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The lesson - Don't throw rocks

March 18, 2014 To the editor: In response to an opinion piece by the Arizona Republic posted in Monday’s Journal, I would like to point out a few issues that this biased position failed to mention. more »»

Sunshine Week

March 17, 2014 No sooner do elected officials proclaim their regard for a free press and an informed public than they begin chipping away at their constituents' right to know. more »»

White House sends mixed message on drugs

March 16, 2014 Apparently neither Attorney General Eric Holder nor his boss, President Barack Obama, are familiar with the concept of sending mixed messages. more »»

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

March 15, 2014 Keep pressure on for Highway 14 funds New Ulmites and others who live along Highway 14 have been very vocal in pushing for funding for a Highway 14 four-lane expansion project. more »»

Bully bill concerns

March 14, 2014 The Legislature is working on a beefed-up anti-bullying bill for the second year in a ro. more »»

Achtung: I sieze the Irish gauntlet on behalf of Germans everywhere

March 14, 2014 To the editor: You Irish have thrown down the gauntlet to the Germans of New Ulm. On behalf of Germania I fearlessly pick it up and accept.. more »»

Learning what makes a mass killer

March 12, 2014 How did Adam Lanza go from being "just a normal little weird kid," in his father's words, to someone who "couldn't get any more evil"? Peter Lanza made the comments in a magazine story about his son... more »»

Park closing was unnecessary

March 10, 2014 In all likelihood, an Interior Department report last week was intended by President Barack Obama as another slap at conservatives in Congress. more »»

Time to review Sunday closing laws

March 9, 2014 The Minnesota Legislature is taking a look at the laws that ban liquor sales on Sunday in the state. These are laws that harken back to a time when the Sabbath was observed throughout societ. more »»

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

March 8, 2014 Public notices THUMBS UP: Good news from the Capitol last week when a committee decided not to vote on the bill that would give local governments the choice of taking public notices out of newspaper... more »»

Pitbulls are not bad dogs

March 8, 2014 To the editor: We are taught from the very beginning to not judge a book by its cover and to give everyone a fair chance, no matter what we are told or think. more »»

Senate should follow House on tax bill

March 6, 2014 The Minnesota House quickly passed a major tax bill on Thursday, one that would provide real relief to Minnesota taxpayers as early as this year. The bill, which Gov. more »»

Unsession, undo-session

March 5, 2014 Gov. more »»

Ackersons don't own apartment building

March 5, 2014 To the editor: It is very sad when a fire takes a life and we read with sorrow about the fire at 101 Center Street. more »»

Transportation funding in critical need

March 5, 2014 To the editor: Do you recall what you paid per gallon the last time you filled up? As most Minnesotans have been to the gas pump lately they probably have noticed a price fluctuation each time they... more »»

Empty threats in Ukraine situation

March 4, 2014 U.S. officials’ blustery but empty reaction to Russian intervention in Ukraine sums up failures in foreign policy by President Barack Obama and his administratio. more »»

Support “Son of God” at box office

March 4, 2014 To the editor: The United States was founded on Judeo/Christian ethical value principles. more »»

Sales tax confusion

March 3, 2014 If the Minnesota Legislature is indeed interested in making this an “Unsession,” dedicated to cleaning up and clearing up obsolete, confusing and redundant laws on the books, the state’s sales tax... more »»

Eagle Update: Making up for weather

March 3, 2014 By Jeff Bertrang ISD 88 Superintendent I have lost track of the number of Blizzard Warnings and Polar Vortex events we have experienced this winter. There have been too many to count. more »»

Can’t fix taxes until you fix all taxes

March 2, 2014 There’s a lot of discussion of the state Property Tax report analysis released on Frida. more »»



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