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Smokers stock up before cigarette tax increases

July 2, 2013

NEW ULM —Local businesses saw a flurry of cigarette carton purchases Sunday and throughout last week ahead of Monday’s implementation of the new state tobacco tax hike....

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Jul-03-13 11:02 AM

Hippie, do you really think people will be driving to Wisconsin in droves? For years, our cigarettes were cheaper here. Were the Sconnies coming here for our cheap cigarettes?

Under that theory, our border city gas stations should be making money hand over fist since our gas tax is lower. Maybe it is our crappy roads keeping them away.

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Jul-03-13 9:25 AM

Zepnbeer1968 - As Cheech and Chong said - "no stems, no seeds that you don't need. Acapulco Gold is Badd A-- weed!!!

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Jul-03-13 8:02 AM

Why doesn't the state wake up and make marijuana LEGAL and tax the crap out of that...just saying it would be a GREAT way to cut and tax at the same time...Cut the spending for jailing non-violent offenders and tax the sale of's a no brainer but hey it's the government we are talking about here...they have NO BRAINS...

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Jul-02-13 1:19 PM

People will just buy cigs in a neighboring state and Minnesota will lose out on the tax money anyhow so the taxpayer will end up paying for the new Vikings stadium.Now we are be taxed for each car you own what next. This July 4th we should revolt against the government.

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Jul-02-13 10:22 AM

if hitting you where it hurts, in the wallet,and you STILL don't quit, you have a big problem! How does it feel to be stung by your govt.?? What is next... junk food?

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Jul-02-13 8:41 AM

Also-if smoking is such a terrible, costly, addictive, destructive force - then make it illegal...why won't they?!?

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Jul-02-13 8:40 AM

I'm a non-smoker, so I don't even have a pony in this particular race.

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Jul-02-13 8:39 AM

Just wait till they "sin tax" the McDonald's Big Mac - as there's very little nutritional value and it adds to health care costs by contributing to the obesity problem. Eventually the taxes will fall on everyone because the precedent has been set to just increase taxes, cover it as socially helpful, and move on. That is the slippery slope...

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Jul-02-13 8:36 AM

As a non-smoker this doesn't effect me, but at some point we are going to have to accept the fact that we can't balance the budget with so called "sin taxes". I know there are a plethora of reasons (i.e. health costs associated with smoking)to tax cigarettes, but there has to other sources of revenue that can be explored as well.

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Jul-02-13 8:29 AM

NO don't quit smoking how will we ay for that new Vikings stadium?Thank you smokers we appretiate it....

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Jul-02-13 7:36 AM

Simple solution - quit smoking!!! If you are so stupid with all the health reports about how bad smoking is for you - to bad! I quit smoking 26 years ago and now my clothes and house does not stink like smoke. No pity here.

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