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Bill will propose gas tax increase for ‘corridors of commerce’ highways

March 27, 2013

By Josh Moniz Staff Writer   ST....

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Mar-27-13 1:27 PM

Keep raising gas prices and we won't need new highways to drive on.

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Mar-27-13 8:28 PM

A 5 cent per gallon gas tax would cost about 15 cents for a round-trip run to Mankato. I would gladly pay that.

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Mar-27-13 8:55 PM

Taxes to increase early education, additional tax on some services(better expect expansion on service based taxes in the future), increased tax on gas, increased local property tax (referendum passed) this what everyone had in mind?? By the way, this session isn't even half over yet!!

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Mar-27-13 8:56 PM

Oh, and the business owners that apparently don't pay high enough wages and the top 2% earners are the bad guys?!?

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Mar-27-13 10:23 PM

Improved highways are good for business. Better educated kids are more likely to avoid the prison system, the referendum was to make up for the funding shortfall. I agree, property taxes are too high, especially on small businesses. Income taxes are much more tied to one's ability to pay.

As for the top 2%, it must be rough to have so much money that taxes is all that you have to worry about paying for.

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Mar-28-13 7:09 AM

gopher -remember that the top 2% pays the following ;1/2 of your S.S. and Medicare (7% of your wage),Unemploynent insurance if your layed off(2%of your wage),workers compensation in case you get hurt at work(2-40% of your wages based on job description),maybe pays some of your retirement ,health insurance,life insurance ,vacation,paid holidays ,etc. Then they pay 39.6 % federal tax,8% state tax (soon to go up 2% )sales taxes and the property tax on their business. Also they have to pay state and federal fees associated with their business for permits for business operation. Than they are subjected to audits by Osha,MPCA stae sales tax regulators ( it is rare to pass one of these with out them finding something,the books are two inches thick and complex).Just keep demonizing these people, they are just plain evil. Or maybe these are just hardworking , over-acheivers that just make you jealous and you have to try to make them feel bad so you can sleep at night.

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Mar-28-13 8:29 AM

Here's a great, personal analogy: I live in a 110 year old house. I'd love to replace windows/doors, siding, add insulation as there's very little etc. All things no one would deny would have value to our lives in energy savings. However, I only make X per year, left with Y per year extra income, repairs cost Z (more than Y). I do a little at a time because I CAN'T AFFORD TO DO EVERYTHING I'D LIKE TO DO. I CAN'T SPEND MORE THAN I MAKE!!! I'm not denying these programs don't have their benefits, but we (as a society-run govt) can't do everything for everyone at once either.

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Mar-28-13 9:02 AM

Integrity is correct , the government has become out of control,wanting to please every group (for the sake of re-election)by giving them their needs .Look at S.S. , it was never meant to be your retirement fund to depend soley on,it was meant as assistance at the time of retirement. People feel they have paid in and are owed retiremnt and health benefits to live off when they retire. These are meant only to assist you not be your sole income.Look at what you have paid in over a 45 year working career, than people expect to take out $1,500 -2,000 a month in S.S. and have paid health insurance (probably costing $500/month or better).The government is not earning interest on the money it collected from you during your working career, we are paying to borrow the money to cover these obligations. There needs to be more self reliance in this country and quit blaming everyone else for personal problems. Personal finaces should be the responsibility of an individual except for hardship cases

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Mar-28-13 10:54 AM

We in Minnesota already have to work past the middle of April to meet our "tax freedom" day. So, as of right now everything we've earned so far this year has gone to only pay for our required "government obligations" known as taxes. Now, our leaders and their lackies say we don't pay enough and need to pay more.

At what point will it be enough - when tax freedom day falls sometime in mid-June ?

Why is wasteful spending by our various government bodies been dropped from the discussion ?

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Mar-28-13 10:46 PM

Vote no to new tax, we pay for road repair already in the gas tax...those who use it can pay for it..make it a toll road

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Mar-29-13 12:47 AM

Enough is enough!

I say we all get together and form a new political party, something that embodies the spirit and independence of our forefathers, a new way of thinking that doesn't rely on taking more and more from the downtrodden taxpayer, a fair and noble system that won't redistribute the hard earned dollars taken from the sweat-stained brows of hardworking real Americans, a...

...wait a sec, did you say they're gonna fix Highway 14?

Never mind. Let's go back to tax and spend.

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Mar-29-13 4:27 PM

I make plenty of money FOR my employer, Deerhunt. If I quit and go elsewhere, my biggest customers will follow.

My employer isn't in the 2% bracket, though, so this is a moot point.

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Mar-29-13 4:29 PM

I make my own way.

