weeks, now.

Relax. Everything is going to be just fine.

Even your malodorous breath.

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Dec-10-13 12:26 PM

Stay on task Sven - why didn't Obama get his single payer system when he had his chance ?

I'll give you a hint - my breath had nothing to do with it.

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Dec-10-13 8:53 AM

Thank you, JR.

I do know what's best for you.

And, right now you should get into the Christmas spirit and stop obsessing about every little sniveling detail of our beloved government. Relax, close your eyes--we'll handle all the hard stuff for you over the next three years.

Just know this: President Obama loves you and all the folks out there.

And, now, go fix your breath.

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Dec-10-13 8:37 AM


Obama had both houses when he passed Obamacare. He could have gone the single payer route at that time. So, why didn't he ? After all, he knows what's best for all of us (just like you think you do). Why didn't he go for broke and pull the trigger ?

I await with bated breath for you to enlighten us all on why we do not have a universal payment system today.

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Dec-09-13 5:46 PM

I oppose the corporatists also. But they have been given their power by the gov't through corporate bailouts and oppressive regulation that the "little-guy" can't begin to afford.

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Dec-09-13 5:44 PM

MCW won't stand by and let his hard-earned income be given to the 1%, but he doesn't give a darn if it's confiscated by the elite in the gov't who use it to build the empire and pay off the debt owed to the Fed for the never-ending fiat currency being created by the printing presses.....

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Dec-09-13 5:32 PM

JR, a liberal wouldn't have been in complete agreement with MIT on the homomarriage debate, not that we need to beat that horse all over again.

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Dec-09-13 3:58 PM

Okay, on three, let us all chant:


Darn, couldn't fool ya', JR.

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