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Blue cheese dip

October 18, 2016 By Wendy Monro The holidays are just around the corner. I know. I am sorry. You know it is true and you need to come to terms with this fac. more »»

The flavors of fall

October 18, 2016 By Laura Schmidt RD, LD Fall brings an abundance of flavorful, seasonal foods that are packed full of nutrition! October is National Pork Month, Apple Month, Cranberry Month - and October 29 is... more »»

Bowtie pasta with avocado citrus dressing

October 11, 2016 By Wendy Monro Daphne and I have become a little obsessed with avocados lately. When I buy a bag of avocados at the market, we have to eat them pretty quickly. more »»

Oatmeal around the world

October 11, 2016 By Laura Schmidt RD, LD Fun fact: Oatmeal is not just a boring breakfast cereal; it is so much more! In fact, oatmeal is used throughout the world in many other ways than just your typical rolled... more »»

Oatmeal all day

October 4, 2016 By Laura Schmidt Have you heard? Oatmeal isn’t just for breakfast anymore! Besides the steamy cup with a plethora of add-ins, oatmeal can be savory, used as a flour substitute, and can give a boost... more »»

Chili Mac and Cheese

September 27, 2016 By Wendy Monro Here we go again. It’s Fall. You are so lucky to be in the Midwest where the leaves turn brilliant colors and fall to the groun. more »»

Hy-Vee + busy families = making meals, making memories

September 27, 2016 By Laura Schmidt RD, LD It seems like the majority of us have busy schedules, which is why Hy-Vee offers a variety of services to make lives easier. more »»

Poached Eggs Carbonara

September 13, 2016 By Wendy Monro I normally don’t order eggs Benedict when I am out because the Hollandaise sauce is never as good as Claud’s. I am always disappointe. more »»

Cooking Family Meals with Tea

September 13, 2016 By Laura Schmidt RD, LD There is something nostalgic about sitting on the front porch and sharing a glass of tea with neighbors or family that lends to slowing life down and making memories. more »»

Beef Wellington

September 6, 2016 We have reached our final week in Great Brittan. It will be sad to leave; but, I have to admit, I am looking forward to sleeping in my bed and bathing in my bathroom. more »»

Family Meal Month: Making meals, making memories

September 6, 2016 Are family meals a lost art? In our world today, with fast-paced lives, busy work schedules and extracurricular activities, drive-thru meals and takeout food have become the norm. more »»

Italian meatball casserole

August 30, 2016 By Wendy Monro What do you get when you bring an Italian man, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona with you on a trip to the beautiful English seaside town called Dorset? You guessed it, Italian meatball... more »»

Veggie Power!

August 30, 2016 By Laura Schmidt RD, LD As children head back to school it’s important to make sure vegetables make a regular appearance on their plates. more »»

Shrimp Fajitas

August 23, 2016 One of my very best friends moved to Virginia a while ago. She’s only been gone for two months, but it felt like much longer. more »»

Food Safety: Back to school meals

August 23, 2016 Brown bag lunches, leftover pizza boxes, and raw hamburger left sitting on the counter are big no-no’s when it comes to food safet. more »»

Pad Thai

August 16, 2016 By Wendy Monro In three days I ate three lobster rolls, two whole lobsters, a seabass, five oysters, one clam, and two cups of clam chowder. more »»

The NEW Food Label

August 16, 2016 By Laura Schmidt RD, LD With kids heading back to school, and making more food decisions on their own, this is the perfect opportunity to help teach them about the food label. more »»

Chicken Enchilada Casserole

August 9, 2016 By Wendy Monro This week we were blessed with a visit from my friend’s daughter, Mackenzie. The minute she landed, her father brought her straight to my house for dinner as per my instructions. more »»

Got Calcium and Vitamin D?

August 9, 2016 By Laura Schmidt RD, LD Many can relate to carrying multiple things at one time - from children and pets to dry cleaning and groceries (unless, of course, you use Aisles Online). more »»

Spaetzle With Caramelized Onions

August 2, 2016 This weekend, Claud and I decided to have a very lazy time. We didn’t have any visitors, Daphne was at a friend’s house and Jack is now living in England. more »»



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