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NUPD alcohol enforcement has lost its ‘sting’

Department has not conducted underage alcohol sting since ’09

May 26, 2013

NEW ULM — The New Ulm Police Department has not conducted undercover stings for selling alcohol to minors in New Ulm businesses with liquor licenses since late 2009....

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May-28-13 8:53 PM

As I said, laws do need to be complied with. And, yes, bartenders are supposed to card people - even 60-plus-year-olds like me, but I don't get carded. Maybe I'm really just disguised as an old/older lady. :)

Unmarked cars are not trickery. Friends are not paid to pull fast ones on their friends in unmarked cars. Only law enforcement man the unmarked cars.

This bartender had no intention of selling to a minor, & never, for one minute, thought that the rules didn't apply when authorities weren't looking.

Again, pitting a friend against a friend is wrong, & the greater wrong is that the "undercover" friend went along with it.

I have many friends in law enforcement, & I do know just how tough their jobs are. So, please do not make false accusations against me in regards to what I think.

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May-28-13 3:09 PM

Bartenders are supposed to card people - end of story. They should never "take someone's word for it". There is too much at stake to do that for both themselves and the business they work for.

If I speed and an unmarked car pulls me over as that trickery too ? I broke the law and deserve the ticket. The problem started when I chose to speed and broke the law. How the cops "got me" makes no difference. If I drive the speed limit it shouldn't matter one bit nor should I worry what type of car the police drive to enforce the traffic laws.

Too many people think the rules don't apply when the authorities aren't looking so when they do something to not be noticed people accuse them of trickery. Follow the rules all the time and you won't have to worry about it.

The police have it hard enough the way it is and people like you make it harder for them because you think the only reason they do their jobs is to raise revenues.

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May-28-13 1:57 PM

I, too, think it was low of the NUPD to pay the bar owner's friend to vouch for his under age buddy. I think it is even lower, however, that the friend was a part of it, as a friend is one who should be trusted. I am allied to my friends & take their "word for it" as gospel.

Perhaps this editorial is another underhanded sting, making everyone believe they no longer exist because they can't find volunteers.

Yes, the laws need to be complied with, but it should start with honesty & dignity with law enforcement itself.

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May-28-13 10:29 AM

I should expect that someone like you would endorse using trickery and deceit to bring in more revenue.

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May-28-13 9:52 AM


"Taking someone's word for it" isn't complying with the law. If someone is foolish enough to do this they should also be willing to accept the responsibility for their actions.

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May-27-13 11:58 PM

Oh, I see I have a disagree. Please, tell me what part of the story that I heard was wrong. Fill us in, we want to know, smart asss.

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May-27-13 11:35 AM

The story that I heard relating to my last post is that the NUPD did a sting in Weigel's several years ago where the bartender's friend came in with an underage informant. The "friend" told the bartender that the kid he was with was 21, and the bartender took his word for it. It's a small town and you tend to trust people. Sure, he should have checked the ID, but I don't think that we need to be tricking people. Maybe more people know more to the story.

Didn't the Legion have a less then stellar experience, too?

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May-27-13 1:40 AM

Moniz is a joke. I long for the days of Kurt Nissbett. Great article, maybe next time he could get in contact with the drug task force and find out what their up to and then he could forewarn the drug dealers. What a goof.

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May-26-13 8:02 PM was really stupid to publish this article! Lets just come right out tell the bartenders that there is no sting coming any time soon so they can stop worrying about carding!!

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May-26-13 6:33 PM

MCW, can you explain what you are talking about? Sounds interesting...

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May-26-13 5:11 PM

Maybe the next time, the NUPD won't pay the bar owner's friend to vouch for his under age buddy. That was pretty low.

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May-26-13 1:19 PM

Maybe when the underage buyer comes out this fall the first bar owner can snap a photo of this kid and we can post it for everyone to see.

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May-26-13 11:42 AM

It should be in the classifieds help wanted. Haha

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May-26-13 10:10 AM

First thought is that this is info that should be published. In a way it seems like you're telling the 'enemy' their is no gatekeeper.

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