The history of the garlands

To the editor:

Today’s (Dec. 14) Journal article indicated that the tradition of New Ulm’s Christmas garland began in 1925. The tradition began in 1933.

“In 1933, the “Christmas dress” changed. After eight years the practice of placing and decorating Christmas trees along Minnesota Street no longer proved satisfactory. The committee of the New Ulm Business Men’s Association changed the decorations to illuminated garlands. The green garlands of balsam spanned Minnesota Street, four to each block, with colored electric lights intertwined with the evergreen, which was looped into three large wreaths. The balsam sprays were purchased from the New Ulm Greenhouses, and the Everling Electric Co. had the contract for putting up the garlands.” From my last book: Historical Notes: A Glimpse At New Ulm’s Past (Volume I & Volume II).

Elroy E. Ubl

New Ulm


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