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New Ulm doctor charged with stealing pain medication

Miller now in detox facility

February 15, 2013

NEW ULM — Dr....

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Mar-14-13 11:07 AM

Hey 3PAINTS, get over yourself!!! Pills are replaceable...if that old*****ended up in the hospital again it was probably other than some oxy's... Dumb idiot 3 PAINTS. Maybe you wanted the pills?

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Feb-23-13 3:41 PM

Jackay - It is sad for all involved. Addiction is a disease, & addiction to pain medication & other prescription drugs is becoming more & more widespread.

You say you would be in the same boat as Dr. Miller if pain medicine relieved your symptoms. Hopefully you would not be stealing medicine from vulnerable adults as Dr. Miller did.

He is in my prayers, & I do hope he, once again, gets the help he needs. I, also, hope the vulnerable adult he put at risk will be okay.

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Feb-22-13 8:48 AM

I feel sad for everyone involved with this, including Dr. Miller. I pray that everyone can heal from his mistakes, including Dr. Miller. Addiction is a disease. I suffer from severe pain and could see myself becoming addicted to pain medication if it did anything to relieve my pain. In a way, I consider myself lucky that pain medication had no effect on me or I would be in the same boat as Dr. Miller.

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Feb-18-13 8:41 AM

My last response was to NuHerman's last post which is no longer there. He/she said the people of New Ulm are gossipy people who don't read articles correctly or get their facts straight.

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Feb-17-13 3:32 PM

Judging a person does not define who they defines who you are.

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Feb-17-13 10:49 AM

NuHerman - My response was in regards to what the article stated. Hidden surveillance cameras recorded Dr. Miller taking the vulnerable adult's pills & replacing them with over-the-counter pills. A police officer removed 56 of those pills from Dr. Miller who admitted to already consuming three of them. Unless the article is false, I consider that evidence, not gossip.

According to the article, he has been dealing with such issues for a very long time. That statement is not to take away from the good things he has done for people, but he does need help.

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Feb-16-13 9:41 PM

Dr. Miller did hurt himself & his family, but he, also, hurt the vulnerable adult & his/her family. I, also, see it as a betrayal to all of his clients, his colleagues, & his community.

I, also, do understand that chemical dependency & alcoholism are diseases. My father & two siblings were alcoholics. Two of our niece's husbands were addicted to drugs. One is still clean & the other has been in treatment at least 12 times in 10 years. He can't kick his addiction to prescription drugs. He was always putting himself & his family at risk. She is no longer with him, & he can't be alone with his kids.

My prayers go out to Dr. Miller & his family, also. They, also, go out to the vulnerable adult he took advantage of & his/her family.

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Feb-16-13 1:30 PM

"Dr. Miller has not hurt anyone else in this process, except himself and his family.And as far as I see no one's life has been put at risk in any way. Please don't judge- please help by understanding". Yes. Please help by understanding that through his addiction and actions, he has put this vulnerable adult back in the hospital putting their life at risk, has stolen numerous times over the years injuring how many other patients of his (since 1994 according to the article), and ignored the Hippocratic Oath. Apparently the whole "first do no harm" is meaningless to him.

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Feb-16-13 12:57 PM

Dr. Miller has not hurt anyone else in this process, except himself and his family.And as far as I see no one's life has been put at risk in any way. Please don't judge- please help by understanding. Chemical addiction is a disease. My thoughts and prayers go to Dr.Miller and his family.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will; That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him Forever in the next. Amen."

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Feb-16-13 10:56 AM

From the testimonies posted here, Dr. Miller has done some wonderful things for people, but what he did to this vulnerable adult put that person's health at great risk. As caring1 stated, if it was a member of my family, parent, child, sibling, I would feel very violated.

How the NUMC handles it is definitely confidential, but the charges against him have already been made public by authorities and rightfully so.

The article states that Dr. Miller has been treated for alcohol & chemical dependency in previous years & has had his license restricted & reinstated without conditions.

