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Obamacare and the bottom line

October 18, 2013

To the editor: For all you people that think that Obamacare is wonderful I want to share with you the letter I got from my insurance company-Blue Cross....

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Oct-21-13 3:58 PM

Avoice-you are right and actually there is a 5th one-Assurant health

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Oct-20-13 10:47 PM

Probably not. ----

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Oct-20-13 9:51 PM

tooold - can you not tell a comment from a question?

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Oct-20-13 9:10 PM

Grandma D you always have a great way of looking beyond an issue. Aunty Dem- I am too old to be living in a dream. Your comment about Mayo was not fair. You evidently never had anyone close to you with cancer that received great care and kindness at Mayo. I know they are not the only ones--but there are still going to be diseases that are not preventable --no matter what health care plans we have.

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Oct-20-13 6:57 PM

Two things that I know for a fact in regards to Obamacare are that you can keep your kids insured until they are 26 & pre-existing health care issues can't be held against you. Those are huge issues, & I applaud them.

I have not, nor will I read the entire bill. I will lose my health insurance after 40 some years with the company I have been affiliated with while working & in my retirement. I believe I will be okay, but it is rather a slap in the face. I'll deal with it.

I just don't think it's too much to ask for some accountability in what we will be responsible for in regards to all the new people who will be covered under Obamacare. We will be paying for them. I want to help those who need care. I just don't want the system to be abused, but I don't know how we can get a handle on it.

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Oct-20-13 4:07 PM

Tooold – You are still seeing and hearing some dream. Pelosi’s actual words were, “We have to pass the bill, so you can find out what is in it.” She was speaking not to Congress but to a few thousand county officials attending a legislative conference for the National Association of Counties. The rest of the paragraph that ended with the often misquoted sentence was “You’ve heard about the controversies within the bill, the process about the bill, one or the other. But I don’t know if you have heard that it is legislation for the future, not just about health care for America, but about a healthier America, where preventive care is not something that you have to pay a deductible for or out of pocket. Prevention, prevention, prevention—it’s about diet, not diabetes. It’s going to be very, very exciting.” Legislators read the bill.

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Oct-19-13 11:21 AM

I can still see and hear Nancy Pelosi say "Let's pass the bill and read it later." She was talking about the healthcare plan. That is when I decided that the people in Washington do not deserve any respect. Big retirement plans, exceptional healthcare plans, and I am sure those bills are read before they are passed.

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Oct-19-13 10:31 AM

As Americans we have come to expect all the best and newest, [expensive] health care and for some reason we think we should not have to pay for it. There is a pill for every itch or pain or drooping organ or dry eye and as soon as it comes on the market we demand our doctors give us a prescription, and most will gladly oblige. Americans refuse to accept old age and death, and until we do, health care will become more and more expensive.

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Oct-18-13 9:07 PM

Good article about premium disparity in the different zones - search for MNsure Didn't Cause Urban-rural Disparity.

"Obamacare did not change the logistical issues for rural coverage. It attempts to even some of it out but because it relies on the same insurance coverage system that we currently have, the disparities will still exist. MNsure didn't cause these premium disparities; MNSure allowed for the transparency that reveals them."

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Oct-18-13 7:49 PM

Zorromcgee, Mn has 4 companies providing healthcare insurance - BCBS, Health Partners, Medica of MN, and Preferred one of MN prior to ACA.

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Oct-18-13 7:38 PM

NO, Auntydem, because they are a global healthcare destination. When you are global, patients bring cash.

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Oct-18-13 6:10 PM

Deerhunt - Mayo's bad because they are profitable and huge?

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Oct-18-13 6:04 PM

Just like the letter written to the Journal , we are experiencing the same rate hikes and the same explanation. It no longer matters if you try and stay healthy ,pay the same as everyone else. That gives no incentive to people. Minnesota had a good system in place already , if anything the national model should have resembled it , ah , but why take something that is working and proven , let's pass a bill without even reading it -strictly Democrats to thank for this one. In the middle of a financial crisis - pass a bill without reading it that involves one sixth of our economy- you go Democrats! Democrats may mean well , but they need to think things through , maybe do some testing, before passing something of this size? In the business world this would be considered idiotic.

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Oct-18-13 5:54 PM

Zorro , went to an insurance meeting the other day. They said in the cities there are 5 providers ( hence the cheaper rates) in our area here there are three, and in the Rochester zone there is one. That is why the rates are set as they are. That was from the insurance company explaining the rate differences for the different zones. The more providers in a zone the cheaper the rates were. Amazingly Mayo was the only provider setting rates for zone 8 .

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Oct-18-13 5:30 PM

MT-you profess to love capitalism-how can shopping around be a bad thing? if you want something do you pay the highest price for it?

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Oct-18-13 5:29 PM

Deerhunt -I live in SW MN and pay 638 a month for mandatory health insurance-and she can go to Ucare or health partners

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Oct-18-13 5:18 PM

Zorro, go to the mnsure website , compare the rates in zones 1 and 8 . This is a line between Rochester and the cities , depending on which side of the line you live your rates are about 60-90% higher . That is because there is one major provider for Southeast MN. Guess who , the one that couldn't wait to sign on with this - the Mayo clinic. So depending what your address is , you get the raw deal. That is not capitalism , that is corporations locking in with politicians - big government at it's best . Remember the Democrats are in charge ,I'm sure they thought this through.

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Oct-18-13 2:37 PM

Or you could do what any good consumer would do,and shop around. My health insurance has gone up every year since 1998 except for next year. If you don't like your policy then shop for another. No one is forcing you to stick with the one you have. Prior to the ACA Minnesota had 3 Health Insurance companies from which to choose, now we have many more. You have more options and choices-feel free to excercise your freedom to choose and shop for another one. If the gas station nearest you raised their prices but the others didn't ,would you pay the higher price or shop around? This is how capitalism works-we now have the chance to shop for the kind of insurance we want outside of the big three.

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