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Apologies aside, ACA needs more time

November 10, 2013

President Obama apologized, sort of, this past week for telling people they could keep their health plans under the new Affordable Care Act, when he knew the rules would force millions of policies t......

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Nov-24-13 3:53 AM

I think it's great that the stock market has gone up and has hit new record highs, as I happen to be well invested in it. However, I can't imagine that most of the people that Obama claims to be the champion of are helped by that fact, since few of them are likely to own any substantial amount of stocks.

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Nov-15-13 8:57 PM


Well, now, we are making progress, JR. You've finally come around to recognizing the unadulterated truth.

When things go well it's the visionary, President Obama, smiling down on "the folks".

(I hope you don't mind a few minor edits. "Prophet" is true, but most people might feel overwhelmed by such adoration. And, I inserted "the folks", not "the little people". That's just the way The Prophet speaks.)

And, of course, anything that goes wrong is "W's" fault.

You've got it!!!!!

Nice going.

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Nov-15-13 6:36 PM

Yes, Puke, the past 5 years could have been better, but not with Romney at the helm. His track record was in outsourcing jobs, not creating jobs. Romney never did anything positive for the working people of America. Neither did Ronald Reagan, your other hero.

Could things have been better over the last 5 years? Yes, but that person wasn't on the ballot.

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Nov-15-13 4:30 PM

Ok, when things go swell it is do to the prophet Obama smiling down on all us little people. Anything that goes wrong is president Bush.

National average for the price of a gallon of gas January 2009, $1.61; national average for a gallon of gas November 2013, $3.20. 100% increase. See, two can play at that game.

Now tell me this: How did Obama's lie about healthcare cause both the stock market and the price of gas to go up ? You need to stay on task here pal.

Let's pretend just for a minute his lie was directly responsible for the booming stock market. Does the end justify the means to you ? Does having millions of people losing their coverage acceptable to you as long as the bank calls and tells you that you are flush with cash ?

And you disparagingly call Puke enlightened ?

Sven, I would have had you pegged as a credit union guy not a bank guy.

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Nov-15-13 4:16 PM

So Sven, do you only think the truth ?

That certainly would explain a lot.

Funny, you accuse Michael T. of being the very person you are. I guess you know what they say "It takes one to know one."

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Nov-15-13 4:10 PM

JR: Okay, here, try this.

Dow Jones, January 20, 2009: 7,949

Dow Jones, today: 15,898

Let me help you with the math. That's just a smidgen over a 100% increase.

I don't know how you're doing, JR, but my bank called today and said, "Svensota, you've got to start spending, we can't stuff any more into the vault."

I told them, "That dang President Obama, it's all his fault."

It's ALL his fault. I'm tellin' ya'.

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Nov-15-13 3:57 PM

Wow, yourself, Puke73.

"You can't handle the truth!"

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Nov-15-13 3:10 PM

Wow. You have some serious issues.

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Nov-15-13 2:29 PM

Puke73: Anyone to the left of you is a Marxist.

Of course, I think of you as a dyed in the wool fascist who despises gays, Hispanics, the poor, women, undocumented immigrants, Blacks, seniors, and other "vermin" (your charming description, not mine).

My guess is that you would also include cripples, the blind, loud children, and the Easter bunny.

Your ideal: Freedom and individual liberty for...for...white, semi-middle-class, "hard- working" real Americans, who read and memorize Ayn Rand, watch Foxy News, and live in C and D counties, away from all THOSE people.

Darn. Too bad we all can't be more like you, Puke73.

You're so enlightened.

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Nov-15-13 2:14 PM

So Sven,

People really could have been able to keep their existing policies as promised by President Obama had we not had eight years of President Bush ?

And, the beloved exchange web site, that too would be just buzzing with new applications today had Bush never been in office ?

So Sven, just how far are you willing to carry on with your cognitive dissonance ?

The "Bush was bad therefore that makes Obama good" argument really has no steam left in it at this point.

You need to work on some new material.

I realize you don't have much to work with but frankly your one and only argument is getting kind of boring.

Here's something for you to try - "It's not Obama's fault because his brain has been taken over by aliens." There now take it and run with it. -Your welcome !!!

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Nov-15-13 1:33 PM

So your message is "it could have been worse". I beg to differ. Quite the opposite, the past five years could have been much, much better had they not been wasted on a healthcare takeover that will eventually, if not very shortly, be gutted.

We get it Sven, central planning and government control of everyone and everything, and the constitution be damned.

It is too bad that normally reasonably intelligent people like Middleclassworker don't see that you are a dyed in the wool Marxist who despises freedom and individual liberty.

By the way, what major attack on U.S. soil happened during Obama's reign that he was forced to deal with?

Just as I thought.

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Nov-15-13 12:28 PM

Puke73: So, what you would like The American People to do is just forget what happened during those glorious eight years of Bushdom.

Your thinking goes like this:

"Gosh, that was then and for pete's-sake this is now. We made a monumental mess of everything, but we're a whole new and improved GOPper/TP Party, and you can trust us again. We know what's best for you. We're ready to take charge!"


