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County donates $1,000 to Open Door clinic

Patients are usually on Medicaid or without insurance

July 31, 2013

NEW ULM — Brown County commissioners approved Tuesday a $1,000 donation to a Mankato medical and dental clinic that serves residents without access and offers income-based discounts to those who......

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Aug-02-13 9:20 AM

If I'm going to have someone to think for me it should at least be someone who can think.

It certainly won't be you, mnsotn.

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Aug-02-13 9:17 AM

So every Walmart worker is a former factory worker ? That's quite a generalization you've made there.

If you want to see the real reason why factory workers in the U.S. no longer have jobs don't look at Walmart look at Detroit. It gives you a much better insight to what has happened to those "good" factory jobs that have gone elsewhere. And, I'll give you a hint - it has nothing to do with Walmart.

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Aug-02-13 7:39 AM

The bottom line is that this is a nice program. I know the dentists donate a lot here, too. It is just too bad that the government has to step in and pay for something that should be part of an employee benefit package.

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Aug-01-13 7:58 PM

Hey, somebody needs to think for you.

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Aug-01-13 6:10 PM

Look at the big picture, JR. The people working at Walmart today used to work in factories that paid decent wages and provided pensions and family health insurance. It is BECAUSE of Walmart's business model that these people are being forced into the service industry, which no longer pays enough to keep up with the cost of living. 20 years ago, before Walmart took over the retail market, you could make it on a retail job. We had far less people on public assistance back then. Also, more retailers hired people full-time back then and they could afford to.

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Aug-01-13 5:59 PM


How does someone in New Ulm who went to work at Walmart because they received a higher wage there then they were receiving at a local business square with you ? Is it ok for them to receive assistance while working at a local business and not at the local Walmart ? How many people do you know who took a cut in pay to work at the local Walmart ?

Do think these people should be penalized for trying to get a higher paying job simply because they were trying to get a better wage by working at Walmart ?

Now who's picking on the little guy ?

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Aug-01-13 5:08 PM

So if I understand you correctly, JReader, you have no problem with the taxpayers subsidizing the workforce of companies like Walmart. We all know that they can't make it on their own at that pay rate.

An underpaid workforce is one that works for companies that pay their top dogs incredible salaries while the bulk of their workforce takes taxpayer dollars to survive. When companies like Walmart directly tell their employees to go to the county for health benefits and welfare "Because that is what you pay taxes for," then there is something wrong with that.

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Aug-01-13 10:00 AM


Please define "an underpaid workforce".

Do you ever take into consideration just what impact our government has on our cost of living ?

If things didn't cost so much more people would be able to live on the wages they make and afford things like healthcare. You have to stop looking at the problem as only being one-sided.

Let's say the government mandated that every discount retailer had to pay their starting worker a wage of $20.00 an hour. What happens next ? First, a number of workers would lose their jobs. A number of marginal stores would close. And, they'd raise the prices of the goods they sold. Notice what didn't happen. The CEO's salary didn't drop. So in the end our goverment involvement cost people their jobs, caused facilities to close, and raised prices. Another successful day in the life of our government.

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Aug-01-13 9:44 AM


Since you have a hard time thinking for yourself I think you should refrain from trying to think for me. If you hate Walmart don't shop there. If enough people don't shop there they'll close their doors. Apparently enough people do shop there and enough people apply to work there. (there you go again trying to think for others). Locally, a number of people went to both Walmart and more recently Menards because their pay scale was higher than the prevailing wage they were receiving for their skill set. There's where you guys completely miss the point. A dentist (if they chose to do it) could go out tomorrow and start stocking shelves at our local Walmart. They wouldn't be paid their usual mid six figure income, however. They'd be paid for the skills required to stock a shelve at a discount retailer. And, a current stock person at Walmart won't be able to start filling your cavaties tomorrow unless they possessed the skills (and license) to do so.

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Aug-01-13 8:57 AM

Turbo75...because I said "in my own job" I know they are receiving benefits. I guess I am just smarter than you because I can read and write!

