What else should students protest?

To the editor:

The name shot from the page like a rocket.

What name? E. Merrill Root. Books and articles by him have graced my shelves.

What page? P. 90 in the March 12, 1961, issue of the Northwestern Lutheran, a publication of the Wisconsin Synod (since renamed Forward in Christ).

On that page, H.C. Nitz quotes the following from I.E. Howard, assistant editor of Christian Economics:

“According to Professor E. Merril [sic] Root, in his book, Brainwashing in the High Schools, some educators are seeking to blot the memory of our American political heritage from the minds of youth and to substitute internationalism for patriotism and confidence in socialism for faith in private enterprise.”

When I turned to The Journal later that day, I saw the letter from the New Ulm Human Rights Commission headed, “Student demonstrators are to be commended.” I thought to myself: Perhaps demonstrations about other things that have been going on in our schools are long overdue. The problem Root addressed two generations ago, for example, has hardly disappeared.

R.E. Wehrwein

New Ulm


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