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Mar-29-13 5:08 PM

I like svensota's idea of a new politcal party. I think svensota & JReader should head it up. I like what GopherState, MCW, Integrity, & deerhnt have to offer - all of their input is important, & they could work out the details. With that combo, we could incorporate some tax & spend, some overhaul of entitlements, perhaps a "bit" more tax increase on the 2% (most are willing). Then, again, that would truly take sacrifice of all involved. Can't see that happening, even in the Easter season. Happy Easter Everyone.

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Mar-30-13 7:01 PM

Actually, I write JR's posts as well as my own, I just go by different user names. That way I win every argument and it allows me to clearly see both sides of a position. That also explains why "JR" is wrong so often.

Just thought I should level with you, GrandmaD.

Warmest bunny hugs.

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Apr-01-13 9:11 PM

As much as I like bunny hugs, I just think you're pulling my ears. You can't be JR because he doesn't always lose. So, you can't possibly be both.

Did you not say you wrote Concerned's posts, also, at one time? I might be dreaming that, as I am a bit over 60 now, but it seems you did. Then he responded once & got two not-so-nice responses (one from you) & disappeared once again.

I don't recall what Concerned's view is, but I know that you & JR are pro-choice & pro-gay marriage, so you just can't be JR. Then, again, I do love those bunny hugs. :)

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Apr-01-13 10:50 PM

Sure, GrandmaD, I wrote most of Concerned73's better stuff. But, I had to lay off and put "him" on furlough--I was letting"him" get a little too weird.

Now I let "JR" win once in a while just to give him enough credibility to throw people off.

But, it's hard work coming up with the kookier posts. For example, I'm still trying to get my MIT character to sound real.

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Apr-02-13 9:35 AM


Sven is just off his meds again. Everytime this happens he thinks he's me. I assure you I am my own person and I never forget to take my meds...

I love the idea of a new party. Me & Sven would make it sort of ying and yang concept. I'll leave it up to you which one of us is ying and which one is yang.

I do insist that Sven leave his assault rifle at home. No guns allowed in our office. I'd suggest he bring donuts instead.

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Apr-02-13 7:13 PM

"JR": I thought I already wrote that response.

Anyway, our party would be pro-gay marriage, pro-choice, and against adults whacking kids for yucks.

That's a pretty good start.

As for Obama, he's going to be president no matter what. So, that's not an issue. And as far as the economy goes, we're well on our way to a recovery. So, that's also not an issue.

Hey, we are totally simpatico, JR-amigo!

Oh, immigration? Well, that's a done deal too.

We just need to come up with a name for our new party. I'll try to think of some swell ones. You, too. (Oh, no, that would be me, too, too.)

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Apr-02-13 11:09 PM


I have always thought you were a wonderful guy and we would always end up on the same political side of things. Here are a couple of suggestions for our new political party's name:

The Founding Dads Party The Lefty Righty Lighty Party

The "We" Party

I'll try to come up with some more, but I think all three are as near perfect, as I am.

Your pal,


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Apr-03-13 9:43 AM

Based on your platform Sven we should call ourselves the"lowered expectations" party. Wait, we already have two of the those.

How about the "Tea-Pee" party ? The inference is intentional.

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Apr-03-13 12:20 PM

JR: Know what ya' mean. I have often enjoyed using the "TP" designation. But, I'm never quite sure if I mean tee-pee as in "heap big smoke", or a just a roll of thin issue...tissue.

Personally, I like Founding Dads Party. It has all the tradition and frumpy pomp for those wanting to live in the past, yet plenty of ***** for those more inclined to the adventurous side of politics.

I think we're really on to something here, JR. Sort of a Democrat Lite or a Republican Stout. Chilled Hillary or Robust Mitt.

The mind boggles.

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Apr-03-13 12:20 PM

Well, for sure I can't be a member of this new political party, nor do I want to any longer. I am pro-life, & I did do those two dreaded swats on my son's butt thirty some years ago. Also, even though I love my gay family member & gay friends, I'm still on the fence getting splinters about the gay marriage issue. So are they, for that matter. So, alas, I must bow out, but good luck to you, ying & yang. Can't decide who should be who, JR. Hmmmm - The Ying/Yang Party? Nice ring to it. :) :) :) Carry on lads. :) Till next time......

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Apr-03-13 12:23 PM

I had no idea s p u n k was a no-no word.

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Apr-03-13 12:33 PM

GrandmaD: You seem to be willing to a least consider other points of view. So, take a look at the NYT today and read Maureen Dowd's column, "Happily Never After?".

Here's a sample:

"More and more people think it's wrong to hate gays. The support for same-sex marriage now exceeds the opposition to it. (However) Justice Alito raised the question of whether or not it's too soon to allow gay people to marry. (So) Is it better to keep doing what's wrong until people are good and ready to do what's right?"

Walk out into the light, GrandmaD.

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