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Making mockery of natural law

June 5, 2013

To the editor: Well, it looks like lots of hard work, perseverance, and money to buy the media and lobby the politicians has finally paid off for homosexual activist....

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Jun-21-13 9:30 AM

MT-thank for proving me right-you have shown without any chance for doubt that you are incapable of accepting facts and your ego will not let you admit when you are wrong. That is very sad. Your credibility is gone, for a man who cannot process information and admit his mistakes, has no standing in a debate.

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Jun-20-13 9:10 AM

MT-you have been proven wrong on each point-you specifically said "sexual activity between members of the same sex does violence to the law of nature" And I showed that behavior tht occurs naturally cannot be against the laws of nature. is your gigantic ego so fragile that to admit when you are wrong would shatter it? Or perhaps nothing in your christian education covers admitting mistakes.

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Jun-19-13 3:17 PM

MT-you stated "In this way sexual activity between members of the same sex does violence to the law of nature." I pointed out that ther is same sex behaviour in nature therby proving you wrong. You stated the info I used was from a pro-homosexual website. So I then pointed out a report of same sex behavior in penquins from 1911. Again proving you wrong. You then wanted examples of animals mating for life who mate with the same sex-again I provided a legitimate expample again proving you wrong. Perhaps someone with more character would admit when they are wrong. But it is impossible to debate someone who refuses to accept facts or admit when they are wrong.

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Jun-18-13 1:03 PM

MT-Black Swans-An estimated one-quarter of all pairings are homosexual, mostly between males. they mate for life-now of course you will explain that this information is part of the "pro-homosexual agenda". And you never explained how the observations in 1911 of same sex behavior in penguins was done by a "pro-homosexual group"

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Jun-08-13 8:08 AM

MT-Just to clarify, when George Murray Levick observed same sex behavior in penquins in Antarctica in 1911 and called it depraved-he was biased and pushing a homosexual agenda? And Pardo is a poor choice. You arguemnts continue to grow weak and deserate.

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Jun-07-13 9:49 PM

MT- so how is that violence against the laws of nature? if it is done in nature how can it be against natures laws? And you did not mention black swans, dolphins or american bison-are those animals just homone driven? Which by the way so are you. And where is your proof of pro-homosexual science sites? And are you saying that the many scientists from the 1700's to today that determined the earths age,all conspired with each other to politicize science and embarrass the church?

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Jun-07-13 8:30 PM

I see a lot of "hate filled" comments about Christians. That should be censored before any other comments made. I suggest we censor neither.

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Jun-07-13 8:27 PM

How many of you picked up your applications yet?

Since Humans, Dolphins and Bonobos are the only known species that have sex for pleasure, you cannot bring other species who have sexual involvement with same sex partners. I believe that it is purely out of instinct to reproduce that they will stick it anywhere, including a chair leg.

Should we allow marriage to chair legs next?

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Jun-07-13 7:14 PM

So tell me-when religion is politicized, is it no longer the objective pursuit of truth. But it becomes a weapon used to compel acceptance of a pre-determined political objective. And please MT tell me which of the sources I listed were politicized. Your arguments are becoming vague and weak-those pesky facts just keep getting in the way!

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Jun-07-13 6:31 PM

MT-I can certainly understand your refusal to debate facts that disagree with your world view. Those pesky scientists just keep poking holes in your theories. So are the sites that say the earth is billions of years old pro-gay too?

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Jun-07-13 4:39 PM

MT-no my faith in science was too strong-And "pro-homosexual site" Like National Geographic? or wikipedia? Or UC Riverside? or Yale Scientific? Time Magazine? NBC news? So tell me if god created animals that participate in gay behavior are they sinning?

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Jun-07-13 3:52 PM

MT-there are over 1500 species of animals that exhibit same sex behaviour-which natural law are they breaking? 2 examples are the mallard and american bison-so should they be arrested for violating natural laws?

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Jun-07-13 1:47 PM


I agree I didn't find this letter hateful in it's intent. Willfully ignorant in it's approach to support a very narrowly consrtued Christian based worldview, it is certainly all that, but not hateful.

What I find perplexing is the refernce to "natural law" and how it is somehow being violated. When I think of natural law I think of the strong preying on the weak so in that regard I think we are a better society for at least in some instances breaking "natural law".

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Jun-07-13 10:23 AM

Not sure if that letter could have conflicted with itself anymore than it does . . .

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Jun-06-13 1:43 PM

I'm not saying the Journal should censor- take a breath, Michael. It is just curious to me that certain words (even benign ones) are not allowed on their website but someone can make hateful statements against an entire group of people and everything is printed. The line is drawn in some instances but not others. Just wondering what the criteria is.

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Jun-06-13 11:42 AM

Ring2003 I see where MichaelT is coming from... how much censorship should we put into peoples opinions... that's just what an opinion is for.

However, I also see where Ring 2003 is coming from... Should the Journal allow others to use their media source as a platform for peoples' hate, bigotry, prejudice views?

Maybe write a letter to the editor about it. ;)

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Jun-06-13 9:06 AM

I'm curious as to where the Journal draws the line on printing hate against a group of people?

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Jun-06-13 8:18 AM

How ironic that someone who lives by man-made laws from a man-made book in a man-made church, while probably giving lots of his man-made money to it, is scolding others for mocking natural law. Quite sad too.

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Jun-05-13 11:24 PM

Blah, blah. Before you proselytize to others, remove the log from your own eye. Follow your lord and mind your own business. We all have so many flaws and things to improve in our own life..stay out of the lives of others.

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Jun-05-13 4:47 PM

Is bigotry also part of your natural laws ? Is there a genetic test for bigotry ? Just wondering....

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Jun-05-13 3:56 PM

Phil, "Morally straight and clean in thought word and deed." Can you explain this to me more clearly? What does morally straight and clean look like in the bedroom of a catholic man? Does this allow room for oral sex, open mouth kissing, fondling? What is appropriate for a person who follows the "natural law" of sexuality. I assure you that these questions are not facetious. I truly can't imagine what types of things are condoned in the bedroom by a man who speaks so confidently of the deviance in the sex lives of others. I have read the bible, I am not looking for quotes. I am looking for what you think is appropriate in the bedroom of the community members sitting next to you in church. What is appropriate behavior between your buddy and his wife? Is everything "Natural" in the eyes of your god because they are married or do their actions have to be only that of procreation?

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Jun-05-13 2:18 PM

Just wondering how same sex marriage makes a mockery of natural law when over 1500 species of animals exhibit same sex behavior?

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