So much for balance of power

To the editor:

So the verdict is in. Our Supreme Court has ruled that Governor Dayton has the power to line item veto funding for our State Legislature. Only in our left leaning State of Minnesota could this happen. Do we still believe our courts are non-political?

Several months ago I wrote a letter to the editor when the Supreme Court tried to take the easy way out, sending the Governor and the Legislature back to the sand box to try again. As expected this was a complete waste of time. I suggested the Supreme Court was opening Pandora’s Box. Now they have not only opened the box, but have completely ripped off the lid, and thrown it away.

Three equal branches of government, remember? Legislative, Administrative, and Judicial. All operating and respecting each other’s boundaries and balance of power. Except when the governor can eliminate funding for the Legislative branch, and is backed up by the Judicial branch. The People of Minnesota were just eliminated from the playing field (for now). Democratic Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk is worried the 2018 session will be “the biggest do-nothing session we’ve ever seen.” I sure hope so.

The People of Minnesota (the Legislature) should strike back with a bigger club. Either do absolutely nothing, or do everything BUT fund the Administration AND Judicial branches (I wonder how the Supreme Court would rule on that one.). A government shutdown because Dayton wouldn’t sign such legislation? Bring it on! It’s high time The People got back in the ring for the fight. We The People would also do well to remember this stupidity when the next election rolls around. President Trump is trying to drain the swamp in Washington DC. We have a lot more wetlands here in Minnesota. The time has come to turn this State upside down. A completely Republican government from top to bottom would be a nice place to start. Since we no longer have to pretend the Supreme Court isn’t political, a Republican governor appointing new, conservative judges would be a nice finishing touch.

Paul Platz