Republicans controlled by NRA

To the editor:

Minnesotans are being held hostage at the tip of the barrel of the National Rifle Association (NRA) with the full connivance of the states’ Republican politicians. Republicans control both the state House of Representatives and the Senate. The leader of the Republicans in the House of Representative is Kurt Daudt. For Republicans in the House his word is law, and all of them are expected to fall in line, zombie-like, behind him. Daudt has gone on record announcing that no measure to keep guns from those who should not have them will be considered unless it has the prior approval of the NRA and the rest of the gun lobby. (Star Tribune, April 27, Section B 1& 2) West Central

Tribune, April 27, page 1). Let that sink in! Daudt is saying that the Republicans have totally sold out to their NRA masters, and that they don’t care what the overwhelming majority of Minnesotans, who overwhelm-

ingly support common-sense gun measures think. The opportunity for Minnesotans to be heard is in November.

Meanwhile, in the Minnesota Senate, which is under Republican control, every Republican, including Gary Dahms, voted to block legislative proposals by Senator Latz that would have required background checks for some guns purchased at gun shows or through the internet and would have allowed police to temporarily take guns from people who are suicidal or homicidal, with the right of appeal to a judge.

Are Representative Paul Torkelson and Senator Gary Dahms in the pocket of the NRA, or do they represent the majority of us? Let’s watch and see.

Our weapon is the ballot. Use it.

John H. Burns