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Not for Congress

October 4, 2013

(The Journal’s editorial of Friday, Oct. 4, (Not for Congress) was in error when it said that a Republican budget proposal on Sept....

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Oct-11-13 9:24 AM

Integrity - Oct 9 Q&A from Kaiser Health: Will I be required to buy pediatric dental care if I purchase insurance on the exchange?

A. Most likely, no. Children’s dental care may be included in some plans offered on the marketplaces as part of the medical coverage you are required to buy. But many insurers may offer it as a stand-alone policy, which you are not required to buy under by federal law but may be required by states. At least two—Nevada and Washington—are requiring this coverage. For children the insurance will help pay for the cost of visits to a dentist for basic or preventive services, like teeth cleaning, X-rays and fillings and medically necessary orthodontics.

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Oct-10-13 7:33 PM

Aunty: What a great deal?!? The average household (depending on where you look) is averaging under 2 children/couple. Please read again: 4 million newborns x $20/month for mandatory dental x 12 months (1st year only) = $960 million in premiums for almost 0% claim payout!! This is a great deal, for an insurance company. It would just be refreshing to hear someone admit that there may be faults in this program and try to revise, change things.

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Oct-09-13 9:37 PM

Thank you, Avoice, for the clarification. Thank you, also, for your politeness.

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Oct-09-13 8:19 AM

Why do half the people that comment seem to love big government, big government programs,high taxes,and the constitution (only when it works for there agenda)?do they benefit greatly from all the above?or is it they pay little to zero in taxes?I have only commented twice ever,and the first one was never commented on,here it is again do most of the people in the country know that the democrats have had majority and super majority the last seven years of our government and the country is going bankrupt,economy stagnant,poverty highest ever,unemployment over 7.2% for 5 years and some of you still believe we need more and bigger gov.Have to go to work now,so I can fund other people's habits,you can call me names or write snarky little comments,just try once not to ignore some of these facts before you spend the day typing your fingers to the bone.

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Oct-08-13 8:28 PM

R2P, are you related to C3PO of Star Wars fame? You both communicate by squeaking and chirping incoherently, just thought there may be some family history there.

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Oct-08-13 4:27 PM

Dental coverage for children is considered essential, but states can embed that coverage into medical plans or offer separate dental plans. Rates have been $10 - $30 per child, depending on state and plan, but the law maxes the rate to the cost of 3 - so if you have 10 kids you still only pay the single rate X 3 to cover all 10. Quite a deal!

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Oct-08-13 4:16 PM

Republican Rep Issa recently suggested what the GOP has suggested before - replace Obamacare by expanding the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program to everyone; opening the insurance Congress has to everyone. It would be awesome because then everyone could shop in a health insurance market place, where they can compare companies and plans, choosing what they can afford with their income, because they will pay premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. The government covers a portion of the premium. FEHBP insurers can’t discriminate based on age, sex, current health conditions, pre-existing conditions or hazardous work conditions. Sound familiar? GOP plan to fix Obamacare: Cross off Obama’s name and replace it with Republican. Obama’s name on the law was always the main problem anyway. Republicancare. Just sounds better.

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Oct-08-13 10:04 AM


Of course Congress and the Whitehouse have insurance - some of the best in the land. The bill that has been introduced is to scrap it and make them all go into the exchanges. And for some mysterious reason they are fighting it tooth and nail, imagine that...

If it is such a great program like is being proclaimed why don't they put their money where their mouths are and join up ?

That's just it - it's their mouths and our money. Now we've identified the root of the problem.

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Oct-08-13 9:44 AM

Here's an Obamacare stumper for you: Required Dental Care for 0-18 yrs old. For the 1st year of life, the child hardly has a full mouth of teeth, much less needs dental care. 2010 - number of births 4 million. Dental care premium on newborn about $20-$25/month. $20 x 12 months x 4 million = 1.2 billion $$'s for premiums to insurance companies that they will NEVER need to pay a claim on. By the way, I used VERY conservative numbers as there are more births to happen in '14 as well as the premium and the need for care (1 year, it's probably closer to 2 years before care is needed). Who wins??? The insurance companies again, not the middle class.

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Oct-08-13 9:21 AM

MCW - your post is half right and can only say they are but they aren't from the information being being put out. It has to do with the details regarding the reimbursement of the portion they pay. I don't know all the details but the current plan they are in pays 81% of single and 72% of family premiums. President Obama has interpreted the law which includes them but the government employees plan must reimbusement for any additional premium they may suffer. Which interpreted means the plan monies set to fund Congress benefits must reimburse, not thru the ACA law(Taxpayer). Like I said there are contradicting statements from both sides with very little clarification from anybody. This is one of the areas where there is no transparency to either side as to who can be included and who will not be under ACA. The site you noted only refutes or agrees with conversations made and does not interpret the law as was written.

