Sessions was doing his job on pot rule

To the editor:

I am a strong supporter of the Tenth Amendment i.e. states rights. If individual states choose to legalize “weed” so be it, even though personally I am against it. However under present federal law “weed” is illegal. Federal law supersedes state law.

Under an Obama Administrations order, federal prosecutors were not to prosecute in states where “weed” is legal under that state’s law. I think not enforcing federal law as a general rule is a slippery slope.

What Attorney General Sessions did this week was overrule the Obama Administration order. Now federal prosecutors are allowed to exercise prosecutorial discretion in those circumstances.

The long term answer to the conflict is not to criticize Sessions for doing his job, i.e. enforcing federal law, but rather for Congress to reclassify “weed” if that is what the people want.

Bob Jentges

North Mankato


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