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­Changing attitudes – for some, at least

August 2, 2013

It has been a week full of reports on changing attitudes toward homosexuality....

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Aug-02-13 9:31 AM

To all Minnesotans from Minnesota for Marriage and The Minnesota Family Council; Please keep sending in your donations otherwise we will be out of a job. Yes, we failed miserably in our attempt to pass a constitutional amendment but those donations are starting to dry up and without more contributions we will have to start looking for a real job. We promise that with your help we will get these laws repealed, along with the womens right to vote, The Voting Rights Act, school integration laws, those pesky gun control laws and of course, Obamacare. Remember, it's tax deductable!

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Aug-02-13 1:31 PM

I don't know of anyone who condones obscene phone calls. But I can understand why people are sick of getting this rubbed in their face all the time. There are a lot of other important issues the media should report on.

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Aug-02-13 4:18 PM

Getting it rubbed in your face all the time? Have you ever thought that perhaps people are celebrating the news rather than just rubbing it in your face? I think you think way to much of yourself if that is what you believe...

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Aug-03-13 1:56 PM

So, here we are, Gay Marriage is now legal in Minnesota. With the stats that have been poured over the last two years, there should be a deluge of couples now getting married. Turner Halle, NU event center, Kegel, are you ready? Its going to be funny to see your places booked during the week and year round Saturdays and Sundays to fit in all the requests for a reception area. Oh wait, that hasnt been the case? hmmm. It is kind of like, "wow we got what we wanted, now what?" Lets see all the gay couples make their physical union legal now. Go ahead subscribe to the same things us Hetero couples have been doing since forever. With marriage goes a certain set of guidelines, instead of a "partner" there is a husband or wife at home when you want to go out alone at night. Don't love each other anymore? or someone cheated? cant just walk away now, You are Legally married. Divorce lawyers, custody disputes, division of property. Be careful what you wish for. See what the

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Aug-03-13 2:00 PM

Mayo clinic has done, want benefits? you need to be Married, not just living together. That one had me wondering, did or does the Mayo extend benefits to opposite sex couples who arent married? I would assume they did, or else the lawyers would be all over that one. So as I said, start printing the invitations, NU Journal? better add a page in the lifestyle to fit all the wedding announcements in. Let her rip, kids go out and get married.

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Aug-06-13 3:21 AM

eaglesfan, you are a sick nasty person that was so immature.If you can't have a intelligent conversation don't have one at all.

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Aug-06-13 4:15 PM


That's about as intelligent as it gets with EaglesFan. I'm sure spell check was used to get vaseline spelled correctly.

Another shining example of our local education system.

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Aug-07-13 7:34 AM

Unintelligent comments? Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black, JReader.

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Aug-07-13 10:05 AM


Please explain what the vaseline comment added to the conversation. If you feel the need to defend this person you should at least stand up and give your reasons for it.

You may think it a pot and kettle situation, I look at it more with meeting stupid with stupid. Stupid is the only thing some people seem to understand.

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Aug-07-13 10:44 AM

Oh JReader, lighten up. Vaseline has been synonymous with gay jokes for decades.

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