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What he meant to say was...

November 1, 2013

President Barack Obama went before the nation on Wednesday, standing in Boston’s Faneuil Hall, to defend the nations health care law which is drawing a lot of heat as more people are finding out wha......

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Nov-08-13 11:15 AM

I posted this on another article but is appropriate to this article. The current situation of plummeting approval numbers of the president, the increasing number of cancellations, and the WH now knowing the numbers of enrollees is not what was expected, will cause a few changes by writing some exec orders or rewriting regulations to save this debacle and to protect those Dems coming up for election this next year. The president and the Dems do not want this to go back thru the House and Senate for any corrections or rewriting. When you see 80+% of enrollees being Medicaid enrollees is causing great alarm and will cause problems to the states as they will have to assume responsibility for Medicaid costs slowly over the next three years and fully responsible after that period of time.

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Nov-07-13 10:43 AM

Well, sure, JR. You talk big.

Then you sit next to MIT and chat with him and listen to him hum his dirges. I'm jumpin', parachute or no parachute.

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Nov-07-13 10:31 AM

MIT: You are making some gigantic assumptions about my religious beliefs and practices. Most of which are dead wrong.

But, that isn't unusual.

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Nov-07-13 10:20 AM


Obama lied. Any rational person can make that conclusion at this point. Unfortunately that precludes Sven. Let him keep thinking it's just Valerie Jarrett and some great Iranian conspiracy. In short, we just need to humor him until his doctor increases his dosage.

Sven, don't go jumping out of airplanes unless you're wearing a parachute. It's all going to be ok buddy. Just don't listen to those voices in your head...

I'm sure the free Mammogram you can now get thanks to your ACA health plan will make you feel better in no time.

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Nov-07-13 9:20 AM

Sven: Our songs are an expression of our thoughts, fears, and desires. They focus on the things that are important to us.

Your songs are of this world because your thoughts focus on this world. Like the brute beast, you are unable to lift your eyes and think of things above. The songs of this world may contain many noble thoughts, but in the end they contain no higher message than making the best of what we experience here.

But for many of us, this world is not our home. Certainly, we are living here for a while, but not permanently. And that truth is reflected in our songs. The central fact of our lives is that we have a home with Christ, eternal in the heavens, that no one and nothing can take from us. That is our highest joy and our song.

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Nov-06-13 11:57 PM

I'm sure. Those 18th century toe-tappers make me move 'n groove, too.

We have so much in common.

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Nov-06-13 8:57 PM

Sven: You are exactly right. I do find myself humming hymns quite often. I find their messages to be very uplifting and helpful in dealing with the daily struggles of life.

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Nov-06-13 7:31 PM

MIT: That's exactly what I'm afraid of--that you would try to be chatty.

There wouldn't be enough alcohol on board to numb my ears. So, I might end up curling up in an overhead bin just to get away from you. And, then, you'd probably start humming Lutheran hymns out of spite.

It's all too horrible to contemplate.

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Nov-06-13 6:12 PM

Sven: I would be happy to sit next to you on an airplane. I'm sure we would have a very interesting conversation.

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Nov-06-13 1:16 PM


If I am ever sitting next to you in an airplane in flight, I will demand that they open a door, so I can leap out, and get as far away from your dour, pedantic, boring self as possible.

What you failed to understand is the point of my post: (1) Valerie Jarrett is an amateur. (2) The best of the Obama administration brains have left. (3) Hence, President Obama gets a lot of bad advice, jumbled thinking, and inept direction from his staff. (4) That doesn't excuse what's going on, but it helps explain it.

That is truthful, that is factual, that is an admission from a confessed lefty, of the highest order.

Snap out of your Germanic plodding and smell the...sauerbraten.

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Nov-05-13 10:37 PM

Sven: I take it you last answer as an admission that you have no real explanation as to how the President was only lying from a right-wing viewpoint. I don't think this audience needs any further demonstration of the fact that you are a clever person. When discussing politics, clever is nice, but truthful and factual is much more helpful for building a cooperative and functioning society.

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Nov-05-13 10:17 PM

MIT: Okay, this a highly secret and off-the- record response to your penetrating question.

President Obama actually doesn't exist. He is a character made up of smoke and mirrors by a team of Hollywood writers. It was "the story America wanted to hear". So, they wrote it and produced it and 52% bought it.

However, the guys who actually ran the government--Axelrod, Daley and Emanuel--got bored with the charade and have gone on to higher paying, and safer, jobs. That left the smoky aura of "Obama" in limbo, with Valerie Jarrett trying desperately to keep up the facade. Well, Valerie Jarrett is an amateur. She's also an Iranian by birth.

So, in summary, the executive branch of our government is currently being run by a tribe of radical Islamists in Tehran, via Valerie Jarrett.

Since they have a different belief system, it is not a sin to lie to a godless society. Hence, the 24 lies.

But, don't worry, MIT. It will only go on for another three years or so.

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Nov-05-13 9:55 PM


You're joking with me aren't you? Who doesn't have a lack of respect for Speaker Bonehead? His own party is ready to dump him.

