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Theft complaint involves Danielson, Jafvert

November 2, 2013

NEW ULM — A misdemeanor theft complaint filed last month in Brown County District Court involves Markplatz Mall business owner Ted Jafvert and Randy Danielson who owns the south one-third of the......

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Nov-02-13 1:57 AM

I'm glad that you two can use my tax dollars to bring your ongoing high school girl hissy fit into the law enforcement and court systems.

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Nov-02-13 7:24 AM

yup, that's what New Ulm is all about "criminal hierarchy". We pride ourselves on not paying the taxes owed. Oh wait, that is you Mr Danielson. So, you are part of the hierarchy, stealing from the rest of us law abiding tax payers of this beautiful city. Go away if you don't want to be a productive part of New Ulm.

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Nov-02-13 11:05 AM

Either pay your taxes Randy, or sell your property. People who are delinquent on their property taxes (George's Ballroom) should be prohibited from buying new properties (Marktplatz Mall) for a period of at least 5 years after their taxes are paid up.

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Nov-02-13 11:14 AM

Think these two clowns should fight it out in the octagon or*****in a Cell!

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Nov-02-13 11:16 AM

I am from Mankato but have been occasionally following the saga of the Marktplatz Mall. If I am understanding this correctly, all Mr. Danielson had to do was to return the items that belonged to Mr. Jafvert when Mr. Jafvert requested their return. He refused. Mr. Danielson had another opportunity to return the items when the police asked him to do so. He refused. A complaint was filed, Danielson was ordered to appear in court, and he refused. A warrant was issued for his arrest, the police located him, and he was taken into custody. Danielson had the opportunity to solve the problem and city resources would have never been involved but he chose not to do so. Can someone in New Ulm explain what is wrong with this man?

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Nov-02-13 11:26 AM

There is a Court appointed receiver that is managing lots 2 and 3 of the mall. This was forced by New Ulm Retail and Development thru a motion. The receiver ordered the wall to be built between Randy's portion and NURDS due to Randy not maintaining his portion, no heating, etc...This was to protect the tenants and kids at the day care and Herbergers due to extreeme cold temps. Need to keep heat in. WAll was built with a building permit and compliance with the city. While building the wall, that's when he took the materials. The receiver is an agent for the court. So in essence its a middle finger to the court. It was to stop the wall from being built. Trial is in a couple of months and hopefully this will be all over.

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Nov-02-13 11:39 AM

It would have been all over if the property had been returned to the rightful owner, but Danielson refused to do so after admitting he had stole it. It seems to me that Danielson just enjoys drama and being the center of attention and trying to make everyone else's life crap like his life must be. How could you live in a town where everyone hates you, and all a person has to do is mention his name and everyone says "oh yeah what an ass that guy is". And then says Jafvert stole more than a total of $9000. from him, sounds like when he said the same about the owners of the mall but there is no proof to back up his big mouth. I really believe he likes to hear himself talk. It is time for you to move away from New Ulm Danielson, your game is up and the truth about you is all over town.

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Nov-02-13 11:39 AM

Hmmm, Mr. Danielson thinks there is a criminal hierarchy in the city. Someone seems quite paranoid and detached from reality, doesn't he? The writer of this story needs to go back to journalism school. "Theft complaint involves Danielson/Jafvert" might make it appear that Jafvert was involved in something nefarious. Reading the article reveals that such is not the case. Mr. Jafvert was the victim. Here is a more accurate headline: "Danielson arrested for failure to appear on theft charge."

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Nov-02-13 12:08 PM

re: from middleclassworker

"I'm glad that you two can use my tax dollars to bring your ongoing high school girl hissy fit into the law enforcement and court systems."

What? You two? Did you even read the article? Danielson took Jafvert's property and refused to return it. What if Danielson had stolen your property? It is not a hissy fit to report theft to the police. Danielson is wearing the black hat here. Who stole the property? Who refused to return the property when the owner requested its return? Who refused to return the property when requested to do so by the police? Who failed to appear in court? Who is going to have to face another court hearing? Ding, ding, ding, ding --- the answer is Danielson.