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Oct-07-13 10:58 PM

w w w . politifact . c o m/truth-o-meter/article/2013/sep/24/top-16-myths-about-health-care-law/

Congress is not exempt. They already have health insurance, like many of the rest of us. Those who have employer provided insurance are not required to purchase insurance on the Health Care Exchange.

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Oct-07-13 4:59 PM

If you can't win on substance you can always resort to sematics.

The fact remains that both congress and the adminstration don't want to impose this health care law on themselves even after they have forced it on the rest of us.

Are they all too "good" for this law or is it this law is just that bad ?

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Oct-07-13 4:04 PM

Basically what the liberals are saying that as new technology arises we should be limited to carrying muskets .So if the new weapon of the future becomes a laser , and guns become obsolete , you would be left with nothing to defend yourself with from your government if the situation ever arose. Democrats have a lot of faith in the people in Washington . At the time they passed the constitution muskets were considered to be advanced weapons , they didn't limit the common man to bows and arrows or throwing rocks. Anytime the government does not fear reprisal from its people , it is left to make decisions on it's own superior knowledge . Case in point - look to Hitler ,Roman kings , Chinese - anytime they had no fear of the people , the biggest massacres of it's own people occur. Syria , Iraq are also good examples in recent history.

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Oct-06-13 4:08 PM

"Aject ignorance"?


Must be some kind of super secret Tea Party malapropism.

Way to go, Puke. We're all impressed.

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Oct-06-13 2:48 PM

Thank you agitprop for demonstrating for the class your aject ignorance of the constitution.

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Oct-06-13 2:09 PM

Avoice - The “ramming” of which you speak is reconciliation, which was also used to pass the 2003 and 2005 Bush tax cut bills among 20 other bills since 1980. ( 17 by GOP houses.)

March to Dec 2009 – WH healthcare summit of 120 doctors, patients, health insurers, and lawmakers from both parties. Senate Finance Committee members (both parties) hold 3 roundtable discussions. Senate Health, Ed, Labor, Pensions Committee passes Affordable Health Choices Act which includes over 160 GOP amendments. The bill passes House Committee. Senate Finance Committee rejects amendments to include a public option, and approves GOP bill (America’s Healthy Future Act). House passes the Affordable Health Care for America Act. Senate passes their version.

Jan thru March – Obama and leaders from both parties hold televised summit to explain the bill. Democrats use reconciliation (51 votes) to pass its version. House passes changes which Senate addresses. President signs the bill.

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Oct-06-13 11:45 AM

Segregation, child labor, marriages between men & women, illegal abortions, women voting, slavery, etc were all, at one point in our history, "laws of the land". Just because it's a "law of the land" does not make it right. "Change" has been the slogan, correct, so all of a sudden once the power changes hands, "Change" can only happen in one direction - the direction they want things to go. "Change" is a political tag line, just like "the middle class", and in the end, propaganda to push agendas.

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Oct-06-13 10:20 AM


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Oct-06-13 10:05 AM

When the president started granting waivers and delaying parts of the bill indiscriminantly, he kicked the door wide open for exactly what he is getting now. If you want to somehow justify those actions to me, I'm all ears.

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Oct-06-13 9:18 AM

agitprop, so when you say "law of the land" do you mean like the second amendment? I'm just trying to educate myself.

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Oct-05-13 10:46 PM

Svensota wants to be a patriot like his mentor who stated "increasing the Debt Limit was unpatriotic and a lack of leadership" but now seems it is a necessary policy that must be done.

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Oct-05-13 10:18 PM

Niet comrade

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Oct-05-13 10:01 PM

Shadow: You are a man of few words. But, they are good and true words.

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Oct-05-13 9:58 PM

Puke: What part of communism does my last post celebrate?

My post was totally based on how to become a swell Tea Party patriot.

What more could The American People want for The American People than to be super patriots like the Tea Party patriots who only want to help The American People?

We all want to be more patriotic, like you. I was only trying to help.

I'm so offended.

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Oct-05-13 9:53 PM

Single payer? You mean a plan where Americans don't have a choice what they do with, and for their own bodies relative to healthcare? Let me guess, you are pro choice as well?

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