However, I do think he would make an excellent presidential candidate in 2016. Can't you just see him in a debate with Ted Cruz. It would be better than a Will Ferrell movie.

As to President Barrack Hussein Obama, you are mistaken that he is arrogant or narcissistic. He is just more intelligent and better informed than you.

There, I hope my thoughtful response has cleared up any difficult or lingering questions you might have.

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Nov-05-13 8:49 PM

MichaelT, based on Svensota's complete lack of respect for Speaker Boehner or "if you disagree with Svensota" you are a right wing pal reflects the same arrogance and narcissism(sp)as his mentor.

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Nov-05-13 7:44 PM

Sven: Please explain how "from a right-wing viewpoint" the President lied, but from a left-wing viewpoint he did not. A lie is a lie, regardless of the viewpoint of the person to whom the lie is told.

The President told the American people that if they liked their health care plan, they could keep it. Then he added, "Period."

In saying this, he was intentionally saying something that he knew was not true. His words had been vetted, and he had been warned that that promise was not true. But his political advisors urged him to use the line anyway, and he chose to follow their advice.

There was no ambiguity to his words. They could only mean one thing. There is no wiggle room for someone to come back later and claim that he was misunderstood. We understood him perfectly, and many Americans voted based on his promise. But his words were clearly contrary to the truth, and intentionally so.

Joe Wilson was right. This man is a liar, and is unworthy of our tr

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Nov-05-13 5:26 PM

Avoice: You and your right wing pals were all hoping for change in 2012 and I'm sorry you were disappointed. So, from that standpoint, I can see where you might think President Barrack Hussein Obama lied.

So far, however, I'm thrilled with the job President Barrack Hussein Obama has done. And, I am saddened that President Barrack Hussein Obama only has three years, two months, and few days, left in office.

Darn--so much government to do and so little time left to do it in.

We should seriously look into changing the 22nd amendment to allow President Barrack Hussein Obama a third term.

Maybe, then, Mitt could run again, against President Barrack Hussein Obama. That would be fun to watch.


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Nov-05-13 1:35 PM

Svensota afraid to even mention your mentor's name - President(I cannot tell a lie)Obama who is still looking for a cherry tree. Remember, he said he was not a politician but bringing hope and change to Washington, DC. ;<)

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Nov-05-13 10:49 AM

Avoice: I'm not sure who you meant by my mentor, since you weren't specific. But for anyone to lie 23 times is outrageous, and 24 times is contemptible.

However, if it's a politician you're referring to, then 24 is an unacceptably low score and the guy, whoever he is, should learn to step it up. Most political pros are well over a 100.

For example, Speaker Bonehead tells whoopers every time he opens his mouth (with four flags behind him) because he always talks in white-mans' code, which is all about blathering jingoistic platitudes while concealing a fascist agenda.

But, hey, that's just my opinion. MIT will probably try to scold me like some Lutheran schoolmaster for posting such truths.

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Nov-05-13 10:10 AM

Svensota - Since you and others follow your mentor quite faithfully with his "stretching" the truth for what,23 times on record- oops, make that 24 times with his latest denial that he ever said what he did 23 times before, makes one question whether your posts can be trusted as true.

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Nov-04-13 11:57 PM

There does come a point in these online exchanges where the comments are serving no constructive purpose. For the sake a common civility, perhaps it would be good for everyone to either make a legitimate point or say no more. To continue personal sniping is childish.

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Nov-04-13 10:45 PM


"I am not a crook."

Richard Milhous Nixon 1973


I am not a plagiarist. I just rip off the ideas of others and pass them off as my own. No, really, I'm as good as Carol Burnett and I'm a highly knowledgable show biz critic, too. Really. I'm not kidding. Heh...heh. You believe me, don't you? Hey, don't you...?



Compare and contrast. Extra credit for the use of the word "turkey" in your analysis.

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Nov-04-13 7:13 PM

The activities of this president over the past 5 years make BlackfridayTeapotdomeWatergateIrancontraKeating5ReadmylipsRoselawfirmMonicalewinskyChinesecampaigncontributorsLewislibbyJackabramhoffWeaponsofmassdestruction

look like child's play.

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Nov-04-13 7:03 PM

Plagiarism? You mean the type of "plagiarism" Saturday Night Live has been doing weekly for 38 years? (And I might add, very weakly for the past 15 or so). You mean "plagiarism" like the material that Carol Burnett built her career around?

To plagiarize that well known American philosopher, Bugs Bunny, What a maroon!

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Nov-04-13 10:12 AM

The Unaffordable Care Act is Obama's Hurricane Katrina.

The only difference is instead one region being impacted it is our entire nation. And, instead of Michael Brown we have Kathleen Sebelius.

It is just another glowing example of how effective our bloated federal government operates.

What is truly hard to fathom is how progressives' "bigger is always better" mentality continues despite numerous and obvious failures of our federal government.

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Nov-03-13 11:09 AM

MIT: And, your post was...? Substantive? Persuasive? Made an actual argument?

As usual, you can't see your own hypocrisy.

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