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Nov-02-13 12:59 PM

After reading the comments by people I am pleased to see that most people have used the truth to make an comment on this ordeal, and can see how Danielson has used this city and the people who live here to make money the wrong way for himself and screw everyone else and do his best to ruin their life's. People like Danielson are like leaches and try to*****the life out of people and the city to try to better their life. Well this time it isn't working and someone has finally stood up to him and he can't deal with that. His life here in New Ulm is over, and people are not going to take it anymore, so my hat is off to Jafvert for standing up to him and saying enough is enough.

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Nov-02-13 1:28 PM

Spectator, the word around town is that there is plenty if blame to go around for both sides. I personally side a little more with Jafvert's side, but from what I hear, his employer is no stranger to the court system in other cities.

Don't just read one article and go slamming me. Do a little research.

We woukd be better off if both sides left town snd sold the mall to Runnings. (Tongue in cheek).

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Nov-02-13 1:38 PM

I think Danielson knows how to run the system and admits to that. He will play this out til the last straw. His background is terrible not only here but others counties he has resided. What comes around goes around, for some that time does not come soon enough. It is so sad that New Ulm could have a mall that was flourishing and a productive part of this community but because of loop holes or legalities and tremendous amounts of time in between court hearings for Danielson the properties he has come in contact with will be damaged maybe beyond recognition, at least in the Ballrooms case. So sad, so sad! This theft is ridiculous. It is made clear that he has admitted to taking those items. It is the law that if you steal something and that item does not belong to you it does not matter where the items is. What's right is right and what's wrong is wrong and at this point I give credit to city officials and the New Ulm Police Department to following through and taking a stance with him!

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Nov-02-13 1:57 PM

middleclassworker: I apologize if you thought I slammed you. That was not my intent. Who is Jafvert's employer to which you refer? I understand that the ownership of the LLC that owns the mall changed sometime in around May and the new ownership is doing everything it can to improve the mall and pursue legal action against Danielson. Have they been involved in court actions in other cities? Respectfully, I really have done more than just read one article.

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Nov-02-13 2:23 PM

All, I would reserve any judgment and wait until the Judge hears the case in just a few months. I would also recommend that all interested sit in on the trial and review all documents that are public records.

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Nov-02-13 3:07 PM

Just grow up!!

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Nov-02-13 3:27 PM

MommyB - who should grow up? I presume you mean the guy who stole the ladder and scaffold and refused to return it.

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Nov-02-13 4:08 PM

Danielson is also the town drunk.There is a reason he acts like he does,ask his ex-wife as there are going through a divorce. He was run out of Sibley county for doing the same things he is doing in Brown county.

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Nov-02-13 8:55 PM

Spectator, I forgot that Jafvert's employer just bought the north portion this year. My comments referred to the previous owner. Thank you for the correction.

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Nov-02-13 10:50 PM

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Nov-02-13 11:23 PM

middleclassworker: I think we pretty much agree what is going on here. Danielson has some real problems going on. By not showing up in court, he got himself arrested and is going to have another court hearing and probably a fine. How dumb is that when all he had to do was give back the property he took? And then he blames some criminal hierarchy in the city for his troubles. WTF?

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Nov-03-13 2:33 AM

How many suits is Danialson involved in now? How does this guy have money to pay out to all of these people? Does he like being a full time defendant?

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Nov-03-13 9:09 AM

Doesn't he have some education in law? I wouldn't be surprised if he represents himself.

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Nov-03-13 11:48 AM

Hopefully the court puts him on probation and makes him go to drug rehab and anger management class.I don't think he has any tenants on his side because I think that Karate place moved out to. No heat no electricity no elevator and owner in jail.

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Nov-03-13 11:52 AM

This guy is a ticking timebomb and will do something worst soon. Like burning down the place or holding people hostage and demanding the other half of the mall owners pay him for his half of the mall at a over inflated price.

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Nov-03-13 11:55 AM

Does his mom know what he is doing? Maybe his whole family has disowned him that's why he here in New Ulm.

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