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NU councilor investigated for impeding underage-drinking case

No charges brought against Schultz

October 24, 2013

NEW ULM — A New Ulm City Council member was investigated by authorities this past summer — accused of impeding an underage-drinking case, according to a report Wednesday from KEYC-TV....

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Oct-24-13 2:42 AM

I always thought that the probation dept and law enforcement worked together? Sounds like the director of the probation dept tried a smoke screen on security that night. Would be nice to know if the officer that wrote the ticket talked to Les before the citation was issued. No criminal charges but not being honest with law enforcement is really a character issue. Seems to me that the city council voted in a raise this year for themselves. Maybe Les will do the right thing and cut a $2,000 check back to the city for this poor judgement.

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Oct-24-13 7:07 AM

Those darn Germans! Never trust them around is like the fox guarding the hen house!

That being said, I do not believe Mr. Schultz would knowingly have allowed this. Those two young men are just like some young American's who try to get by with underage drinking. Germany's legal age is 18, so because we are such a German community those young lad's probably thought they would not have anyone complain! Did the article say how they got caught? Did they go back to Germany and leave Les hanging?

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Oct-24-13 7:10 AM

Ok, reread the article and found out how they were nabbed. Someone narked to retired officer Kevin Guggisberg. Good undercover work!

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Oct-24-13 7:37 AM

Catch 22, I'm glad you can find a laugh in this. However, I find it disturbing that another politician finds a way to feel he is above any repercussions. For the choices he made that weekend and not being a responsible adult to these underage kids, it cost the tax payers. What else does he feel he's intititeled to as a councilman? With the choices he's made thus far, my guess is the tax payer of New Ulm will pay for another one. I hope he steps down. He had his shot as an elected official and blew it ethically.

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Oct-24-13 7:46 AM

back-peddling Les! His ego needs to step down. Your 15 min. of fame is over. GUILTY. Replaceable...

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Oct-24-13 10:06 AM

This is a disturbing story. Disturbing because Schultz is not only an elected official, but he is a member of law enforcement, albeit in probation. However, he still has a duty to uphold the law.

He went out of his way to lie to police officers. He could have said he wasn't sure how old those boys were, but instead he took it upon himself to outright lie and claim that he even knew one of them turned 22 recently. He knew that was a lie and said it anyway. And his excuse that there was drinking going on and it was loud just doesn't hold water. He may have been drunk, but I highly doubt the officers were! They know exactly what he said to them. And the fact that they were in security shirts instead of their police uniforms is the only thing that saved Schultz from being charged with a crime.

It raises serious questions about his ethics.

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Oct-24-13 10:28 AM

I love how you are all so pearly white and such upstanding citizens among us. German's who can drink at 18 in their country and you are going to enforce the letter of the law on them here. Really? It's not Schultz's fault in this one from what I can see. It's the people who pursued the whole thing in the first place and wrote tickets or charged the German's. They could have left well enough alone under the circumstances. Where has our sense of the difference in intent of the law and the letter of the law gone. Today it's all about the money. These two were not even American's so what is the point? Are you trying to change their behavior? You purists are what is wrong with our society, c'mon a little common sense goes a long way, and we all make mistakes.

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Oct-24-13 10:47 AM

Schnauser, your comment makes absolutely no sense! They also don't have a speed limit on the Autobahn in Germany. So by your logic, if these boys wanted to come here and drive 120 mph on Hwy 14 to Mankato, who are we lily white New Ulmites to stop them??

This story isn't even mainly about the boys drinking. It is the fact that Schultz went out of his way to lie to law enforcement. That is a HUGE issue when he is supposed to be someone who upholds the law.

A mistake is when you order the shrimp cocktail that has been sitting out on display for a week. Lying to police officers to cover the crimes of others is a crime.

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Oct-24-13 2:18 PM

He told KEYC that he couldn't believe they were making a news story out of this. He must really think he is above the law. If two cops in Minneapolis can get in trouble for talking smack about their lesbian police chief while in Green Bay, what makes Les Schultz think he shouldn't get in trouble here?

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Oct-24-13 6:55 PM

He should of checked their IDs before he bought them the wrist band. I don't care for him much as I watch him in the city council meeting on TV. He always looks like he is bored and looks like he is sick of comments made by Webster. He should step down as directer of the probation office as he is a common criminal by buying beer for two underage bots that he was reasonable for.

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Oct-24-13 7:06 PM

I am a firm believer that your personal life & work life are separate. But when you are an elected councilor for the City of New Ulm, & your CAREER is to monitor those who have broken the law & he had the nerve to lie to the security guards about the two's age the security guards were following the laws in the CITY Les is a councilor in, & the Probation Director of the county. In my opinion if this was any one else, He would be the first one pushing to have them resign & charged with a crime so he can put them on probation. I think instead of him making a statement about his shock of KEYC reporting this, he should of offered the residents of NU an apology & the residence of Brown county the same. Hope he is not re-elected.

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Oct-24-13 7:35 PM

I like Les and think he has done alot of great things for New Ulm. That being said, I think he needs to resign from the city council. As for his full time job, the Brown County Commisioners have a decision to make. It just does not look good in my opinion.

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Oct-24-13 7:39 PM

They are boys that was visiting a AMERICAN town.Last I looked, this is not Germany. They have laws when we go to their country we must obey, we have laws here they must obey.Big deal German make believe beer fest another reason to drink more in New Ulm. This small town has more bars then it has stores. Your not in OZ folks this in Minnesota a state in the United States. Shame, Shame on you Schultz you knew better. I am disappointed.

