Here’s my point of view

To the editor:

I agree 100% with Jan Platz, Jon and Rachel Scharleman on their recent letters. As I look at my newest grandson, I ask Democrats: How can you be for murdering innocent babies at birth or before when you are AGAINST executing convicted murderers?

Don’t give me the excuse of “it’s about a woman’s right to decide what to do with her body.” What about the baby’s rights or the father’s rights? Have you not heard of ADOPTION? Think of all the people who want to have children and can’t for one reason or another. It is so hypocritical of you. For example Pelosi stated when talking about the environment, “We have to protect God’s Environment.” Isn’t a baby God’s creation? Pure hypocrisy.

Babies are not trash to be thrown out if not wanted. It’s barbaric and reminds me of Hitler. What’s next, murdering the disabled and the elderly?

Another hypocrisy — look at what is going on in Virginia, especially with the lieutenant governor where two women have accused him of rape, BUT they have dates and times plus told someone else about it. Unlike what took place when Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh was grilled. His accuser couldn’t remember when or where. Why aren’t women pounding on the doors in Virginia like they did in Washington. D.C.? I guess fairness only applies to Democrats –when the shoe’s on the other foot it doesn’t matter.

Another thing, how is the Green New Deal going to work? Want to get rid of fossil fuels? How do you suppose farmers would get anything done in the field with electric machinery. But that is right, I did hear a politician from Georgia say “we don’t need farmers — just go to the grocery store and buy food.” These left wing radicals are so out of touch with the rest of the nation.

These ideas are ludicrous. How about “income equality” like Sen. Klobuchar talks about. I bet she and her other left wingers will gladly give up their money and open their doors to all the illegal immigrants. Don’t get me wrong, I am for immigration. How was this country built? It has to be LEGAL immigration and don’t come into this country flying your country’s flag and demand this and that.

This letter started out about abortion, or as the left says “women’s rights.” That doesn’t fly with me. Abortion during the third trimester is nothing more than murder. Another thought — how could any doctor or medical professional take part in this murderous act? Don’t they remember the oath they took? How can any of you be in favor of this? Look at your children and grandchildren — what would you say to them about this matter? Not only is this wrong but it is selfish thinking — “I don’t want to be bothered with a child so I will get rid of it.” This is a very slippery slope that this country is going down. I pray to God that common sense will prevail.

LeAnna Fluegge

New Ulm