Fairbairn throws support to Seidl

To the editor:

I would like to take the time to thank the people who supported me in my campaign for Brown County Sheriff. While on the campaign trail, I met some amazing people throughout Brown County and really appreciated their time and kind words. I would also like to thank my family and friends for their encouragement and being by my side every step of the way.

Since the election, I’ve talked to many family, friends and colleagues about the two remaining Brown County Sheriff’s candidates. With that being said, I feel that Jason Seidl is the best candidate to be our next Sheriff of Brown County. Through 12 years of working under current Brown County Sheriff Rich Hoffmann, I always felt he put the right people in the right position to succeed. Sheriff Hoffmann chose Jason Seidl as his Chief Deputy, and I feel Jason has succeeded in that position. Jason and I may have had different ideas during the campaign; however, I found out through this process that we agree on more things than not, and we both share the same passion in providing continued professional quality law enforcement services to the citizens of Brown County.

Jason Seidl may have been my opponent in the Brown County Sheriff’s primary race; however, I also consider him a trusted colleague and friend. Like all the staff at the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Jason has exhibited professionalism and integrity in the years I’ve known him and worked with him. Furthermore, I strongly support Jason’s initiatives on senior citizen and community involved meetings, the drug take back program, and improved technology within the Sheriff’s Office. In 18 years of working alongside Jason Seidl, I’m confident that the goals he sets for the sheriff’s office to better the citizens of Brown County will be accomplished. Jason Seidl is a genuine person with core values who deeply respects the Brown County Sheriff’s Office. I ask you to support Jason Seidl in his campaign to be our next Brown County Sheriff.

Jason Fairbairn

Brown County Sheriff’s Deputy

New Ulm