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Time for liberals to keep promise

October 27, 2013

Earlier this month, President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other top liberals were insisting they'd love to talk about critical issues including health care and the national......

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Oct-28-13 5:15 PM

Ah, but, Puke, you left out President "W's" amnesia. Was that deliberate on your part or were you hoping we would all forget.

Now, let me ask you: Would you trade "W's" big WMD boo-boo for Reagan's Contra quagmire? Would you trade President Obama's recent foul-ups for "W"s grand deceit?

Huh, huh?

It's all relative. Every president has mess-ups. It's all part of being in charge. However, some are bigger and more costly and more disastrous than others.

And, would I say Bush's mess-ups were super-colossal.

Obama's mistakes versus Bush's ineptness is like comparing a pea to a cannonball.

(By the way, NSA is monitoring these posts, so you will be safer.)

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Oct-28-13 12:56 PM

I always found it to be a little bit curious that Ronald Reagan claimed that he didn't know anything about Iran-Contra. But this president didn't know about Fast and Furious, didn't know about Benghazi, didn't know about NSA domestic spying, didn't know the NSA was spying on foreign leaders, didn't know that there were going to be rollout problems with the healthcare website.

Either president Obama is the most clueless president we have ever had, or he is a serial liar.

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Oct-28-13 12:47 PM

If you want to call trying to stop a broke country from going further in the hole "economic terrorism", then yes, I am all for it.

The republican party is destroying itself, and not a minute too soon. We will likely lose the 2016 election before the party is rebuilt with the morals a values that this country desperately need, and that we yearn for. And, just in case you are wondering, that absolutely is to imply that the morals and values that Barack Obama projects are not needed or yearned for.

We have always been a benevolent country where the people truly in need are concerned. It is a different matter altogether to have those in need stuck up our collective asses.

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Oct-28-13 11:00 AM

Puke: I suppose you would not consider economic terrorism, as practiced by your flag-waving TP extremists, as open disdain for our country. Curious value system, Puke.

Oh, and in your list of failures you forgot to mention the embarrassing Republican meltdown.

However, it's nice to see that you enjoy Jon Stewart. I like to watch Bill O'Reilly--with the sound turned off.

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Oct-28-13 9:26 AM

An explanation of the United State's system of government is now a manifesto? And, "it's been a tough couple of weeks for the Tea Bag Party", which isn't even a real thing in terms of actual political parties?

I don't know, was it the Tea Bag Party that wrote the code for the Healthcare dot gov website? I'm not sure what that reference is supposed to even mean.

I guess it is true, the old insanity has become the new sanity. I will take my chances with the right wing whacko extremists, at least they don't have open disdain for their country.

I would say that two back to back weeks of 60 minutes doing an expose' on the absolute corruption in Washington, D.C., followed by a scathing report on the cluster that Benghazi was, combined with Jon Stewart and SNL mocking the Obamacare rollout is a pretty bad couple of weeks for the ruling elites.

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Oct-27-13 10:37 PM

Puke: I loved reading your manifesto(s). Keep up the good work.

The more the Goldwater Republicans fight with the Rockefeller Republicans the better off we screaming liberals are.

If ever there was an election to be won it was the Romney 2012 slam dunk. And, Mitt was no kook. He was the fine progressive fellow who gave us the roadmap to the Affordable Care Act. But, by the end of the campaign you purists had him babbling TP inanities 24/7.

Big hint: The American People don't trust kooks.

My guess is 2016 won't be much different, unless my favorite TP/GOPper candidate, Ted "Smarmy" Cruz, breaks down the doors of sanity and gets the nomination.

Oh, I wish. Oh, yes, oh, yes, make it so.

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Oct-27-13 7:24 PM

I'm sorry R2P, it's been a tough couple of weeks for the Tea Bag Party. The Repubs. could have won a few more concessions from the Dems. had they left Ted Cruz continue speaking, they should have set a mirror in front of him, he would still be talking.

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Oct-27-13 4:04 PM

I can't guarantee that Hillary Clinton won't be our next president. However, I can guarantee you 2 other things. 1.) I will never again vote for an establishment republican (ala Bob Dole, George Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney). And, 2.) You will never know, or have to worry about what it is like to live with me.

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Oct-27-13 2:17 PM

Wow R2P, you must be fun to live with. Hillary-2016!!!!!

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Oct-27-13 1:45 PM

We live in a representative republic, not a democracy. In a democracy, the president would be elected by popular vote, which would signal the consensus for the implementation of all of his plans. In a representative republic, the 3 co-equal parts of government stay within the confines of their constitutional duties and the elected "REPRESENTATIVES" represent their constituents on matters of national law and policy.

When one branch brow beats the others into submission, making those representatives vote in favor of their party's interests and in opposition to their constituent's interest, the system is broken. It is soft tyranny and lays the foundation for a benevolent dictatorship, which is a line I believe we have already crossed.

It is a lot easier to corrupt 537 politicians in one small city than it is to earn the understanding and consensus of the majority of 310,000,000 people.

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Oct-27-13 11:49 AM

Here, let's compromise. You jump off of this 1,000 foot high bridge. After that we will discuss what you want out of the deal. Don't worry about the American people, or the people who voted you into office, they wont know the difference anyway. Put up a little bit of a fight so nobody figures out that there really are not 2 parties in Washington, just one elitist cabal. We will shut down the government for a couple of weeks, which will distract our subjects from the fact that billions of dollars in pork spending is being included in our reopen the government "agreement".

Then, we will re-enact this play in another 3 months and get even more stuff. All the while, half the people will be mad at one side and the other half at the other side. It is a foolproof plan concocted for fools.

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Oct-27-13 11:34 AM

I think you meant the "Power of the printing press", the purse has been barren for a long time.

The United States has 3 co-equal branches of government, the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. The notion that the election of a president signifies that everything he wants, should be everything he gets is laughable. Yet, I defy anyone to give me an instance of anything this congress has kept this president from doing, despite the best efforts of a few. All the while, the republicans take the blame, and they deserve it for not being able to take a moral stand. Either go all in, or get ALL OUT!

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Oct-27-13 9:28 AM

pointing fingers, seeking blame and rationalizing to do so appears to be everyone's game

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Oct-27-13 8:36 AM

1. The "Power of the Purse" rest securely in the Constitutional hands of Congress and not the President. I am not sure how the President should be the only one blamed for overspending.

2. Liberals as well as Conservatives are to blame for pork projects, tax breaks, and out of control spending.

3. The problem is that their main goal is to get re-elected and not to pass laws and budgets that are good for the nation as a whole.

4. It takes both sides to sit down and talk and both Republicans and Democrats have proven that they would rather play politics. In the 5th Century it was corruption and infighting that did in the Roman Empire and it will be the same here if we don't change our focus from being re-elected to what is best for the nation.

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Oct-27-13 7:00 AM


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