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Politicians keep stumbling on rape idiocies

June 14, 2013

Politicians keep stumbling on rape idiocies It is almost painful to watch supposedly bright politicians stumble into the bog of misinformed, misogynistic statements about rape and pregnancy....

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Jun-18-13 4:47 PM

GrandmaD--My comment was not really directed at your previous comment alone, but since you responded directly to me, I will try to clarify further. My point was that not all instances of "rape & incest" are "such heinous crimes" as you describe them, that "physical, mental, & emotional damage that results from those crimes can last a lifetime." Again, I refer you to my three previous examples. What "physical, mental, & emotional damage" would result from the statutory rape between two loving youths who actually intend to eventually marry? Would you not sit in judgement of them if she decides to have an abortion simply because it is, technically, "rape"?

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Jun-18-13 3:51 PM

Yes, Curtis, I am staunchly against abortion, & I don't easily toss around the idea of rape & incest as justification for abortion. I would like to toss you around a bit right now, however.

I actually truly believe those babies deserve to live, but I will not sit in judgment of those who are victims of such heinous crimes & choose abortion. The physical, mental, & emotional damage that results from those crimes can last a lifetime. Trust me, I know.

I'm still pondering the examples you gave & find them a bit unusual in regards to what we are talking about, but in all fairness you do have a point. And once again, I am a staunch pro-life supporter but will not sit in judgment of victims or rape & incest.

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Jun-17-13 7:48 PM

What always amazes me is how easily some people, especially those who are otherwise staunchly against abortion, toss around the terms rape and incest as justification for an abortion. These are not black and white terms. What about statutory rape between two loving youths who actually intend to eventually marry? What about spousal rape by a husband whose wife suddenly gets a headache at the very last moment of consensual lovemaking? What about two cousins who fall in love and produce an unwanted pregnancy? Are these really legitimate circumstances under which a fetus' life should be terminated? And who makes the call and with what evidence?

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Jun-17-13 3:57 PM

There will never be a humane solution to abortion. The back-alley abortions were atrocious for both women and their unborn babies. Legal abortion, today, is still atrocious for unborn babies, as their skulls are crushed, they are dismembered, suctioned out piece by piece, burned with saline solution, and even decapitated by means of chemical abortions.

I can't get past the images of those babies being brutally terminated. Nor can I get past the idea of rape & incest, also, brutal & horrific crimes. The great majority of babies, however, aren't terminated because of rape & incest.

Again, there is no humane solution. Pro-life & pro-choice advocates are very passionate in their beliefs & are never going to come together on common ground on this issue.

As mnsotn stated, innocent hearts stop beating. The lives of innocent babies will continue to be sacrificed because they are not afforded the most basic right of all - the right to life.

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Jun-17-13 10:05 AM

With the exception of rape, aren't people expected to be responsible for themselves? Do people not realize that having sex can cause pregnancies and all the responsibilities that go along with it? By far, the majority of abortions are simply treated like post coitus birth control, once the heat of the moment is over, or intoxication succumbs to sobriety. The sad part is that an innocent heart stops beating.

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Jun-16-13 4:19 PM

"Are there no prisons? And the workhouses, are they still in operation? If the (poor) would rather die they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population."

Scrooge or your typical TP/GOPper? You decide.

(Just trying to bring a little Christmas good cheer to the discussion on an 82 degree day.)

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Jun-16-13 3:49 PM

How about discussing the problems that come when there is NO clean and legal medical facility in which a woman can have an abortion SAFELY.How about discussing UNSAFE methods which would be used in unwanted pregnancies..the back alleys and hotel rooms...poor women who felt they where not ready for a child using coathangers and taking poisons to terminate about talking about that?

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Jun-15-13 12:36 AM

I think and I believe no one should have the right to say what a woman can or cannot do when its her body. Rape or not there should be no question. Its a shame a few men can't get pregnant and see then how they would feel. Its all this crap that keep women from coming forward after being raped.Plan parenthood is ok for the ones who have sense enough to use it, a rape victim does not have that right and incest sure don't.Rape victims should always have the right to a abortion, incest to me is the same as rape maybe worse.

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Jun-14-13 4:51 PM

in the case of rape I dont believe that planned Parenthood has anything to do with the subject of rape . 2. Trent Franks is and alway's has been a idiot it a shame that he get elected in the first place but that's AZ .

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