A letter to Sen. Franken

To the editor:

Open letter to: Sen. Al Franken, 309 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510

Senator, today you are caught up in the sexual misconduct scandal for some things you did in the past. Things that you did to get a laugh, or in hopes of filling your own desires. Your wrong actions in the past had an effect on people’s lives. Today you would ask us to believe that you have changed, that you have a new heart, that your eyes have been opened to the truth. I can accept that statement, I know it is possible to change, I know about change.

Senator today I would ask you to continue to open your heart and your eyes to another truth that has been denied far too long. In 1956 I was taught in public school that unless the egg is fertilized life does not begin. There is no scientific evidence to disprove that teaching. Without life in the womb there is no life. To denying the right to life in the womb is no different than Germany denying the Jewish people the right to life in the 1930’s and early 40’s. I believe in Reproductive Health Care! I believe that what has been produced deserves health care.

Richard Weedman



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