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Figures don’t lie

October 3, 2013

In arguing for bigger government, President Barack Obama is being more than a little dishonest. He insists he is reducing the spending deficit — but he is not....

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Oct-10-13 10:58 AM

JR: You're off this weekend to catch perch and I'm off with my son to New York to catch a show. You'll be drinkin' beer and downin' brats, and we'll be quaffing bordeaux and savoring foie gras.

Hard to know who will have more fun.

But in the end, I'll bet we both pass a lot of gas.

See. We have so much in common. Next it will be politics.

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Oct-10-13 9:44 AM


Just pulling your chain 'ol buddy. I really wanted to point out to you that you really aren't much different than those folks you so despise.

I think if people would come to this realization perhaps we wouldn't have things like shutdowns and debt ceiling disasters to contend with.

But, instead we continue to get "if they would just all shut up and listen to me it would all be perfect".

I know, I'm being too idealistic again but shucks, a guy can dream can't he ??? Especially if he's sitting on a boat and the fish aren't cooperating...

Do a me a favor while I'm gone, Sven. Go hug a Tea Party Guy. Really feel the love. Better yet, give 'ol Puke a long embrace. (singing Kumbaya is optional)

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Oct-09-13 8:33 PM

Golly, JR. You're so touchy these days. I hardly know what to say to you. You just fly off the handle at any little thing.


How soon can you leave and "go fishing"?

I have a whole government to fix and I just can't deal with your moodiness right now.

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Oct-09-13 5:06 PM

So, now you're a segregationist, Sven ? "My kind of people" ? That sounds like Selma in the fifties, Sven. And they call me devolved. I supppose you'll have me sitting in the back of the bus (or train)on my one way trip to Texas. That's so progressive of you...

And just why is it you hate those Tea Party folks so much ?

I thought they were supposed to be the backward ones.

Keep typing, Sven. Your true colors are showing.

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Oct-09-13 12:26 PM

No, JR. I only want to ship you off to Texas, where you will be happy with your kind of people. Why? Because I know what's best for you...and all of America, for that matter.

Now go play with the fishes, and be at one with the Universe, knowing we will take care of everything here while you're gone.


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Oct-09-13 8:51 AM

Your idea of love must be some kind of tough love, Sven. You want to ship me off to a camp and have me exterminated. Go figure.

Your idea of compassion is to silence the voices of those who disagree with you. Thanks, but I'll pass on your brand of compassion.

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Oct-08-13 5:31 PM

JR: What makes you think I'm not writing under both user names?

If being a "nutjob" means being sensitive and caring to all, then count me in as a nutjob. I even care deeply about you, JR. That's why we liberals are known as bleeding heart, dewy-eyed, idealists.

Enjoy your fishing trip. Catch a bunch. Have a few beers. Think loving thoughts.

Peace, brother.

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Oct-08-13 12:52 PM

What gives me the right to go fishing ? Are you for real ?

Sven, sorry to inform you but you have been replaced as Journal nutjob by agitprop.

I'll take my marching orders from the Declaration and state my fishing is prompted by my personal "pursuit of happiness".

As for my vote, I vote for the person whom I feel is best suited for the job. Sometimes it means "None of the Above"

I don't belong to any tea party but I believe they have as much right to blabber on as you do. So blabber away. I'd suggest you practice in front of a mirror a little longer though so you can get a little better at it. Your blabber is still quite incoherent.

As for me, I'm going fishing.

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Oct-08-13 12:24 PM

JReader and Avoice: I somehow knew one of you reactionary "independent thinkers" would hit on the 5M figure and go on to "fish" for some other result in the historic presidential elections of '08 and '12. Bush & Cheney are war-mongering criminals, plain and simple. This is a democratic republic, not a Republican democracy! Say what you will about membership in political parties, but you most certainly vote Republican/Tea, don't you? (No, I'm going to stop asking tag-questions; they just take the "focus" away from the real issue.) And here is the real issue: What gives you the right to go fishing during a Republican-caused government shutdown? May the "tyranny of the majority" be with you!

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Oct-08-13 9:02 AM

What party are you speaking of ? I'm not stupid enough to belong to any political party. I am joining a fishing party this weekend and for your benefit I promise to bring up how we plan on paying for Bush's war. Hopefully that will allow you to better rationalize Obama's unending spending spree. A word of caution though, the "Blame Bush" mantra doesn't work on the independent thinkers I fish with.

I think a better option would be for you to take your little ADHD pill so you can better focus on the here and now. Last count debt was 16.9 trillion. How is your guy Obama going to make it go away or even go down ? He got his tax hikes to a point where we've seen record revenue collection and despite this he's still running 700 billion in the red.

Remember, he promised a balanced budget by his second term ? How's he going to make it happen ?

