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NUPD and Rasmussen

July 26, 2013

To the editor: Regarding the recent Mathew Rasmussen driving incident, what else does he have to do before he is held accountable? He was driving with excessive speed in a residential zone, no......

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Jul-26-13 8:59 AM

I no longer live in Minnesota but I grew up in Hanska and graduated from New Ulm High School in 1979 and was a classmate of Chief Wieland. Now living in Virginia I had to look this case up and read up on it before commenting and I must say I find the action of the NUPD, Officer Rasmussen, the Grand Jury and Chief Wieland deplorable. Where is the accountability? Where is the outrage from the community? The citizens of New Ulm should have at the very least demanded that Officer Rasmussen be removed from the force as he has no business wearing a uniform. I spent 24 years in a uniform serving my country and the very first thing we were taught in basic training was that you and you alone are accountable for your actions and will be held accountable for them.

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Jul-26-13 9:49 AM

At this point I should probably just chill for a while but I am what I am. The reason for inaction in New Ulm is simple. Many many believe it was God’s will and God will surely sort it out, right? Meh… “Suum cuique”.

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Jul-26-13 6:43 PM

This is typical. Remember that kid who escaped and ran to the police from Jeffery Dahmer, and how the police didn't believe him, gave him back to Dahmer, laughed at the kid over the police radio for being "gay" -- and who Dahmer then went on to kill that night? They were suspended, then received all their back pay, one of the Officers involved was awarded "Officer of the Year" a few years later, another elected president of the Milwaukee Police Association. All true -- look it up. Just watch, in a few years, we're going to be reading about "Officer of the Year" Rasmussen....

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Jul-27-13 9:52 AM

Isn't Police Chief an elected position? So therefore can the Chief be recalled?

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Jul-27-13 11:33 AM

No the chief is not elected. People keep saying that a regular citizen would be in prison for this. There was recently a truck driver from Courtland who ran a stop sign and someone died. There will not be a grand jury and he will not go to prison. Will the Journal be asking for his records two years later and putting them on the front page day after day? Will you all be asking for his boss to get fired? I am not condoning what the officer did. But you are all right about one thing- he is being treated differently because he is a police officer. He is being treated worse.

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Jul-27-13 11:49 AM

The last time I checked, we don't expect truck drivers to model citizens and lead by example. Thankfully, many of them do.

People who enforce laws should follow them. Mr. Rasmussen did not.

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Jul-27-13 11:52 AM

I do expect truck drivers, as well as police, to obey traffic laws. I do not disagree with you. But people keep saying joe citizen would be in prison, and that is not true.

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Jul-27-13 12:12 PM

We are going to have to agree to disagree one this. I feel awful for Myron Wieland because I know that he only wants to do the best job he can and serve the town where he grew up. I do not know Officer Rasmussen, but I highly doubt he woke up that morning intending to kill two people. He has to wake up every day with his mistake. He also was trying to serve your town that day but failed. None of us saw what the grand jury did, so I won't question their judgment. If the city had fired the officer, he probably would have sued and won. Unions are very strong, right or wrong. I am guessing Myron's hands were tied. The fact is, we do not know all the facts. Peace and take care.

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Jul-28-13 12:15 AM

Dana - Get back on you meds!!!

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Jul-28-13 12:23 AM

LJG, you state some hood points. I agree that Mr. Wieland shouldn't be taking the heat here. I also agree that Mr. Rasmussen had no intent of what happened that day. I don't think anybody is calling for murder charges, but reckless homicide may have been in order. We all know that this was beyond an accident, it involved reckless behavior. Does that mean he can't be a better person now? Of course it doesn't.

There's probably a good chance that he will continue his employment with the NUPD. Let's just hope that things go better going forward.

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Jul-28-13 4:49 PM

I’ll take the bait. Mr. Wieland has been totally silent about his part in this. I have not. The police are indeed held to a higher standard even in New Ulm. As for my ADHD meds, yes I would like to be back on my Vyvanse ,however; In this “fight” I will not let the best part of me be hindered by societies “norm” . Mr. Wieland IS the chief of the New Ulm police department how he arrived there is not of my concern. He IS responsible for the actions of his officers and the people of New Ulm are responsible for the actions of chief. If the chief refuses to properly address the issue than who will. The chief has to speak in his own words or at the very least explain whose words he is using. As for the crash in Courtland it is no way comparable in my thinking.

