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Apologies aside, ACA needs more time

November 10, 2013

President Obama apologized, sort of, this past week for telling people they could keep their health plans under the new Affordable Care Act, when he knew the rules would force millions of policies t......

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Nov-10-13 7:31 AM

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, health insurance rates are skyrocketing. Why? Well, you know, there is a glitch in the online system. Those unforeseen glitches can be very expensive. Rest assured that the 40,000,000 uninsured will soon be covered by their rightful blanket of protection.

In a completely unrelated story. President Obama pushes hard for immigration reform. Upwards of 20,000,000 residents living in the U.S. illegally, who use the emergency room as their primary care doctors in many cases, need to be made legal to avail themselves of our newest and shiniest right, the ACA. If 40 mil. uninsured are going to cost us $270 billion a year more to cover, my math tells me that 20 mil. new citizens will cost an additional $135 billion annually. That is $405 billion, or about $5,000 extra per year for every working American. Now that, my friends, is truly affordable care.

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Nov-10-13 7:54 AM

All that is being accomplished by Obamacare is an acceleration of the rate at which the USA is speeding toward economic and societal collapse. Not only will it destroy the world's best health care system, but it will route significant amounts of the people's wealth through that money-wasting machine we call the federal govt. And add to the national debt. Unless we put the brakes on this disaster and put the car in reverse, we're going off the cliff.

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Nov-10-13 5:46 PM

Hey folks. take a deep breath. Check out health care costs in many European countries or Canada. Bodies aren't piling up outside hospitals and clinics and people seem to look pretty healthy.

The U.S. budget deficit dropped by 37 percent.

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Nov-10-13 6:09 PM

Milford77: Can you provide any analysis that links ACA to the reduction in the annual deficit? If you can, then perhaps you should be able to tell us how much of an impact other government actions had. For example, how much did the sequestration cuts contribute?

Claiming that a certain program had a certain impact on the budget is easy. Providing solid evidence is what counts.

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Nov-10-13 6:16 PM

Milford77: Another thing. Liberals like to mock the concerns of conservatives by pointing out that the sky hasn't fallen. It's interesting that they always do this mocking shortly after their utopian programs are put into place, not 20 years later, when the program has had a chance to bear its rotten fruit.

Any heralding of the success of Obamacare is EXTREMELY premature at this point.

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Nov-10-13 7:11 PM

I was not aware of the bodies piling up due to the United States healthcare system. I am, however, aware of the FACT that we have by far the best cancer survival rates of any other country in the world. That is a tiny statistic that is left out when ranking our overall healthcare system 37th in the world.

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Nov-11-13 3:20 PM

the cancer survival rates are from 2012 or earlier. They have nothing to do with obamacare/universal coverage. Unless you are saying our system before obamacare was the reason for the high rates of cancer patients surviving. In which case why would we would it be a good thing to go to obamacare?

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Nov-11-13 6:42 PM

I was saying that our cancer survival rates are higher because we have the best healthcare system in the world. The Obamacare lovers always claim that we are ranked lower in the world than many of the socialized medicine countries. That is because they skew the statistics by taking cancer survival out of the equation. Obamacare can ONLY make our quality of healthcare worse, and it won't even accomplish its stated purpose which is to "cover all Americans".

It is a bad idea that is getting worse by the day.

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Nov-12-13 9:50 AM

The "world's best healthcare system" had many issues long before the Affordable Care Act. Just look at the explosion in costs and insurance premiums from 1990-2012. Just look at the number of Americans filing for bankruptcy due to medical debt. Just look at the decades increase in uninsured Americans, especially children. Just look at the increasing number of U.S. businesses removing healthcare as an employee benefit. Just look at an American healthcare system where insurance companies dictate who lives and who dies.

And what did the 8 years of the George W. Bush administration do when they were in leadership on these issues (crickets, crickets, crickets)?

Where is the Republican plan! We need to hear a Republican plan! Please give us some leadership! Please show us that there are more than empty vessels sitting on our politicians heads! Stop the obstructions and grab the bull by the horns and be leaders with a plan!

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Nov-12-13 10:47 AM

Mncommonsense - you have made an old argument again. The Reps had plans but when you have a party who controls both the House and the Senate and control the presidency, any plan put forth by anyone not in conformity with the leadership will never see the light of day, heard by any committee nor pass out of any committee. Remember the health care summit when the majority and minority leadership of Congress met with the President and the answer given to any suggestions or improvements was "I won". Do some research as some Rep doctors from the House and Senate offered amendments which were voted down. I would start with your own Senators from MN - who offered the medical device tax, got it in the plan, and have tried twice to get it delayed for several years. IMHO, a lot of brains were never used in crafting this plan, but a lot of craftiness and deceit were put in by a lot of people who know nothing about healthcare but the control of and mandate to people.