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Oct-07-13 6:14 PM

One can easily see why agitprop and others excelled in their liberal speakcing studies but probably failed any math classes. The total vote in the 2012 elction was 129.215million votes of whcih President Obama reeceived 65.917million votes(51.01%0 and the rest of the candidates received 63.298million votes(48.99%) which means Presdient Obama won by only 2.619 million votes over the other candidates. Seems the IRS keeps picking the wrong people to audit - should start checking those who have high marks in liberal speech classes.

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Oct-07-13 5:11 PM

Bean Soup, JReader! As the article that begins this thread says, "Figures don't lie." That, of course, depends on who's cooking them. Why haven't you and your party paid for the Bush/Cheney wars? As taxpayers, we can't be that selective, can we? The people can't (and I can't personally) pick and choose which "charitable" wars they want to fund. Pay up and your anti-Obama figures will change dramatically. Gut the Pentagon budget instead of human and social services, and the figures are reduced exponentially. Do a word-problem with "defense" $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Oh, you of short memory! Who won the election by 5,000,000 votes? Gonna argue with that figure? If figures don't lie, The Journal sure does. Keep studyin'.

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Oct-07-13 4:29 PM


What perspective are you trying to portray ? That Obama knows how to exercise fiscal restraint ?

He is the most costly president in our history based on the debt he has incurred during his presidency. You can choose what ever perspective you wish and nothing will change that fact.

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Oct-06-13 5:10 PM

Thank you for being embarrassed for me, Puke. But all my observations appear to be true, of you and of your take on the "issues." Say, did you used to work at the Renaissance Festival? (Puke&Snot) Are you then a Renaissance man, a person of wide interests who is an expert in several fields? If so, you should know better. I asked you a simple question: Are you a member of the party that has gutted the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act? It was not a rhetorical question. How about this: Do you vote Republican or Democratic? If you identify with the Republicans, you are complicit in their regressive, undemocratic, and downright harmful agenda. Don't lecture me on facts that you just happen to disagree with! Here, hear! I got it: Are you a Repugnant? And, if so, what kind or breed? Keep studyin'.

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Oct-06-13 3:54 PM

Well...yes, I can see where "movement" and "flushed" would be appropriate words to be used in the context of the TP party.

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Oct-06-13 2:53 PM

You are embarrassing yourself agitprop. Come back if you ever stumble upon a clue. Maybe you can start by Google searching who promoted and who filibustered the Civil Right Act. I'm sure you won't find what you would expect.

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Oct-06-13 1:59 PM

Integrity: Are you of the party that has gutted the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act? If so, you're part of the ongoing REPUBLICAN RUSE, and are engaged in Un-American activities.

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Oct-05-13 5:57 PM

The elites, establishment republicans and RINO's who tried to co-opt the movement have been flushed from the Tea Party. Sorry Auntydem, try to keep up, or quit doing selective research.

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Oct-05-13 3:36 PM

A 2012 study funded by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institute of Health found that Freedomworks and Americans for Prosperity were once a single organization called Citizens for a Sound Economy. CSE was founded in 1984 by David and Charles Koch when tobacco companies began to invest in third party groups to fight excise taxes on cigarettes, as well as health studies finding a link between cancer and secondhand cigarette smoke.

In 2002, the Kochs and tobacco-backed CSE designed and made public the first Tea Party Movement website under the web address usteaparty dot com. In September 2011 the U.S. Tea Party site was taken offline. According to the DNS registry, the web address is now owned by Freedomworks.

The "grassroots" movement was created by billionaires and large corporations with little interest in fighting for the rights of the common person, but instead using the common person to fight for their own agenda.

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Oct-05-13 3:07 PM

Name the lobbyist or government political elite organization that the Tea Party movement is associated with. They are a grass roots organization started by people who are sick of our overarching, overreaching federal government.

I am not a member, and I have never attended any of their events, but I do know that they are the exact opposite of what you think, and have been told they are.

People are starting to wake up to the fact that our country is being controlled by the elite political class, with not a nickel's worth of difference between the progressive democrats and the establishment republicans. LOSERS ALL!

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Oct-05-13 2:23 PM

My comment also applies to the Tea Party. They are owned by lobbyists, too.

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Oct-04-13 8:56 PM

Middleclass, are you a closet Tea Party Patriot? I think you just articulated their platform.

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Oct-04-13 7:50 PM

Voting out all the incumbents will do no good since the same lobbyists and party insiders will still be in Washington like they have been for decades. Most of our legislators are merely puppets to their party leaders and are bought and paid for by lobbyists.

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Oct-04-13 5:43 PM

Zorro, you fail to understand, well, pretty much everything, but in this case, you don't get the fact that you don't pay interest on percentage of increase, you pay interest on the raw dollars. Reagan was a long ways from the financial tipping point. Unfortunately, this president has found it and we won't have to wait for our grandkids, we are all screwed now.

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Oct-04-13 5:09 PM

JR-what is the point of your word problem other than to prove me right? I clearly asked in my post which of the previous 5 presidents had increased the greatest percentage. So thanks for confirming the facts I posted anyway

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