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Jul-28-13 7:02 PM

Dana, I don't think you understand that the chief may not be able to legally fire this officer. In the eyes of the law, Mr. Rasmussen is an innocent man. I know how the Grand Jury didn't feel that charges should be brought, but they didn't.

There are protocalls ,in every business as to how to fire someone. Mr. Rasmussen may be hanging on by a thread, but it is pretty tough to fire him for something that a Grand Jury found no wrong in.

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Jul-28-13 7:04 PM

My last post should read that I don't know how the Grand Jury didn't feel that charges should be brought.

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Jul-28-13 7:20 PM

Garbage in/garbage out. Just what was the jury presented. It's a secret but a clue can be found at myra-brian****.

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Jul-28-13 7:24 PM

And just what kind of convoluted system does New Ulm have and why.

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Jul-28-13 7:32 PM

And I don't think many understand this was not a trial. That is not the purpose of the grand jury. A trial may still be in this man's future. I had thought he would resign out of personal shame but we now know what kind of morals he has. Where he came by these is anybody's guess.

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Jul-28-13 11:28 PM

This is all so sad for the family that was lost and I hope for the police officer involved and shame on you people who brings someones medication into this. Has that got anything to do with their grieving for their family members. Have a heart for all involved.

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Jul-29-13 9:58 AM

For starters, the grand jury didn't convene with the soul purpose of deciding if Officer Rasmussen should keep his job. They convened in order to determine if a crime had been committed. The alleged crime in this case was by a police officer who was on duty when the incident occured.

The public has a right to know all of the details. They also have every right to feel safe in their community. Why is it this officer seemed to operate under his own set of rules and not follow established procedures ? This incident wasn't isolated either based on other accounts. Just as important, where is the leadership of the department when this was all taking place ? The public has a right to see this guy fired and to have a chief who puts the public welfare over the continued questionable conduct of one of his officers. As it is, Wieland is completely tolerant of Rasmussens actions. I find that totally unacceptable. They choose to let him stay when he could be fired.

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Jul-29-13 12:27 PM

Why have a justice system? The locals have a system all their own. I heard about it, talked to others about it, knows somebody who knows somebody and judged.

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Jul-29-13 1:17 PM

Ok I got my prescription filled this morning,Vyvanse 70mg once a day by mouth in the morning. Nuf said? Still the question is why. What is the connection this cop has to the chief? Is it just the usual Catholic nepotism New Ulm is known for (ya, I said it), or are they relatives, or lovers or is blackmail involved. Also did you know the cop can be removed by petition, but of course people would have to sign their real names so of course that’s out of the question. And keep in mind these guys carry guns. Even I am getting sick of myself posting and I will cool it a bit until more information trickles in but I will never just go away, the Prussian blood I carry won’t allow it. Thank you for your tolerance.

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Jul-30-13 12:25 AM

mnsotn, this may interest you; Police Commission The Police Commission has the power and duty to confirm or disapprove all appointments, suspensions and removals of members of the police force except the Chief of Police and special policemen, but shall exercise no other control over the Police Department or its members. The Commission shall act as an advisory body and shall meet quarterly with the Mayor, Chief of Police and City manager at the call of the Chairman or the Police Commission and at any such time as may be determined by the Chairman or the Mayor. Contact: Robert J. Beussman, Mayor 100 North Broadway New Ulm, Minnesota 56073 Phone: 507.359.8233

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Jul-30-13 1:22 AM

Dana, let me say that I am in no way defending officer Rasmussen. My only point is that it may not be as easy as we would like to oust him. He may be a changed man (or not), but I think that the liability is too great to take a chance. All of us must ask if our careers are suited for us at one time or another. Maybe Officer Rasmussen should be asking that question.

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Jul-30-13 9:02 AM

I just love how every time this Rasmussen issue comes to conversation it becomes a huge********contest.

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Jul-30-13 10:41 AM

mnsotn,your point(s)are well taken. Nobody thinks it will be easy. My opinion was that 3 would be taken down but that number appears to be up to 5. As I stated back in April I'm not looking for support here, only truth. Just stay tuned, I will provide the goods.

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Jul-30-13 10:50 AM

I write letters every single day to various people with the knowledge and expertise to sort it all out. As I said months ago, there is a new protocol, the internet. I include links to my web site with every letter and people are responding.

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