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NUPD Chief: Rasmussen’s discipline was aimed at being objective, fair

July 23, 2013

NEW ULM  — Police Chief Myron Wieland said Monday the timing and extent of the disciplinary action taken against the NUPD officer involved in the July 2011 double fatality crash were based on an......

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Jul-31-13 6:25 PM

FYI--League of Minnesota Cities -829 city members-10 township members-55 special district members-total 894 members-$750000.00 divided by 894 is $838.93. $838.93 divided by 13000 residents is .0645 cents.

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Jul-24-13 7:42 PM

If you are drunk don't even close your car windows or you will get a DWI.The police will "assume" that you were driving or are about to drive. You more of less lose your rights when you are drunk.If you are having a few beers washing and then waxing your car you can get a DWI.If you scrape a bug off your front grill and are drunk-DWI.If you are standing next to your car and are drunk- DWI. I think I will contact the FBI about this Dana.

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Jul-24-13 1:19 PM

This whole thing with the police arresting people for Driving While Intoxicated when they weren't even driving is rediculous. I had a coworker years ago who got a DWI for sleeping in the backseat of his car. Of course, public intoxication charges and Detox may be in order, but if his car never moved, they shouldn't get a DWI. I'm all for throwing the book at drunk drivers, but they need to be driving, IMHO.

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Jul-24-13 10:25 AM

oneofakind, you hit that one square. This young man was doing the right thing. He had better sense than a lot of sober people. This is where a lot of NUPD actions go wrong. In the beginning.

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Jul-24-13 9:55 AM

the article in the free press was full of facts. it realy showed who was at faut. I hope all the facts in the dui case come out. He never drove his car. He called for a ride and was waiting for it when the cops came.

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Jul-23-13 11:13 PM

I gave you an agree on that newulm67. It is getting down to it isn't it. I didn't want to mention another newspaper here but lets start with the July 21st article in the Free Press. Lets call that Exhibit 3a.

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Jul-23-13 10:13 PM

If you do not do a personal sit down interview with the Journal on all of your accusations with facts to back up all your accusations. no one will or can believe you. Time to put up or you know what.

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Jul-23-13 9:48 PM

You just answered my question.

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Jul-23-13 8:59 PM

As I stated somewhere the FBI has been contacted. I believe it's been less than a week. The reason for this is that the state police are also suspect whether knowingly or not. Also, newulm67 I did mention to the Journal that they may use any of my comments and do what they will with them.

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Jul-23-13 8:15 PM

When will we see the FBI involved Dana. I really think that you need to have your comments in print in the paper about the NUPD and the city attorney to have any credibility.

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Jul-23-13 7:35 PM

Glad you asked. "fill your hand you sob" is of course John Wayne's version of, "On guard" I prefer Wayne's more visceral version when I challenge someone.

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Jul-23-13 7:12 PM

And for clarity, no one for any reason is allowed to put words in my mouth. NO ONE. If it didn't come out of my mouth it is gossip. I work alone, period.

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Jul-23-13 7:10 PM

Dana I would be upset if my family members were killed like yours but I think you need to tone it down a bit and stop making threat it's not helping your cause. I think officer Rassmusson should be fired but the city is up against city procedures that can't be broke.

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Jul-23-13 7:07 PM

I don't agree with you when you say the police are corrupted. The city yes. I like how they rushed the Summit Ave constuction th hide the fact that The water tower was already a done deal before it was voted on by city council. Now they are at this moment digging up the road and fixing best they can. The water tower isn't even being worked on at the present time. Did someone forget to order the water tower?

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Jul-23-13 7:06 PM

Hey Hippie, I think the applicable phrase here would be, "The greater the truth the greater the libel" If you want answers go to the site and ask, other wise just keep watching and things will become more clear and focused. Psyco, no there at city hall. Think Sisyphus,rolling that boulder and knowing...

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Jul-23-13 6:55 PM

Holy crap batman this is turning psycho.This Dana person is getting sued from the city of New Ulm for making slanderous remarks about the police force. See ya same bat time same bat channel.

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Jul-23-13 6:26 PM

And NewUlmites do not fear, it may say. com but I don't make anymoney. No ads no fads.

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Jul-23-13 6:03 PM

Well newulm 67, I'm simply responding to the articles like every one else. If you need clarification on one of my posts you merely need to ask and I will give you an honest and coherent answer. I do have a web site for this pupose but my many many few followers don't seem to have any questions. Many of my responses are just me having a bit of fun with some of our fellow responders such as Mr.2Puke. My site is myra-brian****. Ask anywhere and you shall receive an answer. BTW Sisyphus is my alter ego and he will not stop. Dana

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Jul-23-13 4:21 PM

Dana instead of gong online with your comments, why not go down to the Journal and talk to a reporter for a story. Make more sense and you can present all of your facts for the record.

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Jul-23-13 2:13 PM

And skilled laborer ( why stand behind a fake name) you are the problem ... Nobody should have there teeth knocked out and he did get into trouble ... Felony charges ... When he was hit by Rasmussen it had nothing to do with the spitting ... No cop should ever hit anyone that is of no threat.

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Jul-23-13 2:09 PM

Also ... This doesn't have to be an attack on anyone involved... Police Chief Wieland is a great guy who is stuck dealing with a crappy situation. Dana has lost his mom and brother and is extremely emotionally charged. I am upset because you should be able to trust your children or anyone with a police officer. Do you think my husband and I are happy that our son got into this trouble? Or that he was so upset and intoxicated that he spit on a cop ( by the way ... The cop he spit on was not Rasmussen and he spit on the officers shoe)... But we are dealing with it and moving on... He has served his jail time and is now on probation. But it is upsetting that a police officer would lose his cool to a point that he strikes someone ... It is just very upsetting. Nobody needs to be mean on here ... Enough people have been hurt ...

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Jul-23-13 1:59 PM

If my son where to ever get arrested for DWI and then continued his poor choices and spit at a cop, I would wish the cop would knock his teeth out.

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Jul-23-13 1:44 PM

First of all ... If you can't write something on here without using your name like Dana and I than don't write... 2nd of all... Yes, my son did spit on a police officer after he was slammed to the ground in a parking lot ... Under suspicion of DWI... Do I agree with this? No! He was charged with a felony and served 30 days in jail... Here is what you don't know. My son was hand-cuffed and shackeled at the police department ... He had settled down and Rasmussrn was trying to get him to consent to a blood test ... My son who was of no threat ... Hand cuffed and shackeled ... At this time was ***** slapped across the face so hard his head hit the back of the wall. This was a peace officer who doesn't know how to handle himself and lost his cool. Keep in mind ... My son was drunk and 18... He made poor decisions and has paid the consequencs ... Rassmusen is a trained police officer whose thinking was not impaired and he CHOSE to hit him. I have the video ... Ill post it on YouTube

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Jul-23-13 12:53 PM

WOW is right. Also not defending him on the accident . . . but DWI victim? You have to be kidding me. Driving drunk and spits in an officers face? Victim? What a joke. Myron is an exceptional chief and does not have an easy job. I have lived in numerous communities and he really does put his job first and foremost, taking it very seriously.

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Jul-23-13 12:26 PM

You know this is just too stupid to be believed. Could it be Wieland and the Gametes’’ are merely patsies somehow? So, Mr. Nierengarten what have you to say on the matter? . . .


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