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Aug-01-13 12:27 AM

Oh JReader, I never said all corporations are bad, just the ones where the executives are making millions of dollars while taxpayers are subsidizing their underpaid workforce. My point was that people had insurance when our country had more factory jobs. The medical bills don't go away when the jobs do. Someone has to foot the bill.

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Jul-31-13 9:46 PM

Also, don't preach about property taxes. First of all, they are a bad way of collecting revenue since they do not accurately depict somebody's ability to pay.

Second, imagine how many more dollars in property and income taxes we would collect if corporate America wasn't working so hard to eliminate the middle class. Walmart alone is estimated to be responsible for the loss of at least 900,000 manufacturing jobs in the United States.

There are good corporations and there are bad. Some things are better done by big companies, such as building planes, trains and automobiles. Retail chains like Costco and some of the employee owned stores are proof positive that this country would be better off without Walmart and any company that follows their business model.

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Jul-31-13 9:36 PM

Well JR, since you hate small businesses, blue collar workers and average citizens do much, I wasn't surprised by your post. Did you know that taxpayers provide $1,000 in public assistance for EVERY wally world employee? Walmart depresses retail wages by billions of dollars per year. But, I suppose none of that matters to you in your utopia. Poor people are easier to control.

At least the dental clinics in our area are small businesses that pay good wages and provide benefits. Dentists have 8 years of education and work hard to establish their practices. Don't worry though, you'll be glad to hear that the model in dental clinics are corporate owned clinics that employ cheaper dentists and hygienists so as to maximize corporate profits.

Why do you dislike small businesses do much?

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Jul-31-13 2:51 PM

Yes, once again it is all the corporations fault. Can any of your outrage on corporate greed be directed to medical & dental clinics and what they charge today for their services ? Why do they get a free pass in your world, MCW ?

How much property tax revenue would disappear if Walmart, Target & Mendards left Brown County MCW ? How about the added sales tax they generate for the city too while your at it ?

You may find this hard to believe but the majority of the poor who are on programs don't work at all. I realize it doesn't fit with your anti-corporate mantra but if you bother to research a little you'd find it to be true.

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Jul-31-13 2:01 PM

Last I heard Santa was driving an Escalade, hybrid of course, what with the melting north pole you know.

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Jul-31-13 1:41 PM

A lot of those Escalades are parked outside of the handout of Santa's Closet toys, too. I quit supporting this fundraiser. Of course, it is always a few that ruin it for everyone.

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Jul-31-13 1:37 PM

Perhaps the county can go around to Walmart, Target and Menards and see if they will kick in to make up for the $1,000. After all, many manufacturing jobs provided dental insurance before the quest for low prices sent so many of those jobs to China. It is time we expect our corporations to be good corporate citizens. They created much of this mess, after all.

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Jul-31-13 9:49 AM

Hmmm... the donation amounts to $1.74 per Brown County patient seen at the clinic last year. I can imagine if the county sent these people to local clinics and had to foot the bill that cost per visit would be much greater. To me, I can see where the county would want to see this clinic continue to operate - much more cost effective.

Now, you can argue that there may be some undeserving people who get the free services. I don't think that debate deserves to get mixed up on this story about the donation. If you have better ideas about how eligibility for programs should be determined I'd like to hear it. I guess we do know one criteria - the kind of car somebody drives...

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Jul-31-13 9:24 AM

Catch22, how do you know that the people driving the Escalades are receiving county assistance? Maybe they are smarter than you and have a better paying job!

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Jul-31-13 8:23 AM

How can a government entity "donate" taxpayer money? I thought that taxpayers already "donated" the money to the county and now the county has enough money to give it away? Maybe we should take a look at the tax formula Brown County taxpayers are "donating". I would like the county to "donate" a portion back to me! Pretty soon, if I have to keep "donating" to all of these other people who collecting the benefits I may be joining them in line. I know some people really need the assistance, I get that. But in my own job I sure see a lot of abled bodied people driving off in their new Escalades and other new vehicles after receiving "donations" from the county. In the meantime I will be driving home in my 12 year old ford! But first I have to stop at the dentist and pay my "whole" $980 crown bill out of my own pocket from the money I earned "working"!

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