Beware of the red light runners

To the editor:

Have you tried to cross Broadway yet at Center Street since the detour has been put into effect? Most of you know that I live downtown on South Broadway and have since 1979.

This is just a warning to those who cross at Center and Broadway. Over the past two weeks while sitting and looking out my window watching traffic, I began to notice something that will scare you, especially if you let your children cross there.

Tuesday, between the hours of 4 to 7 p.m., eight semi-tractor trailers and two 4-wheeled vehicles, and on Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. nine more tractor trailers and 13 4-wheeled vehicles failed to stop for the red lights on the west bound side of the street. That’s 17 semis and 15 cars in daylight hours and on dry roads. Dur to my being disabled and unable to drive, I watch the traffic for something to do.

I have called our mayor, other city officials and our police chief to see what can be done and they are all very concerned about the actions of such drivers. Broadway is a state highway, but no State Patrol is seen around unless parked at the LEC on Center Street. Maybe Ms. Winter was right last year and, in my view, more lights or even a traffic circle is needed there. Maybe drivers are too accustomed to not stopping and think all red lights are just a suggestion. Maybe our city needs “I Survived Broadway” stickers. Should the Chamber of Commerce hand them out for the next two years, or at least, “Watch for Red Light Runners” signs need to be put at Center and Broadway? Possible Center and Payne Street also where this whole school year it’s been happening to our school kids there. Red means “STOP!”

People, wouldn’t you want your kids not to wonder if they will make it across today?

In some cities, big and small, parents have to teach their kids how to be on the lookout for guns, but in New Ulm, we have to teach “Defensive Street Crossing” classes, being on the lookout for red light runners.

Rick Howk

New Ulm