Should be ashamed

To the editor:

On the internet I watched the video of the gun violence march in Washington, DC. I also watched some segments on TV news and what I have seen is the same as what I have seen and heard for the last month since the shooting in Florida. I have seen school kids being scripted and being used as pawns to support the liberal views of the Democratic party and anti-gun activists. It’s the same old thing, the students that are scripted are blaming the guns and the NRA for the violence, neither of which is the problem.

We have a violent and evil people problem in this country and there are many reasons for it. One senior student, Matt Post says he doesn’t want to go to school where teachers have guns. He said it would be like going to school in a prison. He also had a list of student demands and most of them had to do with banning guns and more gun laws. Someone should sit this young man down and ask him if he would sooner have a bad person with a gun or good teachers with a gun that could protect themselves and the students by going after the shooter with a gun.

This is what I have seen or heard on some of the videos of leaders of the Democratic party and gun activists that are participating in the gun violence protests in Washington DC:

NANCY PELOSI — She was congratulating the students for protesting in schools, Washington DC for doing a good job, for getting their voices heard. In my opinion she is praising them for following the scripts and letting the Democratic party use them as pawns.

CHUCK SCHUMER — also in Washington DC. Naturally he was blasting the NRA and guns being the problem. He was also saying how thousands of people who are killed by guns! I say how about the millions of babies killed or murdered by abortions! HE told the students that they were doing a good job. This is my opinion, the students are doing a good job following the scripts and being used as pawns.

In NY demonstrating against gun violence I had seen Gov. Andrew Cuomo lying down on the ground or sidewalk with students chanting. This is about as low as you can get. If you want to get any lower you would have to dig a hole and get into it! I didn’t think the Democratic party and the gun activists would get so low to use their children and other peoples children to advance their political agenda. The Democratic party should be ashamed of themselves- Shame, shame, shame. In my opinion, the liberals, the Democratic party, and gun activists are digging themselves into a hole. The Republican party, the NRA and the voters with any smarts should not let them out of that hole in November when we vote!

This is my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Elderly gentlemen from the Midwest clinging to his guns and religion

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm