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ACLU files civil suit against Gaylord Police, others

Claims rights of Hispanic woman were violated

February 20, 2013

GAYLORD — The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Minnesota announced Tuesday it filed a 12-count lawsuit in Federal District Court against Gaylord Police, the Sibley County Sheriff’s Office,......

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Feb-20-13 11:44 PM

Has anybody ever calculated the net benefit or cost of these companies that rely on mostly immigrant labor? How many dollars in taxpayer money goes to support their employees vs. how many dollars to they put into the local economy. I wouldn't be surprised if these companies are more trouble than they are worth.

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Feb-20-13 11:11 PM

Thank you, thinkheapbigthoughts.

Coming from you I take it as a compliment.

So, I'll be making a large donation to the ACLU in your honor. And, one in Hippie's honor, too.

As we sneaky Hispanics always say: !Mi aerodeslizador esta lieno de anguilas!


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Feb-20-13 11:01 PM

If we had a decent President he would fix this problem of Mexican becoming American citizens and paying taxes like the rest of us. Maybe they won't want to be American once they learn of all the extra costs

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Feb-20-13 10:55 PM

I remember an issue with the Gaylord police a couple of years ago also. That egg plant is most likely hiring illegals causing this problem. Who is checking up on this and what can change to help the law enforcement in Sibley County?

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Feb-20-13 8:34 PM

Comments on the Free Press Article. Yes there is more information laid out in that editorial however there is still A LOT of information missing. If there is a State Issued ID that the passenger had and it was a valid ID and resembled the person yes I would say they may have went with that. However if that person only gave a name and DOB and they ran that it doesn't always pull up a photo because of various reasons. Secondly if they had reason to believe that she was trying to conceal her real identity they do have the right to establish who she is so that if they need her to testify for the daughters court case they know who she is and can get a hold of her hopefully. To that end when they escorted her to her home and entered "without her permission" you don't allow someone out of your sight if you are suspecting them of committing a crime. What happens if they come out of the room/house with a gun or just lock the door? DUH!!! Lets use some Common Sense!!

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Feb-20-13 8:26 PM

@Svensota: Please take this as nicely as I can put this...You are an idiot!! First thing they have some really good officers that do good work. The unfounded and wrong complaints filed against the officers in the past are just that unfounded. That officer is extremely good at his job. Do Hispanics get arrested absolutely; however, so do plenty of whites and probably more whites. To me there should almost be a lawsuit filed by that officer against the ACLU for defamation of character.

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Feb-20-13 6:40 PM

The Mankato Free Press did a nice job covering this story. You may want to read it.

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Feb-20-13 6:16 PM

If they look like Mexicans then they must be Mexicans and if they're Mexicans then they can't be Americans and if they aren't Americans then they must be criminals and if they're criminals then they must be Mexicans.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with this logic.

You just passed the test to be on the Gaylord police force.

Did I say "Mexican". Surely, I meant "Hispanic".

So sorry.

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Feb-20-13 5:33 PM

The problem with being able to do blanket sweeps is that ICE (immigration&customs enforcement) receives the same attention for the ACLU as this case is apparently getting now. If you recall a few years back worthington had a big bust at a plant and that was made into a huge issue. What we need is legal residents that have immigrated to start stepping up and saying what the others are doing is wrong and report this. Problem with this is they don't see this as a problem like almost every other US resident.

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Feb-20-13 5:12 PM

JReader, do you really believe the nonsense that spews from your mouth?

I have a hard time believing that companies like Swift, among others in recent years didn't do all that they can to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants. I believe that it is more of a don't ask don't tell policy with them.

And yes, I have been part of the hiring process on many of my jobs. I have absolutely no doubt that every person that I hired was a US citizen. Although, when you pay four to five times the minimum wage, plus benefits, you tend to hire from a better field of candidates.

Don't get me started on Dick Cheney.

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Feb-20-13 4:00 PM

How people have you ever hired MCW ?

Have you ever heard of the EEOC ?

The only one full of BS is you.

I realize you are bent on blaming anything that goes wrong on corporations but the truth is just like most everything else in this country 99% of them follow the law. It's when people like you that make broad generalizations about one group based on the behaviors of a small number of them we all end up paying the price.

Look at gun control right now if you need a frame of reference.

Don't worry though Joe Biden said we can all own shotguns. Just wondering, did he get this great piece advice from Dick Cheney ?

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Feb-20-13 2:07 PM

BS JReader. When Ruby Tuesday's in Shakoppee was hiring, they had their share of illegal immigrants provide fraudulent Social Security numbers and when they were informed that it was not a good number, the applicants offered to bring a different number. If a chain restaurant can sort them out, then these corporations can, too. Worst case, a background check is good insurance.

I think that a lot of these employers don't want to know if they are illegal because they would have to pay more for US citizens to take those jobs, and that would cut into the executives' money stash.

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Feb-20-13 1:44 PM

When you are with a person who provides false information regarding their identity it is not unreasonable for the police to conduct an investigation on you as well. That's all this sounds like if you look at this objectively rather than the sensationalized account provided by the ACLU. If you are with someone who is commiting a crime you too will be investigated. The police are only doing their jobs here.

Using false identification is a common practice used by undocumented individuals to obtain jobs. This isn't the fault of the employers but of the individuals who choose to break the law.

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Feb-20-13 10:57 AM

If there are that many illegal aliens in that area, then the people employing them, harboring them, or bringing them up here need to see prison time.

I am sick of companies looking for low cost labor and then sticking us taxpayers with the bill to feed their families, provide heating assistance, pay their medical bills, etc. Take care of your employees so that taxpayers don't have to.

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Feb-20-13 9:59 AM

Maybe mistakes were made, but 75,000 dollars per count. Ridiculous. If it is so bad here, why did you come to USA? Too bad the ACLU is involved, this will just cost taxpayers yet more money we don't have.

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Feb-20-13 9:45 AM

There are too few facts presented by the ACLU in this article to substantiate this case. Was the mother in custody, was she placed in handcuffs, was there reason to believe she knew of her daughters actions, were the officers aware of exactly which one of them was using the name or were both.....? Lots of questions that would need to be answered here before I give any weight to this claim. The amount of illegal residents in that area is staggering and some major attention needs to be brought to this subject. When there are signs up over the border saying go to Sibley Co in MN because of programs for illegals that should say something about the state of the situation. For example of the dumbness, a person driving a brand new Cadillac escalade goes to the human services office and gets a voucher for free gas! ! Give me a break!

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Feb-20-13 1:14 AM

Not saying that this woman wasn't wronged, but when you hang around with criminals, in this case her daughter, sometimes you get caught up in the mess.

The county attorney should look into whether this woman knew of her daughter's actions and failed to report it.

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