I do hope Dr. Miller gets the help he does deserve to get. I'm not sure he should be able to practice again, but I'm not sure how many chances doctors get to redeem themselves.

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Feb-16-13 1:06 AM

I am sorry you believe the New Ulm community didn't have a right to know about this. How much knowledge do you have of one pill compared to another? Do you feel this was the right thing to do to a vulnerable person? If it had been someone in your family, how would you be feeling right now? New Ulm is not a perfect place. Quit worrying about the Dakota war and start worrying about right now around you.

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Feb-15-13 9:42 PM

Privacy LAWS prevent NUMC or PGNU from making any investigation public. You must be a family member of the vulnerable adult to know that he/she is in the hospital because no one working @ NUMC or the assisted living facility would be permitted to make that statement without repercussions. I hope that is the case with you 3paints. Dr. Miller saved the life of my father 6 years ago. I thank him for that.

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Feb-15-13 3:00 PM

It disgusts me to see what this doctor has done. The vulnerable adult he stole from is now back in the hospital, no thanks to him or to the Physicians Group of New Ulm. Why was he EVER put in the position of practicing with the elderly or with addictions with his past history. Shame on New Ulm Medical Center for their statement of "any follow-up by NUMC will be handled internally and confidentially". Quite a way to cover up his and their mistake. I hope that the follow-up includes restitution to the elderly person who now has even larger hospital bills due to their incompetence.

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Feb-15-13 1:19 PM

Addiction is serious condition that is painful to everyone surrounding the person. This man has done more good things in his life, has helped more people than his present situation can ever is very sad and I pray Dr Miller gets the much needed help he needs just like the help he has provided so many years for those around him. Before totally condemning a human being for our weaknesses, hope for this man to move forward and hopefully help himself while given the opportunity. I know I don't always do the right thing and he certainly has made huge mistakes, lets let him try to become the person he once was.

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Feb-15-13 10:59 AM

I go to Dr. Miller and thought he did a good job , I wonder how many of his colleagues new or suspected he was doing this and did nothing about it , that should also be a crime.

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Feb-15-13 9:57 AM

As a patient of Dr. Miller's, I have nothing by great things to say about him as person & physician & he is the best doctor that I have encountered at NUMC. He will be a stronger person for going through this. He screwed up, and what he did was absolutely wrong, but we all have our problems, weaknesses, addictions or whatever and should probably look in the mirror first before judging others for their issues. I will stand by him and wish the best for his recovery.

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Feb-15-13 8:37 AM

He's a very bright man, and I always found him polite (but oddly jittery, go figure)... but, it's plain he has a terrible issue with addiction and should not be surrounded by the temptations of working anywhere near controlled substances. Ever! There are no completely recovered addicts, only valiantly sober recovering ones. It's always a temptation, even if you successfully resist. You *never* put addicts back in the same tempting environment!! Frankly, another line of work (after treatment and jail time) would be better for him personally, never mind the patient population of New Ulm. Doctors are human beings-- not super-human, and I am disgusted that there was less oversight of an obviously troubled individual with a history of abuse. Perhaps in future he can earn a paycheck using his medical experience and education in an office removed from actual patients and their prescriptions. I don't think retaining his licence should be an option.

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Feb-15-13 7:18 AM

I never Liked him as a doctor. But i really hope he gets the help he needs addiction is a horrible thing and I do feel sorry for him.

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Feb-15-13 7:03 AM

Oh my......I didn't realize he had problems in the past. Addiction is hard to overcome especially if you are in a position to obtain drugs so easily! Perhaps he should no longer be allowed a prescription pad. That is if he is even allowed to keep his medical license! I'd be wary.

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Feb-15-13 6:43 AM

It disgusts me when I see how drug addicts steal from people who need the medication for pain. This is even more true when the person stealing is the same person who people see to help with pain. I realize Dr Miller is a drug addict. He should be treated as such, get addiction recovery help and go to jail for stealing prescribed drugs for a volnerable adult. Shame on you Mr. Miller. I don't believe we should call you Dr. anymore....

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