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November 22, 2015 It has been a busy start to the year for our early childhood program. more »»

Still praying for Jacob

November 18, 2015 During a break in harvest, I was checking news on the internet and came to Jacob’s name in a headline. Jacob Wetterling. It’s a name we all know. more »»

Change of Seasons

November 10, 2015 We are all making the transition from fall to winter. This includes preparing for the colder weather, the shift in daylight and the change from fall activities to winter activities. more »»

A farmer’s best friend - his dog

November 4, 2015 I work alone most of the time. But that is only true if I am speaking of our species. There is another alongside me as I go about my day. Winnie the Farm Dog is a steady companio. more »»

Love those British crime dramas

October 21, 2015 (Gwen Ruff was a reporter and editor at The Journal and the Mankato Free Press in the early 1980s. more »»

Eagle Update

October 14, 2015 Progress continues at the new high school site. In the next week, most of the pre-cast walls will be up; the student parking lot paved and roof work underway. more »»

Public Power: The community-owned advantage

October 10, 2015 New Ulm Public Utilities has operated alongside our customers ever since 1903, when construction of the electric light plant was completed and ownership transferred to the city. more »»

The annual battle of Harvest

October 7, 2015 Cue the foreboding voice. Deep drum sound in background. “So it begins. The great battle of our time.” Thank you, Gandalf. OK, I’m being overly dramatic here. I’m talking about harvest. more »»

Brand new grandson

September 23, 2015 Just before daybreak on September 15 our grandson Levi left the soft, dark warmth of the womb to join us oxygen-breathers out here. It was wonderful to meet him. more »»

College in the Schools

September 22, 2015 As the school year gets under way, students get into a routine and often times forget about planning for their futur. more »»

Georgia’s on his mind

September 9, 2015 If you would have asked Pam and me to list the states we would like to visit, Georgia might have been 49th. As you’ve heard, “life happens while you are making other plans. more »»

Trump’s appeal is to lesser nature

August 27, 2015 One of the great things about America is our freedom of speech. One of the scary things about America is our freedom of speech. Look no further than Donald Trump, the spectacle who would be president. more »»

The seasons of transition

August 26, 2015 It’s kind of disgusting. Right now there are always tomatoes on the kitchen counter. When no one is around, I grab one and eat it over the sink. more »»

Value of co-curriculars

August 23, 2015 As our new school year gets underway, it is preceded by fall activities. This is an exciting time for students. It provides them with an opportunity to showcase their development and skill set. more »»

The story of Joe

August 12, 2015 A few years back, I was at Cretin-Derham Hall High School in St. Paul for a meeting. During the day, I met a young woman who had gone to school there. more »»

Rural broadband will build economy that works for all Minnesotans

August 12, 2015 In 1922, the Minneapolis Tribune ran an article touting the benefits of electricity. more »»

Dictatorial polls determine fate of GOP candidates

August 4, 2015 WASHINGTON — Public-opinion polls, once employed by political consultants to gauge the concerns of voters as a means to shape their candidates’ campaigns more effectively, have become the tail that... more »»

Now the Turks are all in

August 4, 2015 All through the Cold War, the Turks were among America’s most reliable allies. After World War II, when Stalin encroached upon Turkey and Greece, Harry Truman came to the rescu. more »»

Huckabee’s ‘oven’ remark taken out of context

August 4, 2015 It’s been a hard time for politicians not named “Trump” to get any attention, but Mike Huckabee managed it. He did it by comparing Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler. more »»

Tough times make you stronger

July 29, 2015 On July 20, 1998, a Monday, the city of New Ulm received extensive damage from a storm front that came through. There were reports of 100 mile per hour winds at Flandrau State Park. more »»



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