New Ulm is looking pretty

To the editor:

Yesterday, I was able to sneak in a quick walk with my oafy golden retriever after my boys went to bed. I was fairly certain I was walking through a Thomas Kincaid painting. The rolling hills were topped with steeples reflecting the setting golden sun, trees were heavy with pastel pinks and purple blossoms, and an accordion played a waltz echoing through the valley. No, really, someone was out practicing their accordion on their porch. It was a beautiful scene.

I’m positive I walked by lawns in need of mowing, houses with peeling paint, and landscapes that more closely resembled an over grown jungle than a yard. When I do notice these ‘blights’ I recognize the potential in these properties. A quick trim, picking up debris, and a coat of paint could do wonders. I’m hopeful that when the properties do change owners, another creative soul will see opportunities to renew them or a helpful neighbor will lend a hand. In the end, we find what we are looking for.

Emily Korbel

New Ulm