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Who’s buying your scooter, Grandma?

October 16, 2009 - Kevin Sweeney
Every once in a while there is a TV commercial that just irritates me. Sometimes the commercial is meant to be irritating, like “HEAD-ON! APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD! HEAD-ON! APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD! HEAD ON! APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD!”

Some are just in bad taste, like the woman who complains she has to re-use her catheters. I’m sure it’s a big problem for some people, but I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR CATHETERS, LADY!

Some are aggravating, but you suspect the advertiser doesn’t realize how aggravating they are. Like the commercials for The Scooter Store, where senior citizens with mobility problems can get their power chairs “at no cost to ME!”

There’s one commercial where this woman smugly proclaims “I didn’t pay a PENNY out of pocket for my power chair…” She says it with this self-satisfied tone in her voice that makes me want to reach into the TV screen and rip the battery out of her chair.

You know why you didn’t pay a penny out of pocket, Grandma? Because Medicare did! And that means the TAXPAYERS did! And while I don’t begrudge you your power chair and the ability to get around, you could at least acknowledge that you owe some gratitude to all of us who paid for it.

Now, I am a type-2 diabetic who is getting closer to Medicare age than I’d like to admit. I know I will be getting a lot of medication and testing supplies paid for by the Medicare program in the future. I may even need a power chair myself someday. You can bet that if that day comes, I’ll be saying, “Thanks for the power chair,” not “Thanks for the power chair, SUCKERS!”


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