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Nov-12-13 10:57 AM

Mncommmonsense, I might remind you healthcare in the 1990's is far different than today. Had you had some of the diseases and health problems we have today then - say a heart attack at a young age, you might not have survived. Well, today, you have a much better chance of survival and be able to lead a productive life. We no longer practice the "throwaway method" but practice the "cure and survival method". Medical devices have improved to help diagnose many health problems in an early stage. Those solutions don't come inexpensively. Cars of the 1990's have been improved to those of today and you can't buy a 2014 at a 1990 price. It is all relevant, the more you have to pay, the better the product.

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Nov-12-13 5:29 PM

Obama openly lied to deceive the American people regarding his healthcare takeover. People would be able to keep their current coverage and the average family would save $2,500.00 in healthcare costs.

There is no "plan" the Republicans could now offer to fix Obama's lies. The only person that can fix it has decided the only thing he needs to do is apologize.

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Nov-12-13 7:26 PM

I would argue the reason our health care cost have increased dramatically is because doctors can save many more people who have diseases. 30 years ago those people would have died from those diseases, accidents and even premature babies.

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Nov-12-13 9:46 PM

The good thing is we no longer have to wonder how bad a second term of Jimmy Carter would have been.

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Nov-12-13 10:51 PM

One wonders what a second term by Nixon would have been like. Oh, that's right, we found out.

Or, a second term by Gerald Ford. WIN--Whip Inflation Now! (Huh.........?)

Or, a second term by Ronald Reagan. Did he have one? Was he awake? Cogent? Drooling?

Or a second term by George W. Bush. A, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hee-hee-hee.

Or, any term Romney. Snarkel- snerk-guffaw-spputzzzz. Or, The Maverick and The Babe (Now that would have been fun. Such a lost opportunity.)

Three more glorious years to go, Puke73. Count 'em, three!

It's going to be fun to read your posts for the next 36...38...months.


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Nov-12-13 11:54 PM

Svensota - remember Jimmy Carter's "energy Plan" - tax the heck out of it at the wellhead and create lines at the gas stations. Thank god, Jimmy lost or we would still be waiting in line for gasoline.

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Nov-13-13 7:19 AM

It is a good thing that you still have a sense of humor, Svensota. I don't know what I would do if I woke up one day and everything I believed in was proven to be wrong.

Hang in there buddy!

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Nov-13-13 11:30 AM


How was you belief system working when you woke up last November 7, 2012?

Gosh, what did you do then!

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Nov-13-13 12:03 PM

November 7, 2012 - the day when hope and change were retired and replaced with lies and deceit.

Four years in Washington will do that to a guy...

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Nov-13-13 12:44 PM


Do you remember George W. Bush?

President Barrack Hussein Obama is nowhere close to the King of WMD's, when it comes to telling whoppers, and the death and destruction and loss of treasure that followed.

Please. A little respect for the "W". He is clearly the winner of the LBJ Gulf of Tonkin Award for the 21st Century.

See, I can be bi-partisan.

Fair and balanced. Hope and change.

And, all true.

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Nov-13-13 2:37 PM

I'm sure that is what you were hoping for when you voted for Obama twice, to be able defend him by saying he's not quite as bad as the last guy.

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Nov-13-13 4:44 PM

OK- I get it Sven, Obama is bad just not quite as bad is Bush....

Just how did Bush pull the wool over Congress' eyes to get them to go along with his war plans ? Even John Kerry supported it until later when he ran for president then was against it.

Bush was at least bright enough to get the Democrats to sign on to his Iraq scheme - more than you can say for Obama and his healthcare takeover - there, I can be bi-partisan too...

Obama could be sharing some of the ownership of this debacle with the Republicans if he only let them get involved when it was being drafted. Of course his ego could never let that happen so today he has to go it alone with all of his apologies for the mess he's made. Bush was at least bright enough to garner bi-partisan support for his Iraq fiasco. That doesn't say much about Obama's ability to lead.

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Nov-13-13 5:25 PM

JR: I was tracking with you there for a moment, but then you used "Bush" and "bright" in the same sentence.

I'm a big John Kerry fan, too. But, you knew that.

How can two highly intelligent and deeply informed people on the same planet--that would be you and me (although I'm not so sure about you)-see things so differently?

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Nov-13-13 5:34 PM

Puke: It's all a matter of perspective.

Bush qualifies as one of the all-time worst presidents, right up there with James Buchanan in terms of destruction, devastation, and incompetence.


President Barrack Hussein Obama--to use your very own comparison--can only measure up to the stature of Jimmy Carter, who would barely make the second quintile of "badness".

So, hey, we're way ahead of the game, as I see it...and you too, by your own analysis.

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Nov-13-13 10:04 PM

The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse. -Edmund Burke

In our post-constitution society we have created a world where our elected officials, and especially our president, are perceived as being powerful in an of themselves. Their power and authority is supposed to be derived from the governed, not from the Washington power brokers. Obamacare will continue to be forced upon us and the political elites believe that there is nothing we can do about it. I guess we will see.

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