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Brown County has first same-sex marriage

September 29, 2013

NEW ULM — The first official same-sex marriage in Brown County history took place Saturday outside the Brown County Courthouse....

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Sep-29-13 8:08 AM


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Sep-29-13 9:41 AM

RichFarmer--either you are 12 or a hillbilly. My guess is the latter.

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Sep-29-13 9:49 AM


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Sep-29-13 9:51 AM


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Sep-29-13 10:09 AM

Megan and Margaret: Congratulations. Richfarmer: Small-minded bigot. Insensitive breeder

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Sep-29-13 10:29 AM

This is the Journal's front page news? This is of "historical" mention?I have thought for awhile now that the paper has generally been going down hill. I'm done. Will not buy another paper. Plenty of words to read in the Bible. Another step closer to the rath of God and the second coming. Read the Bible, it's great for the soul!

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Sep-29-13 12:31 PM

Beverly: You're totally right, the Bible is a great book -- if you're into fiction. Contrats to the couple! Don't pay any mind to the haters and their "big scary god" baloney....

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Sep-29-13 1:14 PM

I hope the Journal removes your bigoted comment, OldJournalCarrier.

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Sep-29-13 2:16 PM

You all represent New Ulm in a nutshell. No wonder people have the perceptions they do.

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Sep-29-13 2:17 PM

Anyway, congratulations and best wishes. Megan is a very hardworking woman.

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Sep-29-13 4:07 PM

It's too bad that this article gets the front page of The Journal and the family friendly news of New Ulm Day of Play gets the third page.

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Sep-29-13 5:21 PM

BEV God is not hateful like you and your comments were

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Sep-29-13 5:37 PM

OldJournalCarrier's comment is just as bad. While I personally don't condone their lifestyle, I believe that they are good people. I see Margaret regularly at Freedom and she is kind, hardworking and a good asset to this community. I wish them happiness.

It is too bad that comments like that of OldJournalCarrier are allowed to stand.

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Sep-29-13 6:18 PM

Women can vote, a black president, and now this, o you poor New Ulm conservatives, what has this world come to. If a women ever gets elected president I think we might have to shut the town down! Congrats to this couple!

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Sep-29-13 6:49 PM

Jessica - Both Conservatives and Liberals, Republicans and Democrats stand on both sides of this issue. It is not just Conservatives. Please remember that.

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Sep-29-13 7:18 PM

I am glad to see most are in support of these two uniting in marriage. I assumed when I saw some posts written in response to the article that a majority of the comments were going to sound like of a bunch of hillbilly small town hicks. Congrats to these two!

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Sep-29-13 8:49 PM


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Sep-29-13 8:57 PM

Congratulations to the happy couple!!

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Sep-29-13 9:06 PM


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Sep-29-13 9:36 PM

Best wishes and congratulations!

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Sep-29-13 11:03 PM

Warning:-) (Intended Irony): It's happened. Now all the heterosexual marriages are in danger of destructing! Marraige has now been weakened, nay, damaged to the point of destruction by these two wanton sinners in need of repentance. We can only pray that MLC will, as it did with the despicable "Inherit the Wind", use its influence to banish these two from our midst so that holy matrimony can continue in our so very Christian community.

In all seriousness, Congratulations!! You have comforted those who need courage, and, no doubt, truly troubled the hearts of those who still harbor hatred for homosexuals. Bless You!!

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Sep-30-13 2:06 AM

I think that it would be great if we could just put this gay marriage issue to bed and start worrying about the important issues. Like the economy, America's crumbling infrastructure,our shoddy education system, global warming. Those things are pretty important guys.

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Sep-30-13 2:23 AM

Athiesm: The belief that there was nothing and nothing happened to nothing and then nothing magically exploded for no reason, creating everything and then a bunch of everything magically rearranged itself for no reason what so ever into self-replicating bits which then turned into dinosaurs. Makes perfect sense.

Sounds like Happy Agnostic has it all figured out.

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Sep-30-13 9:37 AM


Your statement on athiesim is totally wrong. The moment you typed "belief" you were doomed.


When are you going to repent so you too can receive God's blessing ? Based on your comments here you have a long way to go...

I applaud this couple, it must have taken great courage to come forward and publicly profess their love and commitment knowing the mindset of far too many people in this community.

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Sep-30-13 10:21 AM

mnsotn: Yes, evolution is just SO much harder to believe than a magic, invisible, angry being that lives in the sky -- right? And don't you just hate that pesky thing called "science"?

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