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The Iran deal

December 1, 2013

A substantial number of members of Congress, along with several other countries that have been longstanding allies of the U.S....

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Dec-04-13 11:18 AM

Did I mention "peevish"?

You would make a perfect wife, JR.

Marry me!

And, lets talk about Iran and our relationship on a long car ride to Duluth.

Oh, wait, I'm already married. But, we can still talk about our relationship.

How do you feel, really, about President Obama's Affordable Care Act? Benghazi? Texting while driving? Orphans at Christmas?


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Dec-04-13 9:48 AM

Sven, nothing to add to the discussion about Obama caving to Iran ? All you have is to personally berate me. Nice to see business as usual for you. More of the same for you: If you can say anything meaningful say something stupid.

Even those Tea Party folks you so loathe have more relevant things to bring to the conversation than you do.

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Dec-03-13 6:04 PM

Peevish. Irate. Negative. Righteous. 24-7 griping about the ACA.

Come on, JR, you're being far too modest. You could be program director for..."the unmentionable network".

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Dec-03-13 1:41 PM

Who has more to gain with easing sanctions against Iran ? Europe. One would think Obama would have learned more when he was listening in on their phone calls.

Europe's interest is not what's best for the U.S. or Iran's neighboring countries.

It's so typical of the brain dead left - if you have no meaningful rebuttal just reference Fox News.

Why don't you guys work on some fresh material for a change you're getting boring.

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Dec-03-13 9:42 AM

JR You sure have the rhetoric down, you must just stay glued to Fox and your computer. I hope you get a chance to work out once in a while, you will want to stay in good shape for the sake of your health care.

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Dec-03-13 8:39 AM

Number one it seems that what is being forgotten here is that most of our major European allies are on board with this plan and since when should U.S. Foreign Policy be driven or dictated to us by Saudi Arabia and/or Israel. What is best for the U.S. may not be what they think is best for them and they are free to pursue whatever Foreign Policy they feel prudent for them. Our Foreign Policy Being driven by foreign interests over our own is what has drug us into most of the conflicts and wars we have been involved in since World War II. Whether this is a good deal or not time will tell but let's start keep our eyes focused on our own country and its problems and how to fix those before we rush off to a possible conflict again to protect someone else's interests.

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Dec-02-13 6:35 PM

JR: You should write copy for Foxy Babe News.

You're a natural.

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Dec-02-13 6:01 PM

Obama needed a win after the hammering he has been receiving regarding his health care plan. His idea of damage control on a serious domestic issue is to shift gears on the international front and make it seem as if he achieved some great breakthrough. The only gains made were by the Iranians who now have international sanctions eased over the promise of behaving themselves for the next six months.

The amazing part is how low the bar has needed to go just to show that Obama has done something effective.

I'm sure Iran is happy with Obama's major foreign policy achievement.

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