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Your Farm Business

June 10, 2011 It has been a tough spring. In South Central Minnesota, most of the corn and soybeans planted by Memorial Day have now emerged. more »»

From the Farm

June 10, 2011 I have been trying to for weeks to get something done around this farm Next week we are hosting Family Farm Night with the New Ulm Farm City Hub Club and a few things need the fine touch of a woman... more »»

From the Farm

June 3, 2011 I considered myself warned. I was standing on my front porch, in my light-blue nightshirt just after I just woke up from my 20-minute, 10-a.m. more »»

Your Farm Business

June 3, 2011 Alice came to a fork in the road. “Which road do I take?” she asked. “Where do you want to go?” responded the Cheshire Cat. “I don’t know,” Alice answered. more »»

Call the bank before the bank calls you

May 20, 2011 There is no denying that the dairy industry has struggled financially for the past few years. more »»

From the Farm

May 20, 2011 Wednesday after morning chores, I chose to ride along in the tractor with Steve while he dug up 80 acres to the north of our farm. (It was supposed to be a short ride; turned out to be several hours. more »»

More than 180 Century Farms honored in 2011

May 20, 2011 ST. PAUL — The Minnesota State Fair and the Minnesota Farm Bureau recognize 185 Minnesota farms as 2011 Century Farm. more »»

One nice day per week isn’t enough

May 13, 2011 By Kerry Hoffman I know exactly why I have been quick to jump to rash decisions and hyper-sensitivity, which causes my husband to roll his eyes and the children to look at me with wonder in their... more »»

Spring planting --- Part 2

May 13, 2011 From Wayne Schoper and Rich Baumann South Central College As mentioned in a previous column, there is a lot of concern regarding the late planting season this year especially for the corn crop. more »»

Avoid a family communication ‘breakdown’

May 6, 2011 Dr. Ron Hanson of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, specializes in dealing with the positives and negatives of families who farm together. more »»

Loving and loathing Spring

May 6, 2011 I like this time of year, but I loathe it as well. I am a woman; I am allowed to have mood swings of this nature. Springtime is my second favorite season; fall being the first. more »»

Spring Planting – 2011

April 29, 2011 As of this writing, April 28, Minnesota had 0 percent of its annual corn crop planted according to National Ag Statistics. more »»

More than a domestic goddess

April 29, 2011 By Kerry Hoffman Besides being the Domestic Goddess around here, I also serve as the Poop Princess and Trailer-Top Queen. more »»

Custom rate update

April 15, 2011 South Central College As we might expect with rising fuel costs, custom rates for farm machinery operations have also risen. more »»

Trying just about anything

April 15, 2011 I pride myself on my willingness to try just about anything. Growing up in town I would have never imagined the things I would learn being married to a dairy farmer. more »»

American Agriculture in a world economy

April 1, 2011 We truly live in a world economy. American agriculture leads the way in international agriculture and is a major exporter to many countries around the world. more »»

Water from above

April 1, 2011 Rain drops keep falling on my head. Conjures up images of sparkling clean water from the sky, doesn’t it? I could only wish. more »»

Managing risk for your farm

March 25, 2011 Has farming the last few years felt a bit like a roller coaster ride? “The price volatility we have experienced in recent years is really dramatic,” says Brent Gloy, Purdue University agricultural... more »»

Another usual day?

March 25, 2011 There are, at times, certain weeks where I compose an “average” column. I come up with what I can and send it to The Journal with a sigh. more »»

Spring Speckles in the air

March 11, 2011 Three things have happened this past week that have convinced me that little speckles of spring are in the ai. more »»



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