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NUACT production of ‘Inherit the Wind’ canceled

MLC concerned about play’s dealing with evolution, creationism

September 27, 2013

NEW ULM — The New Ulm Actors Community Theatre’s production of “Inherent the Wind”?was canceled last week due to cast dropouts stemming from objections by Martin Luther College professors and local......

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Sep-30-13 9:58 AM

MLC is concerned about community. But it is only "their" community they concern themselves with. This is completely their right. Nobody should ever confuse their sense of community with a sense of community with the city at large. They are two very different and distinct things.

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Sep-29-13 5:50 PM

Well HappyHeathan, MLC is fully entitled to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and separation of church and state. I realize that your "whatever floats your boat" attitude works fine for you (in this life), but many of us feel differently. MLC is a real college, its teachers teach in schools that regularly outperform neighboring schools, so obviously, they are doing their job well.

Since it is their building, they had every right to see that their integrity stands. Even from a completely secular standpoint, New Ulm greatly benefits from having MLC here.

Nobody said that they couldn't audition elsewhere. New Ulm has plenty of venues suitable for auditioning in. Auditions don't require an auditorium. Even so, the Armory would have worked just fine. NUACT made that decision on their own.

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Sep-29-13 4:09 PM

It's censorship, not like a government might censor letters home from the front, but censorship in sense that a powerful religious basically indicated that participating in the play would be viewed negatively. To me, MLC isn't a real college, it's a dogma factory. It simply doesn't want any other opinion than its own presented in New Ulm. Well, I don't care how many disagrees I get for this, but that's one of the definitions of a cult.

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Sep-29-13 1:13 PM

You aren't missing anything, but that isn't censorship. They could have held their auditions somewhere else. They chose to cancel their play. MLC is not to blame here.

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Sep-29-13 12:47 AM

Am I missing something? The article states that the play was NOT slated to be performed at MLC, an audition was just to be held there. If that is the case then anything past not allowing the auditions on campus amounts to censorship. How sad that a private agenda has such power.

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Sep-28-13 8:23 PM

If they go against the Biblical teachings of Creation, I suspect he would have kindly said that he does not support that. Remember, he wasn't always the "nice guy". He threw the merchants out of the temple, he warned that those who do not accept him do not accept the one who sent him (the Father). I think MLC handled this well. It isn't easy having to tell people no but sometimes it has to be done.

When you build your own auditorium, feel free to make up the rules to your liking.

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Sep-28-13 8:10 PM

Let's see: WWJD?

Does anyone think HE would have opposed the play? Based on which of HIS teachings exactly?

Just curious.

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Sep-27-13 6:36 PM

MLC didn't shut down the play, they simply said that they would not allow their facilities to be used to push a theory that they do not agree with. I respect them for standing up for what they believe in. Doing anything else would make them hypocrites.

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Sep-27-13 5:34 PM

The play is badly flawed as history and has proved popular because it relies on cartoonish portrayals of Tennessee yokels, the bigoted (and fictional) Reverend Brown, and a William Jennings Bryan stand-in. During his day, many New Ulm people thought highly of Bryan's populist politics.

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Sep-27-13 11:36 AM

Twins Fan,

According to the story the school had first agreed to to let their facilities be used but only objected once flyers were distributed that disclosed what production was being done. They were selective about what they would or wouldn't allow based only on their beliefs and those beliefs were shared by NUACT. It is textbook censorship. The real argument is are they allowed to act this way. The legal answer is yes because they have the right practice their religious beliefs. Others certainly can object to their behavior based on other grounds. To me, I respect their right to practice their religion and to their right to censorship because of it but it demonstrates a high level of intolerance to others in our community who may not share their beliefs.

I suppose going forward the theater group will just have to align itself with a group who is more open and understanding.

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Sep-27-13 11:18 AM

It is truly sad that MLC chose to impose their beliefs on a community sponsered event. I understnad as a religious group they believe what they wish about the origin of life but when the cancelled this event they are disrespecting the beliefs of others in our community. It is great when they choose to participate in community wide activities but when they do they need to understand that there will be others within our community that may not always share their beliefs. To simply pick and choose when they will go along with these activities they give every appearnce of being just another intolerant and narrow focused group. Our world is already filled with too many of these type of organizations.

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Sep-27-13 11:11 AM

Someone who doesn't understand the very basic definition of censorship is a fool. Private school, free to do what it wants with its auditorium.

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Sep-27-13 10:13 AM

Let's call this what it really is: censorship. That a psuedo-college can close down a community theatre production makes disturbs me greatly. Here, again, we have fundamentalist Christians imposing their narrowmindedness upon others. This, among many other reasons, is one of the reasons I'm not a Christian. I love Jesus, but I could never join his fan club. It has too many fools with too much power within it.

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