Same name, different person

To the editor:

I felt compelled to clarify. I am David L. Borchert (Police Commander for New Ulm PD). I live at 405 South Broadway, New Ulm. I noticed in the Thursday, March 8, 2018 edition of The Journal that there was another David Borchert (David D. Borchert) listed in the delinquent Tax List. As a resident of this small town, I knew the gentleman. He is recently deceased and I imagine that his former residence on 11th South, New Ulm will be on the delinquent tax list, until his estate is completely settled.

I have reported this situation to the Brown County Auditor/Treasurer’s Office, so that they may correctly identify this property as an estate vs. by name of a deceased person. I felt public verification was appropriate under the circumstances. Likely, some honest mistake was made by the attorney handling his estate.

Dave Borchert

New Ulm