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Residents oppose proposed cell phone tower on MLC site

Verizon to consider different design

January 25, 2013

NEW ULM – A proposal to build a Verizon 4G cell phone tower on Martin Luther College (MLC) campus met intense opposition from affected homeowners Thursday during a public informational meetin....

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Jan-29-13 9:46 PM

I called Verizon tonight to vent about not having any decent data speeds in the evening. They appear to be totally unaware that their mobile internet is pretty much nonexistent in the evenings. Supposedly, they are going to have a technician come out and check speeds in the evening.

On the bright side, they credited me back $30 on my bill (1 month of data). I would suggest calling 611 from your Verizon phone if you are having similar issues.

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Jan-28-13 9:22 PM

Brilliant, JR. Absolutely brilliant. I can't wait to try it.

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Jan-28-13 6:43 PM

I'm pretty sure the historical society wouldn't allow that.

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Jan-28-13 10:57 AM

A simpler solution would be to make a cell tower from Herman's sword. It could be aesthetically pleasing and nobody's property value would be diminished. As a matter of fact it would give all of those already proud hilltop folks just one more thing to be even prouder.

Sven, you should do what I do. I routinely slip my phone in my wife's purse when I go out fishing. Then when she calls her purse starts playing my favorite ringtone "Ball and Chain". I later tell her I put it in there so I wouldn't lose it. Works every time.

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Jan-27-13 11:23 PM

This is probably nothing more than a half-dozen whiners that are making all the noise. The tower will go up as planned.

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Jan-26-13 10:37 PM

So...according to some scientists my son talked with, the whole cell-phone-cancer-scare-thing is the stuff of urban legend.

Here's why.

We already have a zillion electro-magnetic waves in the air from: other cell phones, radar installations, microwave devices, gigantic satellites beaming down, and on and on and on. One cellphone--yours--will not make one iota of a difference one way or the other.

"Junior" is a straight-A student. I have learned never to bet against him.

I'm still not getting rid of my grill no matter what my wife says.

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Jan-26-13 10:07 AM

Seems quite short-sighted to oppose something like this. We have a lack of network infrastructure the way it is and a local telecom and cable provider who seem unwilling to spend the time and money to greatly improve the networks in the area and so let's make a stink about a large cell provider wanting to bring a HUGE improvement into the area.

The tower would provide better coverage for the area. Verizon has agreed to use the more discreet of the towers. Once it is up and operational the people who are complaining will be silent when they figure out that 4G LTE will allow them to have better, faster, data connections which will, in turn, provide greater choice for people and businesses and make New Ulm a better place to live for it.

Let's do it.

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Jan-26-13 3:33 AM

Thanks I hope I made everybody think how stupid we very are.

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Jan-26-13 2:55 AM

I feel stupider after reading Hippie's comments.

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Jan-26-13 12:09 AM

Svensota exactly also why I got rid of my cell. The reason we go fishing is to get away from everything.Not to have every Tom Dick and Harry calling us for advice.

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Jan-25-13 10:15 PM

Me too, Hippie. I threw away my cell phone because my wife kept calling me. For Pete's sake, if I need a dang leash I'll go buy my own.

Now I learn cell phones cause cancer.

Grilling causes cancer, too. But I'm not going to throw my grill away. My wife can't call me on it.

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Jan-25-13 9:52 PM

I see I have a "disagree". Enlighten me, what do you disagree with?

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Jan-25-13 8:26 PM

Lead foot: the current tower is failing and needs to be replaced. My understanding is that the FAA will not allow it to be replaced in its current location. I don't believe the city has a choice.

On another note, we recently learned that electric blankets significantly raise your risk of cancer. Ours went in the trash after learning that, as well as a whole list if other problems.

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Jan-25-13 7:03 PM

Most of you people on here don't have a clue. You think the government is going to tell you not to use cell phones because they might be bad for your health. The information is out there on the internet just look it up. I got rid of mine after getting the lowdown on excessive electro-magnetic waves peoduced by cell phones. How do you think these waves go from point a to point b and not cause health problems. Look up the health risks of expossure to high levels of electro-magnetic waves.

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Jan-25-13 6:53 PM

Tesla the inventor of the cell tower says the electical magnetic waves produced by these cell towers are bad for your health. Look it up. Remember in the 70's when farmers were knocking down high voltage towers that were making their cows not give milk. The government did tests and found this to be true. Cell phones cause cancer it's proven fact. Electrical magnetic waves are bad for you it disrupt your nervous sysyem among other things.

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Jan-25-13 3:14 PM

"concerns the tower would create health problems" -- what a bunch of RUBES!

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Jan-25-13 2:27 PM

Hmm. Do I have this right? Let's move the Hermann water tower to Nehls Park and wreck a park, get all the neighbors upset and, opps, you will even be able to see it down in Flandrau. That's nice. Opps, we just figured out that the Nehls location won't work, not enough push to get water to Menards, but don't worry we will build it anyway, after all we put the pipe already, and then we can build another one out by Menard's later.

Opps, we didn't know that moving the cell phone attachments to the tower wouldn't cover everything from Nehls. There goes $14,000 rent money to the city. Plus now another group of neighbors is upset.

Is it not time to rethink this whole project, and keep the water tower and cell phone attachments where they are? If it works, don't fix it.

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Jan-25-13 1:38 PM

MLC needs the money. It's their land, I say go for it. Maybe they can use the proceeds to fund their new childcare center that they're asking for donations to build.

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Jan-25-13 1:15 PM

Considering more and more people want to drop their landlines, home values will go UP when people in the market for a home realize they can get reliable cell reception and highspeed data in this area.

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Jan-25-13 8:14 AM

These same opposition residents if they get their way will ***** when they get dropped calls....never happy.

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Jan-25-13 7:57 AM

I can almost hear the whining and crying from the "Golf Course" bordering home owners, get off your high horse, your home are worth nothing more or nothing less because of a cell tower, this is progress and technology, either get on the bus or move to Hanska.

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Jan-25-13 7:25 AM

Wherever they put it, I hope it goes in soon because Verizon's data speeds absolutely stink between 5 and 9 p.m., not that they will admit that.

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Jan-25-13 2:21 AM

What a surprise. The people on the hill are so spoiled. They need to drop their NIMBY attitude. I wouldn't mind if there was a cell tower, or a water tower near my house, or even right next door.

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Jan-25-13 1:20 AM

The City/Park & Rec Department are unable to find a location for the cell phone company to rent out space and earn money... $14,000 loss for the city - where is that money going to be made up? Good job leaders of the City of New Ulm. To the residents in the area... I'd put this up in my back yard if they paid me $14,000 - would make up the loss of so called loss of property values that you claim will happen. Just waiting for the people on Summit Ave to sue the city when the water tower is put up because they don't like it.

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