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Oct-24-13 8:26 PM

Lol. Honestly is this a story? News flash...all of your 19 year olds in new ulm are drinking, and I'm betting at least half know about it.

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Oct-24-13 8:30 PM

I believe Mr. Schultz said he could not believe they were running the story because it was a non-issue. He was investigated, no charges were filed. I know Mr. Schultz personally and had dinner with him and the young men on a number of occasions. Mr. Schultz was always clear with the boys they should not be drinking and with the wait staff that they were not old enough to drink. Mr. Schultz was clear with anyone and everyone around town that the two visitors from Germany were not old enough to drink. Mr. Schultz has spent a lot of time and energy in this community supporting policies against underage drinking. I am very surprised at the comments here that folks have found him guilty of various things in the media when in actuality he was only part of an investigation. No charges were filed. The only reason this is news is because of his position on the city council and his employment.

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Oct-24-13 8:37 PM

continued from prior comment...If this were any of us regular Joes,this would not have been an issue. Peoples lives have been ruined by the media reporting such things, I am very disappointed in KEYC and the Journal for reporting an investigation based on the position Mr. Schultz holds. Not only were there no charges filed, there has certainly not been a conviction...except in the media and online with these comments. For shame.

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Oct-24-13 9:26 PM

I have watched the comment section of the new ulm journal for a long time now and feel compelled to join in. STOP IT. This is insane. With all of the real things happening in the world it amazes me that this is even a story. These are a couple young men who got beer, stop the presses. This is not political, not a leadership issue, not an issue. I am not from New Ulm originally but have spent a great deal of time here. Get over it, this is typical nonsense I have read every day. Time to join the real world and realize that things happen. I do like many things about this town but there are so many that are embarrassing - leave this guy alone and move on. Sorry for rambling, but I can't take it any more.

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Oct-24-13 10:20 PM

Not an issue? It's an issue when your local government officials make poor ethical decisions. We see it on the national level, however, it hits you a little harder when it's your local officials. Especially an official that could jeopardize the liquor licensing of a city festival, which brings in money to the very city he sits as a council member. It also stings when we have to foot the bill for his poor ethical decisions. As for betabeta, you’re correct he didn't get charged, however, there are ethical issues here. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, he lied to security guards that are otherwise local law enforcement that he works with. In all honesty they could have swept this under the rug, but they choose to make a good ethical decision on reporting it to local law enforcement. You’re obviously a friend of his, so I’m sure it’s difficult for you to find the logic in this news story. When you step back and look at it as a non-bias tax payer. The best thing for him to do is to accept wha

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Oct-24-13 10:24 PM

cont... what he did and resign. For the record, I voted for Chuck Hanson and right now I feel pretty darn good about that decision.

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Oct-24-13 10:30 PM

I have been a friend of Les' for over 20 years. He is smart, works hard; advocates for and supports his employees - as well as for many members of the New Ulm community. Les is generous with his time in both his business and personal life - as noted by his public service and volunteering to help make New Ulm a better place to live. Les is honest, has integrity, and I do not believe for one moment that he would ever contribute to or overlook minors consuming alcohol - quite the opposite as a matter of fact as he has always had a very anti-alcohol/drug use stance regarding teens. The Journal and KEYC should be ashamed of themselves for publishing such a "non-story" that was likely driven by someone local with an ax to grind. The media - once again are out to publish sensational stories without regard for the facts, or the damage this can cause others. The coverage was extremely offensive and I think our community needs to take note - as obviously this could happen to anyone.

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Oct-25-13 8:05 AM

How did they get the wristbands without a picture I.D.? Somebody should be in trouble .

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Oct-25-13 12:06 PM

It amazes me that people are saying "this isn't a story" or deflecting the real issue here!


What about that don't you excusers get? That is the story. That is why people should be outraged. He is an elected official and tried to use either his position on the City Council or as the director of probation to cover the crimes of two other individuals. I applaud the officers involved for treating him as any other citizen.

I agree that at a bare minimum he needs to pay the City of New Ulm back the $2,000 he cost us. If he had any ethics he would resign from the City Council.

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Oct-25-13 12:42 PM

Can you believe this guy? Surprised that KEYC would run this story....its called Karma Les.....Karma......all those people who have made poor decisions and had personal shortcomings as they go through the probation dept that you are a head of wonder the same thing Mr Shultz!!! Karma Les....karma

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Oct-25-13 1:30 PM

The city uses underage minors to attempt to purchase alcohol from local bars and if they do purchase that bartender is charged with selling alcohol to minors and get their names in the paper. The bar loses it license for awhile.So New Ulm is not allowing minors to buy alcohol in bars. Maybe they should be watching the beer fest better as this incident should not have happened if law enforcement were doing there job. What makes matters worse is the director of Brown Co Probation allowed minors in his care to purchase wrist bands and drink beer illegally.If a bartender is charged with selling to minors and the bar gets it's license revoked what makes Mr. Schultz actions any different. He should be in trouble because minors in his care from an exchange program committed a crime and I beleive he okayed it and than lied to police saying they were of age. Shouldn't he have been told their ages when he accepted the task of letting them be under his care.

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Oct-25-13 1:35 PM

I'm sure he was told the ages of the boys he was going to be in care of so he could plan accordingly. Lies are hard to hide when you get caught red handed as Mr. Schultz has. I think the city is trying to cover this up as they did with Mr. Rassunson.

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