In God’s hands

To the editor:

In Sacred Scripture we read: “The souls of the just are in the hands of God.” Wis. 3:1. We place things and concerns in the hands of people we trust.

Can there be any better hands than the hands of God? We can grow to believe that is where we are. In the hands of God.

Remember that we have become a child of God when we were baptized. Jesus said, “I assure you, unless you change and become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of God.” Mt. 18:3. A child depends on parents in daily life. The parent provides all that the child needs. The child simply trusts that they are in the hands of their parents. So we too are to realize that God provides, when we do our part. Our Creator never forgets his creatures. Each of us is that creature, that child of the Creator.

God holds us lovingly in his hands. Gratefully we are not alone in dealing with the sinfulness and pain of clergy {priestly) sexual abuse. It has been openly exposed and rightly so. We extend our heartfelt apologies and prayers of healing to the victims and those who have been named as abusers. It is truly a time of turning into the hands and arms of a healing God.

What is our personal response? Our thoughts, feelings and questions are many. There is a lot of sadness and perhaps of anger. It is a heartbreak with a trust that is broken.

Here are some observations of Catholics in the Twin Cities I read in an article. The scandals have helped us to be more faithful and make the Church what it is supposed to be, “We’re doubling down rather than doubling back.” Another said, “I’m not going to leaving Jesus because of some sinful priests and bishops.”

Through out the ages some of Jesus’ ordained ministers have gravely failed in continuing the the mission of the Church of Jesus. We are a Church of human members, weak, sinful and redeemed.

The Church belongs to Christ. He created it by his Gospel teachings, his Death and Resurrection. He planned it to be continued, beginning with his Apostles. The gates of Hell will not destroy it.

May we find consolation in a God who has open arms and hands where we can find healing and hope.

Fr. Germain Rademacher

New Ulm


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