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Riverside celebration

August 23, 2016 We were glad to see the Goosetown Gemütlichkeit celebration doing well on Sunday. It was a family friendly day of fun down in Riverside Park, in the Goosetown neighborhood of New Ulm. more »»

Exciting school year ahead

August 21, 2016 Is your summer rushing by too fast??Consider the plight of students in the Sleepy Eye Public Schools who are heading back to school tomorrow — yes, tomorrow, a full two weeks before Labor Day. more »»

Thumbs Up/Down

August 20, 2016 Session snag THUMBS DOWN: We’re not surprised, just disappointed that Gov. more »»

UN ‘peacekeepers’ don’t keep peace

August 19, 2016 When was the last time you remember reading of the United Nations’ peacekeeping forces actually keeping the peace? Been awhile, hasn’t it? More likely is that you have seethed over reports of the... more »»

New technology and the world’s oldest profession

August 18, 2016 New Ulm Police, along with other law enforcement agencies in the area, conducted another sting last week to catch those engaging in prostitution. more »»

Olympic-sized letdown

August 17, 2016 Hope Solo, the goalkeeper for the U.S. women's soccer team, seems to have come down with a case of Trumpitis — she can't stop saying things that make her look bad. more »»

The rising tide of Medicare costs

August 16, 2016 Obamacare would cost far more than the White House was claiming, we cautioned when the federal health insurance takeover was being debated. more »»

Fact checkers need to dig a little deeper

August 15, 2016 One of those "fact check" analyses of presidential candidate Donald Trump's speech on the economy last week (yes, he did make one serious speech last week that didn’t include an apalling gaffe) made... more »»

Do we raise taxes or rein in spending?

August 14, 2016 Congressional Budget Office analysts estimate the national debt, now at 75 percent of the gross national product, will grow to 86 percent in a decade. more »»

Fighting for car owners’ rights

August 14, 2016 It’s a matter of freedom. more »»

Thumbs Up/Down

August 13, 2016 Brown County Fair County Fair time is a great time of year. The summer is at its height. Labor Day and the school year may be only a few weeks away, but right now it is still summer. more »»

Special session time running out

August 12, 2016 About this time last month, there were news reports that Gov. more »»

Cybersecurity important

August 11, 2016 Computer equipment went on the fritz at Delta Airlines this week. Tens of thousands of passengers and employees were affected by more than 1,000 canceled flights and 2,800 delayed takeoffs. more »»

Shooting from the lip again

August 10, 2016 Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be able to help himself. more »»

Health aid lost; so are lives

August 9, 2016 One wonders whether those who bungled a United Nations health initiative understand people may have died — no, probably died, and perhaps in large numbers — as a result of the failures. more »»

Change debate dates

August 8, 2016 By late September, even voters most avidly interested in the presidential election may be ready for some football as an alternative to politics. more »»

Hillary vs. Big Money

August 7, 2016 Hillary Clinton has pledged that if she is elected president, she will do something about the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court. more »»

Thumbs Up/Down

August 6, 2016 MVTL expansion THUMBS UP: This has been a year with some big projects going on in New Ulm’s economy. more »»

No need to worry about US credibility

August 5, 2016 With many Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, questioning the wisdom of a proposed 12-nation trade pact, its supporters are offering what they hope will be a persuasive argument. more »»



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