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Nov-15-13 12:19 PM

Who would have guessed that a "bad word" could be construed from joining "Bush" and "ites" together?


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Nov-15-13 12:17 PM

JR: I don't want to let you and your GOPper pals forget the past, because there could be yet another Bush just waiting to try and repeat it.

President Obama, on that wintry morn in January 2008, inherited from "W" not one but two wars going badly, and a stock market and U.S economy in free-fall. You seem to forget those facts rather conveniently, JR.

The Bush-Iraq War was drummed up by the usual band of NeoCon zealots who purposely lied (gosh, to think politicos would do such a thing) to Congress. My favorite moment was when Colin Powell, Republican lap dog, went to the UN and showed us all little vials of faux-anthrax poison.

Your pat answer that Democrats voted for the Bush-Iraq War makes as much sense as Republicans voting for the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. They were duped by false information, just as Congress was duped by the Bu****es about WMDs.

You, my friend, are the hypocrite.

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Nov-15-13 9:48 AM

Sven rants on how ludicrous it is to compare Bush and Obama. Were you looking in the mirror, Sven ? You are the one that loves living in the past with your tirades against Bush. You are Mr. Comparison. Your hypocrisy is priceless 'ol Sven.

The thing you always fail to grasp is this: The Democrats could have stopped Bush and his crazy war plans but they didn't. So all of that death, destruction, and blood is on their hands too. Obama, with his sweeping healthcare takeover didn't garner a single Republican vote. This mess belongs only to him and the Democrats. I realize this fact is a bitter pill for you to swallow. But look on the bright side, I'm sure this pill will be covered under your new and improved health plan.

As for deaths, once the rationing starts there will be plenty of deaths attributed to Obama.

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Nov-15-13 7:13 AM

The Affordable Care Act should be renamed Indigentcare. It covers the indigent patients and turns the rest of us into indigents.

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Nov-15-13 6:39 AM

I don't bring up James Earl Carter as a cause of our current problems like you do with George Walker Bush every time you can't defend Barack Hussein Obama's indefensible presidency.

Did I hit a nerve, Middleclassworker?

This president has cost us billions in wasted "green energy" company start-ups, trillions in "stimulus", $600,000,000 for a website that doesn't work, and cost increases in healthcare that cannot be covered with printed money. The healthcare increases are actual dollars coming out of actual MIDDLECLASSWORKER pockets. All the while the K-street lawyers and lobbyists fill their pockets. That is indisputable.

Good intentions do not equal good plans. Although, to be fair, I don't believe President Obama has either.

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Nov-14-13 11:46 PM

That is one of the stupidest comments you have made, puke.

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Nov-14-13 10:43 PM

Well! Of all the nerve, Puke73.

You're the one who brought up Jimmy Carter.

He's been out of office FOR THIRTY-THREE YEARS!!!!

If you're going to "screw" George Bush, I shudder to think what kind of perverse act you would perform on our beloved Jimmy Peanut.

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Nov-14-13 10:22 PM

Did your union boss tell you you could say that?

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Nov-14-13 9:49 PM

Looks like you hit a nerve Svendog. Sometimes the light hurts when you've been blinded for so long.

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Nov-14-13 8:06 PM

Screw George Bush. He's been out of office FOR FIVE YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

If this is what you consider good for the country, then you are as morally bankrupt as our Commander in Retreat.

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Nov-14-13 5:29 PM

JR/Puke73/Avoice/MIT/Bugs Bunny: Bush vs Obama?

How many Americans have died because of the ACA? And, how many died because of the Bush wars? How many wounded? How many traumatized? How many civilian casualties?

Where was the economy when your pal "W" left office? How did his cozy deals and winks with Wall Street end up practically destroying the world economy?

Screw-ups under Obama? Perhaps one...maybe two.

Death, destruction and insane banking policy under Obama? No, that was your guy, President Smirk.

Equating Obama's "badness" with Bush's "badness" is ludicrous, unless you're a bubble-brain blonde on Fox "News" or...


Don't worry about the ACA. It's going to work out great. We'll get to a single-payer system faster this way.

I hope this post clarifies everything for you. If not, I'll repeat it often.

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Nov-14-13 1:53 PM

The thing is neither the companies nor the individual states are required to reinstate those cancelled policies. This will effectively take the heat off of Obama and on to them. Pretty much business as usual for this administration.

I can hear it now "See I told you if you wanted you can keep your existing plans. It's not me, it's those evil insurance companies that forced you into the more expensive policies offered in the exchanges."

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Nov-14-13 1:40 PM

The insurance companies, not believing the president in the first place, have already built the loss of those policies into their cost structures. If they allow those people back in now, it will create financial chaos unlike anything we have ever seen before. The end result is that medical costs will skyrocket and insurance companies will be vilified.

The destruction of our healthcare system was the actual goal of the Affordable Care Act. It is working precisely as planned.

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