Golf cart tourism

To the editor:

As I went to the mailbox this morning to grab the daily Journal, I noticed a strange new sight outside of my house. Parked on the side of the road were a couple of golf carts carrying tourists from Germany. (You could tell they were Germans by their Lederhosen and Dirndls.) They appeared confused so I went out to the road to talk to them and see if they needed any help.

“Guten Morgen. Koennen sie mir bitte sagen wo wir unsere Golfkarren in Ihrer Stadt fahren duerfen? Wir vermissen die geteielten Fahrbahnmarkierungen auf Ihren Strassen.”

They wanted to know where they could drive their golf carts on the streets of New Ulm, since they couldn’t find any golf cart sharrows painted on the roadways or any signs for Golf Cart Circle Routes. I told them that I was sure the City would take care of this in due time. I suggested that in the meantime, they could drive their carts over to south Garden Street. The City has erected 21 new signs in just seven tenths of a mile there that read, “Share the Road.” I assured them that they would feel safe there.

After a polite “Danke,” they were on their way.

While leaving town later in the day, I drove by Garden Street. I didn’t see any bicyclists using the sharrows but sure enough, there were those German tourists, slowly driving their golf carts up and down the street. By that time it seemed as if their batteries were going dead, so I stopped and suggested they drive down to the new electric car charging station in German Park.

I sure hope they made it to the park before their golf carts ran out of electrons, or these tourists may never visit our modern little city again!

Jamie Milbrett

New Ulm


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