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Legislature still has inequities to fix

July 6, 2013

To the editor: In the last legislative session the DFL took over majorities in the House and Senate; combined with a DFL governor they set to work to repair the damage done to the state in the last......

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Jul-06-13 9:56 AM

I am bathed in comfort knowing that Mr. Kanne is sitting on high judging who has too much and who has too little. We need more compassionate geniuses like him to make things fair and equitable for all. Please never leave the safe cradle of public life, Jimmy (and I say Jimmy with the greatest level of disdain and disrespect possible). There is always a one sided answer to every problem for dolts like Jimmy, more money. Thank you for educating all of us commoners. We will get back to work now and let you return to the echo chamber of politics. Wake us up if you ever come up with anything new. If you get a little bit dumber, maybe you too can run for governor some day.

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Jul-06-13 10:09 AM

JImmy created an additional $735 Million for all day kindergarten for th enext biennium and and an increasing amount into the future But he still has not paid back the schools like he said he promised in his campaign. Which side of the brain are you writing from?

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Jul-06-13 6:32 PM

Avoice: A note to either side of your brain; Mr. Kanne was not elected to the House, so his legislative input was sort of limited.

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Jul-06-13 7:27 PM

Our daily dose of irony provided by Reason2Puke. In fact the judgement required to call names while proudly expressing disdain and disrespect - while at the same time accusing someone of sitting on high judging - is actually an irony overdose. So we do have a reason to puke after all.

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Jul-06-13 8:28 PM

I think it's great that he just insulted the successful 1% , twice. Once - commented that they are still lucky?? Building a business or growing through corporate America by promotion is luck?? Then, they have an abundance of wealth?? Isn't success and wealth what EVERY American is striving for, the American dream?!? Every American has the opportunity to strive, work, dedicate, educate, etc to become successful, let's not forget that Mr. Kanne, when we are referring to the one's that made it.

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Jul-06-13 8:31 PM

And a separate point - taxing the top 2% plan that you're referring to is NOT paying for the all the spending. Your tax increases are not direct from the state level but they are trickling down through the counties and cities so that the state level looks like the good guy. I guess time will tell what the cities will do with your "tax relief plan" to pay back what was owed. I'm sure all the cities will just lower their taxes once this debt and system is in place. I don't know what's more sad - you actually believing this or that most of us in out-state MN not seeing this for ourselves?

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Jul-07-13 8:56 AM

R2P, please note I in fact responded to your choice of attacking the writer personally. But a cute insult in caps and telling a woman to stay in the kitchen and shut up - now there's a solid well thought out brainy reply.

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Jul-07-13 9:55 AM

America is all about equal opportunity, but not equal outcome.

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Jul-07-13 10:29 AM

What, men can't bake? What kind of stereotyping, man-hating dreck is that? I know that the Dem playbook tells you to paint all of your detractors with the se xist, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, bigoted, etc. brush, but that has no effect on me. I live in a world of facts and the fact is that our politicians are wrecking the greatest country in the history of mankind, and you are in the tank for them. Well, one side anyway.

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Jul-07-13 10:23 PM

LOL! Some of you still think that the 1% got their wealth from hard work? Yeah, someone's hard work, but unlikely their own. Most hardworking business owners are far from being in the 1%. Those that make it that far are either part of the rare group of people that made it through hard work. The rest of them were either born into it, have cheap labor that they can exploit for huge profits, or won the lottery.

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Jul-07-13 10:25 PM

If America was truly the land of equal opportunity, then it wouldn't be so difficult to retire into a different class than you were born in.

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Jul-08-13 8:09 AM

MCW-please provide some type of factual basis. You are simply speculating. By the way, NO ONE ever said it was easy, either. A doctor and a working spouse can easily make $250K & up, a lawyer (once they make partner) and a working spouse can also easily make $250k & up. I suppose these must be the "born into it" category or the "rare group" category. I'm NOT in the 2% group, at all, but I don't judge the group based on a Denny Hecker example as for every Denny Hecker, there's MANY examples of successful business people that do it through education, determination, hard-work, ingenuity, dedication, etc.

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Jul-08-13 8:11 AM

One quick point - for single filers - the top 2% is at $150K/year - so you can take out spouses if you want.

