The Dayton Dictatorship

To the editor:

Ah yes, the Minnesota Supreme Court (MSC) has decided to open Pandora’s box. MSC recently decided that although Governor Dayton can’t abolish the legislative branch, he can however, line item veto funding for it (effectively eliminating its power). Their logic? The veto was, after all a budget consideration, nothing more. Good thing the Judicial branch (one leg on the three-legged stool) is completely non-politcal. It is my understanding that all of Governor Dayton’s court appointees supported his decision. This ruling is eerily similar to the US Supreme Court’s decision that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was legal because the government wasn’t actually forcing the people to buy anything, the government was just imposing a tax (even though President Obama had assured the American people his health care plan was NOT a tax). We have given government the power to tax, and now the Judicial branch has chosen to twist that power into whatever it wants. Maybe our early patriots in Boston were right to protest taxation without representation.

So, where do we go from here? My understanding is the MSC has ordered mediation. I hope it’s not binding mediation. I suggest the Republicans AND Democrats stand their ground and do nothing since Governor Dayton has effectively abolished the legislature. Wait until Governor Dayton vetoes his own veto (or some other crazy thing that hasn’t been thought of yet). I personally believe our state could actually benefit from a shut down. Government would probably do less harm than they do now by doing nothing. We are now in uncharted waters. Maybe if a special session is called, Republicans could eliminate funding for the Governor’s office. It would after all simply be a budget consideration. The same logic would apply if, while in special session, Governor Dayton (or perhaps the next Republican Governor) would simply line item veto funding for the Judicial branch (it would, after all simply be a budget consideration), AND be upheld by the courts based on precedent set by this case. Then we could all celebrate having Dictator Dayton, instead of just Governor Dayton until the next election. Wait a minute, we wouldn’t even really need to have an election in 2018, since Dictator Dayton would still be in power! Just think of how much money we could save (again budget considerations), by not bothering with another election. Get the point? Maybe President Trump could try this method in Washington. Neither Republicans nor Democrats are helping President Trump very much. The heck with it, just eliminate Congress (for budget considerations of course). Why not? Minnesota after all, just pulled it off!

In my first paragraph I referred to a three-legged stool. Kick one leg out, and who ever is sitting on the stool takes a spill. We the people need all three legs of our government (Legislative, Administrative, and Judicial), and we need to have confidence in all three. I think the people of Minnesota lost what little respect we had left in the Judicial branch after they just kicked a leg out of the stool with this decision. Maybe the other two legs of the stool can restore confidence in the system, but I doubt it.

Paul Platz



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