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Senate DFL reaching deeper for taxes

April 25, 2013

So much for the idea of raising taxes only on the wealthy. The Senate DFL is proposing tax increases on the middle class as well....

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Apr-27-13 10:45 AM

Yes, Integrity, some of it is lifestyle change. My kids share rooms. They certainly wear hand-me-down clothing and we shop garage sales and clearance items at Target. Eh, we probably go out to eat too much, but we don't smoke, gamble and rarely drink, so I guess that's our splurge.

A good part of the reason why the Affordable Care Act came to be is BECAUSE of corporations. 20 years ago, a job meant a full-time job that provided health benefits. Part of increasing executive compensation included cutting costs, and health and pension benefits were some of the first to go. The more people that work in jobs that don't pay decent, don't offer health benefits and don't offer retirement plans, the more people that you will have knocking on the government's door.

I am fortunate to have these things, but it is getting increasingly difficult for my employer to remain competitive against companies that use the government to fund their employees benefit plans. I prefer to earn my keep.

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Apr-27-13 9:49 AM

Another reason is the regulations that are put on these evil corporations and job providers. They are required to do the health care thing with Obama care. In addition, most businesses have 401k contributions instead of pensions. Child care is so expensive so families can't live on one income - state regulations to keep the child care safe. Another thought-maybe many times both parents choose to work. It's called change....

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Apr-27-13 9:46 AM

MCW: the American dream you just described also had kids sharing rooms, not being bought a car at 15-16, no ipads, xbox, etc., kids wore hand-me-down clothes, etc., you see my point. Families were more conservative with money and put it in a house, college tuition, etc. Our lifestyles are significantly different now than back then. I'm not saying that's the whole reason, it never is one thing, but this lifestyle change is a large reason for the changes you speak of.

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Apr-27-13 12:03 AM

Also, Avoice...Yes, Minnesota has had modest wage increases, but our economy has been a bit more "recession proof" compared to much of the rest of the country. It also has a stronger union presence, which tends to bring more wages and benifits to the working class. Have you looked at the numbers nationally? Have you looked at the numbers for people working for corporate America?

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Apr-27-13 12:01 AM

Avoice, a retail site is still a workplace and therefore subject to OSHA inspections.

JReader, please describe why Minnesota has had a much healthier economy than Scott Walker's Wisconsin, which recently had the worst job growth in the Nation.

Years ago, a family could make it on one income. They could build a new house, send their kids to college, live the American Dream, you get the picture. They had a full time job, not 3 part time jobs. They had health insurance and a pension. Their employers made good money, but not 300+ times as much as the average worker. It is obvious to see that we are straying further and further from that "American Dream".

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Apr-26-13 7:01 PM

MCW - from what I have read, the average increase in pay in Minnesota for 2012 was around 2.8% - with inflation of a projected rate of 1.7%, which leaves some money in the pocket. For 2013, I have heard some surveys say there should be around a 2.9% average increase but one never knows what the job market will allow to set and do. Noiw if you want some good pay raises, hust look at the 64% of the job market in the state which is giving out some good raises and some good beginning hiring salaries - government at all levels - local, county, regional, and state.

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Apr-26-13 6:41 PM

MCW - I do agree with you on the middle class and lower class, but also, the wealthy are driving the economy but right now, the Dems have determined to tax the h e double toothpicks out of the middle and lower class in the two current, House and Senate, tax bills as well as Governor Dayton's "soak the rich" scheme which he campaigned on. We can only wait and see as to whether he will agree or ask for a redo what is presented him. But remember, they have all voted to continue the gimmick with the school fund delay which every Dem candidate criticized the Reps when the Dems were campaigning. Lets stop the schools from whining of fund shortage, fullu fund them, and make hold them accountable. My own representative campaigned that way but voted the way her St. Paul people told her to vote and she is a educator and a union leader in the education field.

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Apr-26-13 6:33 PM

Here that sucking sound ? It's just more people leaving our state for good with their wallets in tow. Same goes for small businesses too.

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Apr-26-13 6:31 PM

MCW - Lets check some facts. The "plant" was a retail site, not a "manufacturing" site - Ammonium Nitrate is a nitrogen producing fertilizer which is usually mixed with other indgredients for customer's specialized requirements. Now for what it is worth, over the last five years, OSHA has inspected 5 fertilizer plants in Texas and if you check there are only four fertilizer manufacturing plants in the State of Texas - OSHA only inspects "manufacturing" plants but can't tell you if the state inspects "retail" sites or not. So I don't think deregulation was the cause but maybe carelessness and uninformed people in handling a fire with ammonium nitrate close at hand. Remember an explosive which contains 94% ammonium nitrate and 6% fuel oil is a very high explosive used in some industries as a blasting agent.

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Apr-26-13 5:45 PM

Lets talk about how well corporations are doing financially and how they aren't giving raises. I'm more upset that the money isn't getting put on our checks than I am worried about what is coming off in taxes. A healthy middle class drives the economy. Putting the bulk of the money in the hands of a few is not going to grow the economy. Lets talk about how well deregulation is working for all the dead workers in the West Texas fertilizer plant.

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Apr-26-13 2:31 PM

”Republicans refused to raise taxes and slashed spending”.

Slashed spending... I like that one. I will have a smile on my face all weekend. Slashed spending. Thank you Nusenior for the comedy relief.

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Apr-26-13 1:57 PM

Oh, but I remember vividly the grandstanding last fall by dems all about the middle class!! Gas tax, alcohol tax, this extension of income tax, etc all affect the middle class. Unless only the rich drive cars, have cocktails, and make money....

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Apr-26-13 1:16 PM

Nusenior, I watched the Senate yesterday and last night pass these bills along with all the amendments wanting to add funding that were defeated. While the Senate passed a 35% raise for themselves, they could not pass a nursing care givers increase greater than 1%. They also passed a $13M increase to the Health Exchange which has already had $60M appropriated. Blame all the Reps you want, the Dems were and are just as bad. At least the Reps came up with a surplus but I don't think these bills will even smell ofSome of the Senators have been there too long. Imagine the Presdient of the Senate chastising a memeber for not facing them when the person was addressing a fellow Senator in answering her question. The Senmate and the Hosue still have not paid all the money back for the schools, they are still using their 2002 gimmick of delaying the full funding until 2017, which is the next bienium. The Senate came up with an increase of $58 while the House bill has $52 per student increase.

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Apr-26-13 11:39 AM

Taxes vs. budgets cuts The last 10 years the” Republicans refused to raise taxes and slashed spending”. The spending cuts did more than cut the fat out of the budget. It cut to the bone. Those who supported the Republican slashed spending .Now must look at what was lost and how must decided if education is the way to the future and how much money to spend before we pull the plug on grandmother. What do we owe to the future? What do owe to seniors? I’m rethinking what the Republican party really stands for.

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