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Jul-08-13 11:51 AM

You don't have to go as extreme as Denny Hecker to find people that got filthy rich while compensating their employees poorly. While New Ulm has plenty of honest, fair businessmen who compensate their employees as fair as they can, it does have a handful that live the good life while their employees struggle.

Most doctors that I know do not make $250k. That is part of the reason there is a shortage, since the debt load on a 8-year degree is well over $100k and you basically put your life on hold for 8 years and have to move several times.

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Jul-08-13 12:35 PM

For the handful that "live a good life, etc" there are just as many of their employees that are probably over-paid for the production they put out. My point is just that - not all business owners are the same, exactly the same way that not all employees are the same. It goes both ways, unless you think that all employees work hard and have the business success as their #1 priority.

Please see my 2nd post - single filers tax increase is $150k, as well as read my last post about a doctor with a working spouse. I was very detailed. The dems tax does NOT take into account the debt load of an earner - only taxable income. By the way, I'm ON THE SIDE of the doctors, etc., I'm against the constant hammering of the successful for being successful.

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Jul-08-13 1:31 PM

I guess the true test of a buisiness owner is how well he retains employees in a good economy, not just when the job market is slim pickings. I look at my customers and see very little turnover, then again, they're not nickle-and-diming me for a lower price, either. You do get what you pay for, and sometimes a little more money for good, experienced labor gets you a much better product.

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Jul-08-13 7:23 PM

middleclassworker: Please define how one arrives at a "fair" wage for a laborer. What objective criteria are used? Who should decide what is "fair"?

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Jul-08-13 10:59 PM

I think that the true test has to take into account how many of your employees are on government assistance if you are in that 1-2% bracket. Take care of your own so that my taxes don't have to.

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Jul-08-13 11:51 PM

mnsotn: I'm assuming your last comment was in response to my question. I don't think it really answers the question. If I am an employer, and I am sitting across the table from a prospective new hire, how should I determine what is a "fair" wage to pay him? What would you suggest?

Does it have anything to do with how productive he can be working within the framework of my company's available technology and the competition within my industry?

Does a "fair" wage for this employee have anything to do with how rich or poor I (the employer) am?

Is it related to how much profit the company has in a given year? If the company loses money, is it "fair" if I reduce everyone's pay?

What do you think?

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Jul-09-13 12:14 AM

middleclassworker: Earlier you spoke of rich people who got rich by exploiting workers. Can you provide an example?

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Jul-09-13 12:45 AM

Here's another question for all of the Marxists out there: What is fair compensation for a business owner? Here are some factors to consider: 1. He invested money into the business and runs the risk of losing it all. His employees put none of their own wealth at risk when they go to work for him. What is "fair" compensation for the owner for taking on that risk? 2. The owner often goes through years of losing money before he makes a profit. Some owners never make it to the profitable stage. During the years of loss, the employees get paid, but the owner goes backward financially. What is "fair" compensation for him if and when profitable times come?

Employees often look at "fair" only from their own perspective, which is often tainted by jealousy and greed. They often overlook the hard work, risk, and lean times that the owner endured to build a profitable business.

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Jul-09-13 10:50 AM

MCW-I would agree with your last comment - that is a very good way to judge a business owner. It looks at the business as a whole, not just singling out the owner and how much he makes. And, at the end of the day, anyone can venture out, take the plunge, and start their own business.

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Jul-09-13 12:05 PM

MT-what is fair compensation for a business owner? Since when is business fair? The owner gets the profits his business creates-fair or unfair. And your statement that the employees do not put up their wealth is moot-they put up thier time, their labor, and many times their health, using their education,training and knowledge to create the profit for the owner. And your asking for examples of american workers expolited is either sarcasm or a demonstration of your lack of knowledge of american history.

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Jul-09-13 12:41 PM

MT-if you are serious about examples of workers abused by employers then look into the Breaker Boys in coal mines-8-12 boys working 10-12 hour days in the mines, or workers crippled by black lung, or paid in company script only redeemable at a company store with high mark-ups. Or maybe you want to look up the Triangle Shirtwaist fire.

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Jul-09-13 12:50 PM

Workers living legally in a free society who are being "exploited" by their employers are doing so of their own volition. I would submit that in an era of immediate access to information about pretty much anything, if you go to work for an exploitative employer, the consequences are on you.

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